The American Blood Thirst Predator

American War Maker in Africa
America bombed a town in southern Somalia on Monday in a strike on so called, suspected “terrorists” that left Six people dead. This is one of those predatory attitudes of the Americans where they show with pride how worthless the lives of Africans are considered to that, of the white-house mafia. The Americans can at their whims and caprices, destroy as many as possible since, being the super power nobody dares raise up their voice in this, so called advanced civilisation of our times.

Pentagon spokesperson Bryan Whitman proudly said that the attack was targeted at Al Qaeda terrorist but six people’s lives have been wasted. Will the Americans pay compensation to the families they have slaughtered or those killed?

It is believed that the bombs used to kill our Somali Brothers and Sisters, are the American smart bombs.
Now, Somalis are in constant fear of being killed anytime by americans.
Also other Africans are now fearing for their lives when AFRICOM starts raining down bombs in the same manner in the very near future.

Why don’t the Americans give details of the “Al Qaeda terrorist” that has been the targeted during the the attack? Sometimes one feels that at this stage of the human civilisation, there should be an international law that protects smaller countries being attacked at will, by a blood thirst predator from another country.

Meanwhile, American, Ugandan and Ethiopian-backed Somali government troops engaged in fierce fighting with insurgents in the capital Mogadishu that left at least 17 dead. It’s not clear how many soldiers and insurgents died in the battle, but witnesses reported seeing dead bodies belonging to both groups of fighters.

Two police officers manning a checkpoint at Howlwadaag intersection near Bakara market were shot and killed in a sneak insurgent attack this morning. The killers armed with pistols escaped before police reinforcements rushed to the scene.At least 80 civilians were admitted to three hospitals in the Somali capital Sunday, following deadly clashes the day before that killed more than 17 people.Human rights groups say 6,500 people were killed in Mogadishu last year and hundreds of thousands of civilians displaced by the insurgency, which has now entered its 15th consecutive month.


  1. Although I oppose in my strongest sense the US killings of innocent Somali civilians. But I would like to remind the writer of the news article titled ‘The American Blood Thirst Predator’ that US have a right to protect the security of its people, as you know the terrorists attacked the twin towers on 11 September 2001.

    Secondly I am calling the writer to give apologies to the kind, passionate and African loved lady Jendayi Frazer, the US assistant secretary for Africa.

    As for the killing of innocent people by US missiles I believe it is a gross violation of Geneva conventions. So if Washington abide the Geneva convention and other international human rights instruments, if Washington want to have space in the hearts/minds of Somali people then Washington must give compensations to families and relatives of the victims of US missals at Dhoobley and else where in Somalia, as soon as possible.

    Finally I have one suggestion to US government; US- African command must develop and improve its intelligence staff in order to prevent any further miss information which can destroy the many African lives.

  2. It’s quite unfortunate that America continues to hunt and killing innocent souls thoughsometimes amidst culprits.It is still lamentable that even afer confessing their guilt in the British-American-led war on Iraq, no real remorse in pragmatic terms. The pronounced contemporary terrorism is attributed to Bin Laden, and he is said to be alive still. America should do all within its disposal to arrest him in less than a year. The world has been in support of pure anti-terrorism, not suppression and oppression without clear facts and evidence. In fact, America has increased the tension from terrorism more than ever before. This could be the gradual journey to its loss od grips of world leadership. To be forewarn is to be forearmed.

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