Uganda Forum for Democratic Change Boss, Kizza Besigye, is a Tyrant in-waiting

Don’t let the Musevenis [Doctor and friends] have a monopoly on Uganda. Ugandans should not yield their constitutional destiny to the personal judgement of a few men[gun-men] and their girlfriends who fearful of the future, have denied you the necessary means of dealing with the present, by destroying your country mercilessly.

Kizza Besigye is not a leader but a fucked-up NRM slime. Thus, disaster is ahead of Ugandans if they trust the leadership of a man whose soul is seared and whose eyes are blinded[true democrats retire from Party leadership after one election loss ]. Besigye is a man of cold heart and narrow mind that believes Ugandans can only find safety in his dull timidity and dull inaction. Are you having a laugh at Ugandans? We are tired of thugs like Kizza Besigye, that think one goal of empowerement is to gain influence in as many elections as possible for themselves.

Kizza Besigye, the former state minister and political commissar of the NRM regime; tinkering with organisations with a view to “reform” them, has become his preoccupation, because he thinks Ugandans and in particular the youth are misinformed.

What the hell are intelligent People like Sam Akaki, etc. doing with a loser like Kizza Besigye?

It’s probably better to have Kizza Besigye the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) boss inside the parliament pissing out than outside the house pissing on Ogenga Latigo.

Besigye wants to cling on Ugandans but cannot convince us anymore, that he can win the national presidential election in 2011 having failed twice. Besigye scrounged a sympathy vote from Ugandans, because he was an enemy of their enemy Museveni.

Now the son-of-a-bitch thinks that he has a monopoly on Ugandans.

It is clear that the assumption of autonomous essences ties the hands of the earthly tyrants who wish to mold human beings to their desires. Besigye does exactly this well when he re-invents everything over by capturing the public sympathy. He even manufactures rumors of his death to fulfill his pathetic desires.

Besigye is worse than Museveni who has been at the helm of his party for about 25 years. At least Museveni wins elections and Besigye always claims he is cheated. Cheated or not, he always loses.

Today in Uganda we have been made to believe that the country has two people; Museveni and Besigye.

Besigye was duped by Museveni to go and fight an elected government.

During the war in Luwero many of our fellow citizens lost their lives. Who then is going to demand for justice for all those innocent people who lost their lives, and when will Ugandans ever hear an apology from their Luwero killers?

Kiiza Besigye and Museveni have created a population that kills people for their political beliefs, for years to come.
Latigo was asked whether he thought FDC could ever take power. “It depends”, the professor said, “on Museveni”. According to Latigo, FDC can take power only if Museveni tires of it and stops rigging elections.

“When will that be,” a cynical panelist asked him. No answer from the Proffesor, 
which is not surprising. Prof. Latigo’s fatalism is similar to the claim that anyone wishing to see Uganda without Museveni as president has only one option; be alive when Museveni dies.

The truth is, FDC’s future can be changed but it depends on whether Besigye
can think beyond himself at its helm.

The image of the hammer knocking the cotter pin out of power has faded.

Besigye is in a constant war of words with his former comrades-at-arms and this in my view dents his image a lot when he is critical of how things where done when Most of his political career has been one together with Yoweri Museveni, inflicting much suffering, destruction and death on Ugandans.

Did you know that it was Kizza Besigye who originally authored the statement Museveni made in 1994 “I have never blamed the whites for colonizing Africa; I have never blamed these whites for taking slaves. If you are stupid,you should be taken a slave”.

Besigye is a violent man and a very violent man, kua ukueli! Wondered why he will never tell the whole truth especially if it is about the”mysterious killings” of the Luwero Triangle that led to the death ofover 300,000 civilians!

For the Luwero butchers, an iota of forgiveness should never be given to them.

Guys, I’ve heard people call Afande Joseph Kony, “Mr. danger” but how about Besigye fucking Museveni’s girlfriend[winnie “fiancé” Byanyima] and then wanting to also take his job. Don’t you think Besigye is the real Mr. Danger and not Afande Joseph Kony?

Think about it, we don’t need a rocket scientist to work it out!!

Some comrades in Rwanda call Winnie Byanyima’s Pussy, “Luwero Triangle”.

Museveni is known to phone Besigye, late in the night to see if Besigye is in“Luwero triangle”. Now, this is the sick bit; because of Besigye’s comfort in Winnie’s “Luwero Triangle”, Museveni blackmails him for a list of Bipingamizi [traitors] and caches of arms, etc.- to use the UG lingo, anataja [talks]!!!

Are you surprised? Of course we always knew that Besigye still doctors the dictatorship at night.

The presentation and celebration of the NRM regime as liberating, fostering a new era of a fundamental change and renewed and greater prospects and hopes for a democratic and constitutional reform for Ugandans; even when the same regime was violating the cardinal principles of a constitutional and democratic order by killing its own Citizens in northern and north-eastern Uganda; can only be explained by the way, the two scum bugs[Besigye and Museveni] thought that laws can never be enforced without the support of fear in them.

That’s why they’ve always found state terror to be useful in Uganda when supported by sufficient Kiwani laws [you saw how they abused our High Courts] when they just stormed our legal chambers with Ak-47s like it was some Luwero play ground[Dwaniro].

Today in Uganda we can see the beginning of a rejectionist front of young people that is modern and nationalistic at once because the youth is tired seeing those that are meant to be the government watchdogs become political lapdogs.

Kizza Besigye is a liar when he claims that 90% of the UPDF supported him during the Presidential elections!! Support him for what, for having the knowledge to mix poison[Doctor Kanywe Okawulile]?

Like a classic tyrant, Besigye has been stirring up some war or another with other Ugandans that don’t buy into his pathetic ways. It’s the same Besigye that continuously whispered in Museveni’s ears to get rid of Fred Rwigyema and bring in Mugisha Muntu.

