Uganda, Valentine’s Day wisdom

I met this guy, and I don’t know why. He looked posh, walked posh, smelled posh, he even dressed posh….but he wasn’t posh!

My eyes lost his looks, his walk became stale to me, I lost his sweet smell and his “dressing up” became wack! Why i met this guy, I may never know why…….but how I lost him, is because i never tried.


There is notthing like a great friend, especially one who have your best interest at heart! I am so blessed to have real people around me, who care about what choices i make, and how i go about things…that’s always good to have around you.
The right people are really important for me. Sometimes, you only need that extra set of ears, just to listen, and of course, the perfect advice.

Just the other day I was lookin at at some old pictures of me trying to remember what my life was like back then and it seems like my life had esaclated from bad to worse! but everything happen for a purpose and a reason!
When u think u have it bad, someone else down the road has it worse! believe me!
In less than several days people change their entire perception of me because I was very friendly with males, I started to hate myself and felt depressed but then I remember the scripture, “he that has no sin cast the first stone!”
The wicked are estranged from the womb they go astray as soon as they be born speaking lies their poison is like the poison of the serpent break their teeth in their mouth break out the good teeth of the young lions !!!


  1. ohooooooo ma dear one i don’t hve a lot 2 talk bt i jst wnt say u hve some spacial body whc tracts men seriously. 4 dat case i thk god 4giving dat. & if i was yo lover i would hve dat valtn day with in proper way of showing someone like u a realy LOVE ma dear.

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