Uganda today, Natural hair is the new cool now!

Most people are going for natural because their hair got damaged, wanted to try something else,
thought that Africans shouldn’t relax their hair and salons are making a free killing!

Why are you going Natural?


I decided to go natural again because I missed my hair. I like seeing how my curls change as my hair gets longer. I stopped relaxing my hair not because of breakage, damage, the expense, or wanting to try something else. Most ladies are still relaxing their hair and it all looks the same, flat, thin, and even when its long it just falls down their backs.
I think that’s what I missed about my natural hair…it grows out instead of down. I like big hair and I like not having to use a comb, brush, flat iron, or blowdryer. I like making my own products for my hair and I wasn’t really focused on that when it was relaxed. I like that my hair is unique, yes there are other types similar to mine, but not quite….I like what grows out of my head, even when it shrinks.
I have had long, thick relaxed hair and it was nothing special. When my hair grows now, it just keeps changing and I am so excited to watch the progress. I still have bad hair days like everyone else, but it only takes a little water to fix it and it doesn’t take the 3-4 hours to wash and style.


I thought my hair would be unmanagable but its so easy and i can do whatever i want with it….and i love that…i always liked to do my hair in different styles.
my hair hasnt been this healthy in like 2 or 3 yrs man, damn.
all cus of stress and denying my hair. but now I give it love and tender care again.hope my hair forgives me.
still have the habit to use a comb or brush.oh well it just takes small steps and Im tryin.


For me, I know it was a combination of reasons. My hair wasn’t severly damaged with a relaxer but I could see that my hair wasn’t the same like it once was. To other people, my hair was fine, but for me, I knew that the relaxer wasn’t helping me achieve healthy hair.
Another reason is because I got tired of the straight flat hair, tired of going to the hairstylist and being disappointed with the end result, and giving my money away to someone who was ultimately damaging my hair.
I would love to tell other black people to stop relaxing their hair, but I know for a lot of women that would just be a flat NO response. It does hurt me to see someone who has visible bald spots on their head, and they still continue to relax their hair. I see this, and I just don’t understand.
Overall, I love my versatility, being able to have my big hair, loving to feel my texture, because yes–it is a very individual thing! It will be 3 yrs this month since my last relaxer, and I am happy with my decision. There are some bad hair days, but who doesn’t have them?!?! My mother was one of those people who desperately relied on her relaxer, and after seeing my experience, I’m happy to say she has gone natural, herself. It is contagious! I have other friends who are making the transition now….


It’s been 8 months for me transitioning. I am going natural because I know my hair will be stronger because relaxers weaken the hair in order to straighten it. I like the fact that it will be big and bold hair (it’s already big and bold but not all natural) not the same straight hair everyone has. I also like that fact that I will have wash and go hair because I don’t like to style my hair now anyways. But I won’t have to worry about the rain ruining my hair or about how much the relaxer will burn and worrying about it falling in my face or something.

Right now while transitioning I do have wash and go hair but I can’t wait for it to be all natural. Even though it looks as if I am all natural my relaxed hair is very staright it just has a lot of volume plus the 5 inches of relaxed hair underneath makes everything very big and poofy. Many people don’t go natural just because they think their hair can’t be managed but it can be you just need losts of conditioner(the right one for your hair) and a wide toothed comb. Plus it takes a long time to transition if you want to have a good amount of natural hair to work with once you are done, and the transitioning is difficult for some because they don’t have the proper products and techniques.

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  1. great post on natural hair!! My mother always encouraged me to keep my hair natural, but as soon as I left her nest I permed to a major disaster. My hair became a shadow of what it had once been!! I am now growing it back… what a relief!!

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