Like I said before; if you’re waiting for Kizza Besigye and his FDC to liberate you, just continue sleeping and dreaming because Besigye and Museveni are the same people [sadists]: The GAVI thief “Gen” Jim Muhwezi,Chats with Besigye three times in a week.

FDC are left-over of Museveni and their chief mobilisers Mugisha Muntu,murdered many Ugandans in Cold Blood and he enjoys breaking people’s knee-caps.

That’s why many young people went into exile during 1989 & 1992 to escape his brutality. He suffocated many Ugandans of Rwandese and Luo Origin. Do we really want to go backward or forwards? Fellow Ugandans, think about it!!

Yoweri Museveni
Multiparty politics in Uganda will continue to be a bad smell because the tyrant has rendered the power of the ballot ineffective, while his Personal Doctor Kizza Besigye has found it easier to construct a new party, the party of the people’s anger than to rise within the circles [NRM Criminal cartel] and head it. Fellow Ugandans, Why did it take long for Kizza Besigye to throw conscience to the devil, when a simple woman like Alice Lakwena could see the Devil in Museveni?

Alice Lakwena

When Uganda was sleeping in Bed with Tyrant Museveni; Museveni’s Political commissar Kizza Besigye, manufactured a negative campaign against Mama Alice Lakwena as some deluded christian fundamentalist with an intent to rule uganda by the Holly spirit. Still, Lakwena had a good judgement about Museveni than his personal Doctor and friend did.
Fellow Ugandans, would you want a person with a poor judgement, to be your next President?

Besigye is like a dirty towel that has just cleaned a bum and wants to clean your face.



By: joram jojo



  1. Please am among those opposed to Museveni’s corrupt we must wakeup as early as possible to see ourselves compete come 2o11 elections.cases of double or multivoting must be looked into critcally.we (Opposition) must also fight for representation in the electoral commision.

  2. You’re very right!!
    However, we need a vibrant opposition with a critical mind[not some neo-colonial sponsored robots] and a very…very, nationalistic program for Uganda and not their Party or some tribal enclave disguised as a kingdom of Buganda, Busoga, Toro, etc.

  3. HI i really apreciate what u guys are doing for us,
    and i would like to be a member or how can i get
    some vital information about politics?coz i leave in germany.i will be happy if u give it to me on my mail.

    1. Paul,
      Here you are free to share all your ideas (political, social, health, economic,women issues, e.t.c) with other Ugandans in the world. It’s your chance to share an opinion with more than 4000 Ugandans all over the world. That is an equivalent of the number of people buying a newspaper daily in Uganda on the streets of Kampala.All kinds of opinions/ideas is welcome.Messages which we consider insulting to other group members will not be posted.Group members must be ready to accept criticism of their opinions from others.

  4. Joram jojo, oryomushema basi!
    But even then why do you expose yo ignorance and backwardness for heavens sake!!
    I just can`t believe that someone can go to school and still write such nonsense!
    Am so disappointed. Much as am not a supporter of Besiigye, using such nonsense back fires on our face some of us who oppose his approach to politics.
    Joram wayereka obufwera! Be a man , Write and reason like someone who went to school. Ok!

    Alan Nkoreta ( Mbarara)

  5. Hello Alan Nkoreta,
    What has been written are facts. You’re a very welcome to support your argument with your own facts.

  6. Why do we expose our home “weaknesses/ignorance” like this? Have we gone to school to do such kind of thing?
    Can “you/we” grow up?
    If you have personal problems, you need not to share with the rest of the World people but you have to get a chance to solve the issue.

    You talked of Akaki being wise person but following “dump” person that is Kizza but to me it seems you are the one who is a fool because of expressing your ignorance to the outside world like this.
    Please my brother; “grow up and be a man”.
    If you need favour from the ruling party, you need not to show it like this. YOu could have been objective enough to criticize both NRM and the FDC. And that will be the wiseman’s thought/thinking.
    Courage and I hope you will improve in the future

  7. I think some one is frustrated here. I don’t see any message in the above piece, I only see english words put together to describe the opposite of what I expected to read. Whoever wrote the above needs prayers, such people can not develop our country!!! Grow up mate…God bless you.

  8. Man, wait for elections and shoot people at a rally, you will get a ministerial post in the next reshuffle of cabinet. You are wasting your time here because M7 does not know you, okay!!!

  9. Uh, I feel sorry for Besigye’s worshipers and their messianic project for Uganda. I really do!! If you can’t reason with facts to refute what has been written in the above article, then how will you be able to negotiate for Uganda in the future? For your information, the author of the above article was among the first patriotic Ugandans to resist NRM tyranny, while Besigye was busy drafting oppressive documents for his Genocidal mentor, Yoweri Museveni.
    Just Like their NRM root-master, FDC does not tolerate dissenting voices because their mindset have been conditioned to think like in the bush and not among the people.
    Bambi, Byagala Kukabba, FDC temugilonda, Mubbime obbululu!!

  10. Hullo uganda,
    Thanx for your response.
    uganda, some things are just indefensible!
    for instance,
    Back to my bro Joram, what factual or what sense do you see in Joram`s last sentence, i quote “Besigye is like a dirty towel that has just cleaned a bum and wants to clean your face”
    absolute nonsense!
    if someone who is computer literate,can access Internet, is able to read and write can expose this level of ignorance what about our grand parents in the village.
    Am so shocked and disappointed!!
    For God and My country.

    Alan Nkoreta.

  11. Ndugu Joram has a point when he says, “Besigye is like a dirty towel that has just cleaned a bum and wants to clean your face”
    What he’s trying to do, is warn Besigye’s worshipers and Ugandans in general not to let Besigye in 2011 presidential campaigns pretend to be an OBAMA of Uganda, because he’s not, but an OPAMA (Bullshitter)!!


    Human persons have lived in tunnels of different realities. In all their life history, human beings have survived in organised communities with leaders to direct, to rule and to guide. Leaders have reigned over their subjects in all communities tyrannically, democratically and divisively in some states or communities. Leadership is not a yesterday or today phenomenon. They date as far back as before Christ. Everyone is familiar with kings in the holy Bible, chiefs, priests and other church or religious leaders in their respective communities of all kinds. Leaders are as old as the human race is and so is leadership. Their characteristics are not different although they may vary from one leader to the other. In the world of politics, the common person, the innocent one, who lives one day at a time, bears all the iniquities of their leaders. The “I” and “my” are the driving forces in all the leadership activities. There is little consideration for the “other”. Wealth is key and takes the first place in leadership affairs. The human person is of no value in the face of leaders. The good person outside leadership is contaminated once they join the leadership world. He who remains good will have to pay the cost for it. They are like the torch in the gloomy vault. They have little to do like a torch may not satisfactorily shine in the gloomy wide vault. In fact the darkness might overshadow the torch.

    The world today is a gloomy vault because it overshadows reality. The innocent man and woman is the bearer of all political leaders’ vices. There are but very few courageous persons to shine in defence for the innocent. The innocent therefore dies and their life is valueless. The world evolves but with aggravating realities. Our children will ask our graves when we will be no more what we meant to leave the world in such a mess. They will desire to die before their days. They will ask our graves why we failed to teach them the right way. The world will be messy and will be like a forest of sharp thorns in which everyone will fear to tread.

    I realise the need to save our graves from being dug by our grand children to ask our bones all those questions. Obama, the American president of our time, one of the shining torches of his time in his speech called upon the nationals of America and the entire world to realise the need for every people in their successive generations to be willing to do their part – through protests and struggle, on the streets and in the courts, through a civil war and civil disobedience and always at great risk – to narrow that gap between the promise of our ideals and the reality of our time.

    I have a dream which will have to be realised through people of my own, people of the Ugandan origin, the children and grand children of my own who I share the same nationality with. Uganda my homeland, the land of resources that cannot be found in many world’s lands, a country whose people have seen days of struggle in the political arena, a country that has been typified by tyrannical, selfish and corrupt leaders will be made better. Time will come when the bondage in which the Ugandan nationals sail will be no more when there will be a torch that will overpower the gloom in the vault. It will be a time when everyone will be really human and all human rights will be so. The courts of law will have to serve their purpose, the top leaders will feel for the nationals and the resources that have been in the hands of a few conceited leaders will be for all.

    The cost of achieving this is high but in our reach. Today the sun shines but there is only darkness that we can see. The moon at night is like a candle in the stadium while the stars cannot be recognised at all. Theft is a type of employment today, lawlessness is the only means to achieve an end, and “courts of law” are mere words while the good is very far from our reach.
    I chose to write about this situation in my country at this moment in history to call upon fellow states men and women to join hands because I believe deeply that we cannot solve the challenges of our time unless we solve them together – unless we perfect our union by understanding that we may have different stories, but we hold common hopes; that we may not look the same and we may not have come from the same place, but we all want to move in the same direction – towards a better future for our children and our grandchildren.
    Uganda must change. The change must be worked for. The initiators of this change must be among us because what is good is clear and distinct in our minds and can be found. However, only a brazen man or woman will dare to stand for the idea herein. The coward will leave it to God while he who has no meaning in life will take the situation normal and fated.
    I am the son of a Ugandan man who worked for the country and survived death in the early times before I came to see what the world looks like. He never taught me to love my country but he talked of a better Uganda he desired to see. I studied in one of the poorest schools of Uganda as well as in the best institutions for higher learning. I have lived in one of Uganda’s poorest villages where life meant a lot to me yet I learnt there to analyse situations and to object to what is not justice. I have befriended a simple but open minded lady who I think is best for me during the rest of my lifetime. She has a dream that Uganda will be a better place one day. I have grand parents, biological and foster parents, consanguine brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, uncles and cousins upon whom my narrative bases whose miserable life has coerced them to hate their country but cannot do anything. They have witnessed all the grief of belonging to a poor family. I have friends who I have struggled with to make ends meet whose desire has remained to see a changed and a better Uganda for every national.
    This is a yarn that tries to remind the fellow Ugandans of the need to throw aside our bedspreads and wake up from the long been unending snooze of cowardness. Conservatism should be shown a path and embrace a liberal mind ready to help us focus ourselves for a better nation. The yearn herein should provoke every Ugandan who loves to see his coming generations live a dignified life. It calls for a wide-eyed liberal state made of people ready to defend their fellow nationals that cannot raise their voices in the polluted political environment as it is in our day. The narrative is not an incendiary tool for violence but rather a voice that calls upon those in fear, bewilderment and hopelessness to stand up and bring back that hope that has for long been lost.
    As such, my expression of grief should not be divisive with regard to the leaders of the time and we who suffer the consequences of their seemingly inadvertent actions. It is a means to call them to mind the reality in place, the undesirable situation in the country that they have caused by themselves. It is the time we need them to hearken the voices of those who cry for a unified state where everyone is human. The story reveals the fact that it is the time now to come together to solve a set of enormous troubles: the Northern war of Joseph Kony, a deteriorated economic standard of our nation, regional imbalances, corruption, stealing the property of the poor especially land, a chronic health care crisis, the potentially devastating climate change and tyrannical rule among other outstanding troubles of our time. It is no work for one tribe- the Baganda or the Banyankole, the Karimajong or the Bakiga. It is a task for all Ugandans who love a changed state for the better. Every national should be a torch that shines to overcome the gloom in the vault to be able to make a difference that is positive.
    The words in the narrative are based on my moral stand, my professed values and principles, which I believe will not go unexamined by those who will find them worthy of examination. While I bear in mind that many will laugh me to scorn and while I realise that there will be many that will not see sense in the story and those who will be offended, I stand to defend what I think is important not only for me but also for those who are open minded. He who declines to understand the reality in place and the other who fails to understand it will never be put on the same platform. Surely there will be those who will refuse or decline to understand what is conveyed herein while there are those who might fail to comprehend it but seek to find its meaning. However few the former will be we shall have a made a step.
    What has not been clear in the last and present regimes that need to be explained for slow analysts to understand? What is not clear about the land issues, the recent issue of our time that I need to elaborate upon so that everyone can see the significance of my story? Who was deaf to hear the Ttemangalo issues and their resolutions? Who did not know about the lives of our beloved brothers and sister that perished in the hands of Kibwetere yet the murderer never got what he deserved? Who was too young to read and or hear the stories of those who perished in the thickets of Luwero and Northern Uganda that needs a story teller to recount for him the whole story to understand what is being advocated in here? Who has not experienced the pinch of corruption in all the public institutions to the very homes where we stay? Who has been blind that has not seen the tear gases in the city of Kampala when people have always tried to raise their voices? Who did not read or hear or even see innocent people being arrested with no offence committed? How clear should I be for one to heed the call for a change that I advocate herein? I think clarity lies in the mind that is clear.
    I continue to dream of a day when my hope will come to reality. People will talk about me and my offsprings who will be agents and in fact torches that will shine in gloom of the vault. I will make stories of their time. Radios will broadcast news about me drawing from what I write today herein. Every Ugandan should be aware that everyone that has suffered physically, mentally, or psychologically, everyone whose blood spilled to the ground because of our leaders’ misdeeds was our own brother and the blood shed was our own the tears our own tears. Everyone who passed away because of the inattentive actions of our leaders will rise to be close at hand when we shall stand up to defend our state for the better. Every one of them will be ready to support us in the struggle to restore our rights and dignity from the grave where they are buried. The story must extend to all the generations of our time and those to be after we will have departed. Our struggles to overcome the present reality and our triumphs after the peaceful but focussed battle will become at one time real and widespread.
    There is no way we can deny our Ugandan citizenship and nationality by origin. We belong to Uganda and she is our motherland who we should rebuild, take care of, and love with all our whole being. Understanding the reality upon which I base myself to advocate a change that is real requires a reminder of how we arrived at this point of suffering. However, it will provoke callous actions that will result in an objectionable state of being since many have had harder days than I have had which they may not wish to revisit even in a mere story like this since the past remains new in the minds of he who experienced it. William Faulkner once wrote, “The past isn’t dead and buried. In fact, it isn’t even past.” We do not need to recite here the history the suffering Ugandans have passed through, the injustices in this country that have been and are still a reality, and the many inhuman activities that have been witnessed by many of you. Nevertheless we need to remind ourselves that so many of the disparities that exist in the Ugandan community today can be directly traced to inequalities passed on from an earlier generation that suffered under the brutal legacy of slavery, tyrannical, self-centred and happy-go-lucky leadership regimes that have been vivid realities to the present day.
    “Deliberated discrimination” in the job market where the so-called “technical know-who” is the method for awarding job posts must come to an end so that the children of the poor who have no one to recognise them in the competitive market can have a chance of getting better employment opportunities. Shadow investors in whose name people’s property is destroyed to create space for their arcades instead of serious investments should come to an end. The misuse of power to keep in a political position even when the majority or the minority do not see the reason for it should be condemned and brought to an end. Time will come when elections will be free and fair- where Ugandans will be able to say YES to mean YES that will from their own free will without coercion.
    I dream of a new Uganda where lack of economic opportunity among men and women, among tribes, and among regions and among individuals and shame and frustration that comes from inability to raise and look after family members will come to a close. I hope for a state where the leaders will be able to provide for those who may not be able to meet their basic needs because there will be proper accountability and transparency. Moreover, there will be enough resources to cater for the nationals because corruption will be no more while human rights defence will take precedence over any other issues.
    We should be aware that there are quite a number of possibilities that can lead to our failure to achieve this. But still for all those who will unite and claw their way to get a piece of the dream I promulgate herein will have started the battle. However, he who will block the move towards the realisation of the dream will be like a ferocious beast that devours every creature and forgets about its survival tomorrow and that of its little ones. In the end it devours itself.
    I have asserted a firm conviction of the realisation of my dream based on my belief in change and God’s care for us all. I also assert my conviction basing on the trust I have in my fellow Ugandans who have experienced the pinch and I am sure they will see it necessary to change for the better. Together we can move beyond what we expect today in view of attaining that which we think is better for us and for our generations.
    I call upon every Ugandan to be firm and advocate the change we want our children and grand children to see. What we begin today may fail to be realised tomorrow but the other day, through our children and grand children, our real blood who we shall have taught to continue with the struggle, it will be realised and the mission will be accomplished leaving us or them the responsibility to maintain it to the end. Our hope should be placed in ourselves as well as those to come after we shall have parted.


    Tonight, we are gathered to recall what has already passed and to reawaken our minds about the need to analyse and come up with what will lead us to what we look for. We are gathered to share ideas, to provoke ourselves and learn to question the status quo with the aim of making our mother Uganda a better place for you and for your grand children. Lamentations should be considered historical while action with determination should be embraced. I want to remind each one of you that if I fail to acknowledge the good things my leaders have done for my country, then I would not be realistic. However, when I raise you about that which needs change, I should not be blamed because the good must be advocated. In my first speech which most of you based to call upon me to join the political arena I asserted the need for a change which must be worked for. Tonight, am advocating the need to realise the goodness of combined efforts towards achieving a specific goal.
    Tonight am calling upon members to tread where I wand us all to tread for a better Uganda. It is time to wake up from sleep and become bold to pour scorn on those who have toppled our nation through corruption which has lead to unending poverty. This poverty you experience, will extend to your forth generation and it will be worse compared to what you see today. Poverty the fourth generation will experience will force them to bear children for commercial affairs because the goods for sale will not be other than their fellow human beings. This is the reality. You have already savoured this when you have heard about child sacrifice. It is now on a smaller scale, later it will expand if we do not stand up today and set up strategies through active participation with a patriotic spirit.
    Corruption in the government institutions, corruption which is knocking at the doors of religious institutions and even on the doors of our churches, corruption which is seen as a new way of earning a living has let down so many of our friends and has rendered them poor because they have failed to fight it. We should acknowledge the fact that, those to fight corruption and those who perpetuate it are equally corrupt. Now who will deliver the state from such chaos? It is the time now to start and change our mentality and develop some love for our mother Uganda.
    My audience today, ladies and gentlemen, children and youth, here is the moment to convey to you a message that must enkindle in each of us a fire of hope, a fire that will bring light to see what has been invisible, a fire that will never die unless it brings us to a new Uganda- a changed Uganda. Each of us here is a national, each of us here is aggrieved by the state in which we live today because of corruption, lawlessness, injustice, political instability that is the order of the day since 1966, poverty which has its roots in careless and lack of concern for the nationals by their leaders and aimless taxes that you pay hopping to get better services in your country. We have seen and heard of accidents, in fact fatal accidents on highways; people have lost their life while others have lost their dear ones on Uganda roads. Death today is no issue to discus yet it claims productive nationals who would liberate our state. The education today from the grass root level is a complete mess; high school drop out rate is no phenomenon to wonder about. This results in quite a number of problems such high way robbery, rebel activities, insecurity in our local areas and moreover uneducated generations will rarely educate their children- we are adding injuries to insults. Poverty is a song today but the annual budget shows different things. People die today of poverty in a state that is not desirable for human beings. The rich continue to grow richer and richer while you the poor like me continue to grow poorer and poorer. Even the little we have is taken away through purposeless taxes imposed upon us. Yes, we must pay taxes because we are nationals who love to see our Uganda develop, but should we leave things to God when even the little we sacrifice to develop our mother Uganda benefits only a few nationals? What is wrong with the Uganda of today? Land theft is an issue you all know today, child sacrifice is nearly a song, and unexplainable murder here and there fills the news papers every day.

    Am not in favour of blaming those who lead us, but I want to bring to your awareness that of which you seem to have already been aware but have not been able to react to it. I am not calling upon a violent reaction but rather a rational reaction that will reawaken our minds to embark of developmental activities. This call is meant to provoke each of you to wake up from the sleep you have been in since the country started to go astray. This call is meant to mind the need to rebuild Uganda my mother country, to make it better for ourselves and the children of our own that will live after we shall be no more. On the other hand, you need not to look at me as one who appreciates no work done by those who have led you and me. Surely they have brought us to this point which cannot fail to notice. However, we must stand together and challenge them for the many mistakes they have done for quite a number of years which have led our country to be a lair for corrupt citizens. It is the time to revitalise our patriotism spirit which we ought to pass on to our children and grandchildren. We must educate our children to love and work for their country. We should teach them to respect each other and also teach them to respect what they write down to direct their country. It is time now to revisit the early ages which we, who think are modern, call primitive ages of our grand parents. They lived a harmonious and respectful life with regard to one another. They shared the few resources that they could access and worked hard to preserve them for us who are the present generations. This they did through creating proverbs, fables, songs, poems and legends. In fact they played their part. They did not go for the education we go for today but they were more educated than we are. They seem to not to have reached the level of civilisation we think we have reached yet they were more civilised than we are, they seem not have studied moral ethics the way we do it to day, yet they were more ethical than we are today. Life to them was a gift from God and so was revered but today life means nothing compared to wealth. Who is more civilised, them or you and me?

    The time is now when you and I have to stop slumbering. Time is now when we should say NO to what degrades our human nature. Uganda is among the third world countries, yet it has lots of resources. Our leaders have sold those resources which we would have used to develop ourselves. They have shared our country amongst themselves without consulting us. For we are only saying: God will see them on the last day. God played his part and the rest is left to you and me because he endowed us with reason, the capacity to differentiate the good from the bad. The work is for you and me. It should be a collective effort. We must be bold enough to challenge our leaders without sparing any of them. You are very aware of the situation in government hospitals where we all go and find no medicine, or where we go and find no personnel or where we are treated as though we were not taxpayers. You know very well of our transport systems in the country where we suffer as if there were no people to defend us. Christmas comes and everyone hikes the transport fares when our leaders are just seated in their offices. We are aware of the so-called road repairs which are done today and tomorrow pot holes are back in the roads. We are very much aware of the buildings under which many Ugandans, your brothers and sisters have perished and the constructors have gone unquestioned. We are all aware of the traffic lights that function only when there is an important person from outside coming in the country. We have heard of theft cases which have been reported in the courts of law but the laws have not been observed. I think we have seen and heard of many events which call each one us to get angry and start up a battle that will change the situation.

    The 10th July 2008 is a very remarkable day in my life. It is the day I first stood before a person who was said to be a lawyer/judge in Lukaya trading centre on Masaka Kampala High way. The case that was reported against me was over speeding. I acknowledged it. But one thing that made me uncomfortable was the amount of money the gentleman and his co-worker a lady asked for as a penalty. They took 500,000/= which in fact they shared amongst themselves. The lawyer was an aged man with grey who seemed to be sane and in fact a man of integrity. To my surprise, he did not act to my expectations based on the way I negotiated with him to be able to leave the place. This is the Uganda that we must liberate. It is a task for us all which we must do collectively with a spirit of love for our state. Children have suckled corruption, theft, shamelessness and duplicity from their mothers’ breasts. It is because of this that you have been able to hear or witness different outrageous events such the embezzlement of the NSSF money, the Global Fund saga, and many other scandalous events of our time that have been silenced. We the Ugandans have kept quiet and no one dares to stand up to call for justice. On the other hand, justice is just a word. It makes no meaning within our country. It is today that we should stand up to give justice meaning and teach it to our children and grand children.

    I believe, the so-called developed states have reached where they are because the nationals therein have the love for their states. It is a result of the efforts of the parents who instil in their children that patriotic spirit which I advocate now. Dying intestate should not be heard of anymore because we all have what we can put in our will: the reminder to our children and grand children to be patriotic, to grow with a spirit of upholding their mother state-Uganda. In fact this is a task for each of us. Before one should entrust his/her material property to his/her children or and grand children, one must begin his will by calling upon them to love their nation and protect it jealously. It is through this that Uganda will be one day a country where every citizen will desire to be. We do not need to purchase arms to do this, but words, action, determination and focus will prove what I advocate herein.

    When I advocate the need to join hands and work for a better Uganda, am not asking for charity but rather there is a genuine cause that needs your attention. The cause that I talk about here is the preservation of our mother Uganda through hard work.

    Rick Harris brings it to our awareness that the America Spirit was conceived when the American founding fathers embraced their highest vision of what their country could be. They formed these ideals so all Americans could have a level playing field in which to pursue happiness and to find fulfilment in life. They knew all humans were created equal, and so have the right to share equal opportunities wherever they are. This should inform us of the fact that we are the founding fathers of a habitable Uganda which our children and grand children will live to enjoy. We therefore need to devise a system that recognizes our creative potential and create an environment which provides freedom for us and our children to express our individual talents and unique differences.

    we should aim to work for a peaceful country free from corruption and where rational freedom will flourish. It is that we the founding fathers want our children and grand to have because Uganda in Africa was a peaceful country free tyrants, corruption, tribalism and class struggle. Our country will stand strong because of people like you and myself who have a vision. It will stand strong because we the founding fathers will have kindled a light that will not die for the centuries to come.

    My words today are meant for you who listen to me. You possess a patriotic spirit for Uganda. I who am a staunch catholic hail the forefathers in my faith, the Uganda martyrs, who are our ancestors in faith. Every catholic honours them and cherishes their brave actions of choosing what they though was the right path. We should emulate them not on spiritual grounds though. We should lay a foundation for a better Uganda as they did for the Catholic Church in Uganda for me who am a catholic. They made history, history that is still stand so long as the church stands. They made sensible and memorable history which we should make for our ourselves and our grand children to come.

    we have leaders who have no idea of what was sacrificed to make our fore fathers who shaped our Uganda to the time we have spoiled it. Whatever culture we are from comes next and not the other way round.

    we need to move from a tribal or cultural mentality to a collective culture. However, there is no way we shall have that collective culture unless we educate ourselves and erase that mentality of “you are a Muganda and you are a Munyankole or Karimajong” among other tribes. I believe, ladies and gentlemen that we can aspire to be whatever we are capable of being so long as we are united. I am hopeful that from the talk we read now all listen to we have started to feel the pressing need to pass on to the younger generation an appreciation and a love for this country.

    it is time ladies and gentlemen to learn to say NO to corruption, dictatorship and unlawful governance which prevail in your offices and homes. It is time to see value in my fellow human being and learn to respect him or her. It is time now to learn to be shameful for any malpractice in our areas of work.
    We should work for a better Uganda bearing in mind that even if we do not enjoy the fruits of our sweats, we shall be remembered even on the national calendar for the work done to liberate our mother Uganda. I have already started my part by calling upon you all to join the march on the way to a better Uganda through speech and boring talks which may be meaningless to many of my dear friends I share ideas with but who cannot say “stop” because they fear to lose the bread they get from me or because they are cowards. Surely, I am not here to amuse any one of you but to agitate you so that you wake leave here with a changed mind and ready to embark on the task.

    Memorial Day represents a day of national awareness and reverence, honouring those Americans who died defending our Nation and its values. And while we should honour these heroes everyday for the profound contribution they have made securing our Nation’s freedom, we should honour them most especially on this day.

    Memorial Day solemnly reaffirms from year to year a national act of faith, determination, and will of the American people. It embodies in the most impressive form our belief that to act with strength, courage, and faith is the condition for acting with greatness.

    As I said earlier, the condition of the American family is the condition of our country, just as the health of our individual cells determines the health of our bodies. I can remember when there was a time in our family discussions to talk about our country, “the land of the free and the home of the brave” and that patriotic spirit would be passed along to young and enthusiastic listeners.

    it is only in Ugandans, be they immigrant but working to develop Uganda, that the spirit of Uganda lives. We are the liberators or betrayers of our mother country.

    If we do not pass on to the younger generation an understanding and appreciation for the principles upon which our grand fathers founded Uganda, we might eventually lose our country. Uganda may end up slowly sinking, and that is the stated goal of our enemies.

    To me, as I look to the future, I want to serve the spirit of Uganda. I want to know the spiritual intent of our founding fathers ad understand the values and principles they used to construct the Constitution that guided them to live humanly free from corruption, aimless wars, tyranny and terrorism. I should not be held wrong to believe that our founding fathers and mothers knew the value of personal freedom and felt that humans were endowed by God with certain rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is what we have lost and now in the struggle to get back.
    God bless us and help us know the good and give us the strength to distinguish it from the evil. For God and my country.

    Jude M.DK

  13. FDC struggles with weak youth league

    In relegating the youth to the periphery during the party’s recent delegates conference, the FDC committed a gross error that might cost it come 2011 general elections.
    According to the 2002 Population and Housing Census, there are 10.7 million voters of which the youth—people in the 18-30 age bracket, accounted for 5.4 million. In other words, more than half (50.9%) of the voters are youth.
    For any political party to win an election, it must capture a significant part of this constituency. Apparently, FDC has either failed to get this group on board, or chosen to ignore it, at least going by the outcome of the January 25 – 27 youth conference and the elections that preceded it.
    The then FDC Secretary for Youth and Mbale Municipality MP, Wilfred Kajeke, admitted that delegates to the youth conference were almost handpicked because his party has no district and lower youth league networks to talk about.
    However, because there was a need to raise four delegates to represent the youth at the Namboole delegates’ conference, the party mobilised its branch youth secretaries.
    In effect, all district branch secretaries became delegates to the youth conference at Hotel Garden in Kawempe. Since a second delegate was required per district, the district branch was asked to nominate another youth. If the district youth secretary was male, the nominee would be a female.
    In addition, eleven universities were asked to send five representatives to the conference, which brought the total number of participants to 256.
    The FDC headquarters didn’t have money to finance the youth conference. So Kajeke and Frank Atukunda (chairman, interim youth league) decided to improvise.
    Without consulting their headquarters, they approached the Christian Democratic International Centre, a Swedish NGO that also funded UPC, JEEMA, CP and FDC delegates’ conferences.
    This NGO gave the FDC youth league Shs 25 million, although this money didn’t arrive until delegates had arrived in Kawempe. After overcoming the money problem, sharing of leadership positions caused more problems.
    Youth from Western Uganda reportedly wanted to take over most of the top positions, which angered their counterparts from North.
    The Weekly Observer has learnt that FDC leaders mainly from the Parliamentary Group who were campaigning for top positions almost hijacked the youth conference. They were targeting delegates who would attend the national conference at Namboole. This is how Aswa MP, Reagan Okumu who was defeated by Prof. Ogenga Latigo to the post of deputy president (North), lined up himself to open the youth conference. His friend Kajeke was in charge, which made it easier for him to access the delegates.
    Okumu later told The Weekly Observer that his party has not been in touch with the youth.
    “These fellows have never been in touch with the youth. They don’t know who is a youth and who is FDC,” Okumu said.
    The FDC Secretary General, Alice Alaso, admits that the party has not mobilised youth enough but argues that the new structure, which is interim, will go down to the grassroots to establish youth branches all over the country.
    At the national conference at Namboole, The Weekly Observer interviewed 12 FDC national youth league leaders to gauge their political ambition and focus. Some were found wanting.

    By Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda

  14. Jude Muleke, thanks for the great piece of work!
    We call upon workers, the teachers, intellectuals, Medics, Students, Women, Men, Artists, Grassroots militants of different political organisations, acting in their own situations and by their forms of struggle that they consider possible and necessary, to start listening to Patriotic Ugandans like Jude Muleke, etc.

  15. Besigye visit adds fire to FDC fight in Mbale

    MBALE- Instead of uniting party members following last month’s divisive delegates’ conference, the FDC leader, Dr. Kizza Besigye’s recent visit to Mbale has widened the feuding among top party officials in Bugisu.
    The bitter rivalry is between Wilfred Kajeke, the MP Mbale Municipality and Nathan Nandala Mafabi of Budadiri West—the only FDC legislators from the area.

    The Weekly Observer has established that all did not go well during FDC’s Women’s Day celebrations in Mbale town which was presided over by Besigye on March 9.
    Kajeke has protested what he calls being “sidelined” during the function despite his generous contribution of Shs 5 million for the occasion that took place in his constituency.
    Trouble started when Besigye, in his speech, singled out Nandala Mafabi and praised him as an FDC pillar who can lead the party in future.

    Apparently not aware of the political damage he was inflicting on Kajeke, Besigye went on and lifted Mafabi’s hand as the man to lead the party when he is out, without acknowledging Kajeke who was also standing beside him.
    Some party members, including Kajeke, have since interpreted this to mean that Besigye was deliberately undermining Kajeke as revenge for the latter not supporting him (Besigye) during the delegates’ conference at Namboole Stadium last month. Kajeke supported Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu who eventually lost to Besigye in the race for party president.

    “I think if we continue running party affairs like this, then we are doomed. Why should he (Besigye) pull one MP’s hand and leave the other? Is it because he did not support Besigye during the delegates’ conference? I think we need to give this nation change not just in words but action,” grumbled one FDC member.
    Our sources say that when Besigye toured Bugisu Co-operative Union on the same day, he did not warm up to Kajeke.
    “He was greeting us with a smile but when it came to Kajeke, Besigye just gave him a hand without saying a word. I [expected that he would] say; Honourable Kajeke, how is the constituency?” the source said.

    These incidents simply helped to remove the veil off the long-running rivalry between Mafabi and Kajeke with the Mbale Municipality MP accusing his colleague of transporting people from Budadiri to always undermine him in his constituency.
    “I have been keeping quiet for a long time. This guy (Mafabi) has been insinuating quit a lot of things about me. He is the one who could carry people from the villages to [town] to complain that I don’t visit my constituency. Last time I asked them which constituency they were from and they just got ashamed,” he said.

    But Mafabi said Kajeke was trying to run away from the truth, and use him as a scapegoat for his weaknesses. “Instead of sorting out his problems, he is busy blaming Nandala… He says he wants to fight me, using what? [I can make] only one statement about Kajeke and he is finished,” he said.
    But Kajeke retorted that if Mafabi is as mighty as he tries to portray himself, why did he plead not to be removed from the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament?

    “Why did he send people to me saying all the people that he had talked to are saying that the only person who could block him was Kajeke? Why did he beg a man who he says is not influential? Let us get down on the game and we see who loses,” Kajeke said.

  16. The Museveni government inflicts cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment on people suspected of being rebel sympathisers in order to obtain information from them.

    In Uganda, the full reign of military terror has lasted since 1986 when Museveni took over power.

    Has general Mugisha Muntu apologised to people he tortured? To tell the truth, I want to tell this as I know from experience not by theory, if others were mistreated in the same way I was tortured when I was in the quarter guard of Bulange in 1986 under Mugisha Muntu and Byemaro Milton.

    One sunny afternoon I was at home around Kampala Road relaxing with my family when four NRA soldiers burst into my house and arrested me saying that I was “adui” meaning an enemy. I was tied “Kandoya” taken to OAU linguistic centre and kept in a wardrobe for about forty five minutes then taken to Republic house before Mugisha Muntu and Byemaru Milton.

    When they saw me Mugisha Muntu asked the soldiers that “What did I tell you to do to this man?” meaning me.

    The soldiers replied that you ordered us to shoot him and kill him. Mugisha and Byemaro slapped the soldiers then I was slapped by Mugisha Muntu and Byemaro Milton saying that I must be killed what so ever because I was recruiting people taking them to the north to fight the government.

    Mugisha and Byemaro ordered soldiers to torture me. The common forms of torture were two legs tied on the roof, with the head hanging down, being punched, kicked, beaten on the face, ears, head and stomach. A stone was used for hitting my testicles. One of my testicles was destroyed during the torture.

    Is Mugisha Muntu struggling for democracy in Uganda or he is fooling Ugandans? Can he remember about the black mini bus nicknamed “Black Maria” which used to park near Republic House from 6pm then around midnight they would come to pick detainees from Bulange quarter guard?

    Where was Mugisha Muntu taking these people after midnight? I saw some guys being castrated like me. Can Mugisha Muntu apologise, agree or deny what happened to those innocent Ugandans? What of those who disappeared from the quarter guard?

    Ugandans knows that the struggle will be long and bitter, I believe that Museveni has a choice either to live at peace and democracy with Ugandans or subdue Ugandans by force and that is why he is using force. My countrymen and I have suffered and still we are still suffering.

    I do not however feel that our efforts and sacrifice have been wasted. I believe that human suffering has its own effects even on those who impose it. I hope that what is happening will persuade Museveni and his illegitimate government that Ugandans are right and they may be wrong.

    Museveni and his illegitimate government are held formally accountable for the massive human rights violation and corruption since 1986. Museveni’s response to animosity aimed against opposition to force them dance to the tune of NRM.

    As you know as I do too, Museveni has never been a peacemaker because his words are full of murder, kill, wars, exterminate and massacres.

  17. I am surprised at what ignorance can breed… please come back to Uganda and see for yourselves. the level of hatred reflected in your writing does not exist anymore. we are all looking at the future as a possibility. Nothing much to pick from our past that will safeguard our future as Ugandans. our past is a mess.

    1. i find it hard to agree with my dear who affirms that we cannot learn from the past! this is a message we need to ponder on

  18. Besigye, Muntu Camps Re-emerge

    Last Friday at exactly 12:30pm, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Treasurer General, Jack Sabiiti drove in the party headquarters at Najjanankumbi. On disembarking from his car, he met with youth leaders who comprised of Ibrahim Kasozi, Obed Nasser and others.

    “How are you my youths?” he greeted the young men, who replied “we are fine.”He went on to complain; “by the way I’m not happy with the Youth Leadership. You have let us down in NEC.”
    As he walked flamboyantly into Wycliffe Bakandonda’s office, he promised to meet the youths for a longer chat.

    Sabiiti didn’t give details why he wasn’t happy, but the youths seemed to know what he was talking about as the party has previously lost all the electoral projects the youths have handled.These include four guild elections at leading Ugandan Universities. First was Makerere University, where FDC’s Sam Ariho lost to DP’s Robert Okware. Next was Kyambogo University, where FDC’s Ismail Badogi lost to PDP’s Charity Byarugaba.

    The party also miserably lost Kampala International University and Mbarara University for Science and Technology where youth leader Remmy Mugagga led efforts to have the FDC boy elected. Like at KIU, FDC lost the MUST slot to an NRM-leaning candidate.


    A source explained to us why NEC members are tired of the youth league’s never delivered electoral promises. A senior party official revealed that top officials remain surprised how the party can lose guild elections so easily despite being the most popular amongst the youths. Indeed, the defeats reflect incompetence and divisions, especially amongst the youth league leadership, which, if not halted, could cost the party early.

    For a start, the youths are divided into those that supported Col Dr Kizza Besigye at Namboole against those that backed General Mugisha Muntu. Prior to the delegates’ conference at Namboole, the youths held their elections at a hotel in Kawempe where factions emerged. It will be recalled, the pro-Muntu youths, Obed Nasser Serunjogi trounced the pro-Besigye youths, Atiku Martin and became the FDC national youth league president.

    During the elections, fracas emerged ending into feast fights which were only halted after Besigye, Muntu and Salaam Musumba drove to Kawempe, intervened and prevailed on the Atiku camp to accept Obed Nasser’s victory.


    Because Atiku was actively backed by a pro-Besigye clique led by Mike Kabaziguruka and Frank Atukunda, the Nassers naturally fraternized with Muntu at the delegates’ conference. Among others, the Nasser group included ex-Makerere guild president Gerald Karuhanga and Buganda region chief youth mobilizer Ibrahim Kasozi. Unknown to all those outside FDC, the Kasozi camp remained isolated and suspected, even after the delegates’ conference. For instance, when Besigye constructed his executive after Namboole, only Muntu was given a senior posting.

    All the others are members who actively supported his re-election. Mbale Municipality MP publicly complained of Besigye remaining angry at him because he supported Muntu. About a month ago during an FDC public rally in Mbale, Besigye openly over praised his blue eyed boy Nandala Mafabi while avoiding to mention Kajeke’s name. Whereas Gerald Karuhanga, who spoke on many radio talk shows campaigning for Muntu has since been sidelined, the other pro-Muntu youths have often had their names controversially dropped from lists of those picked to attend conferences and international travel abroad.

    In fact, Besigye refused to attend an introduction ceremony for one of them recently, our sources said.
    Critics say that Karuhanga fell out of favour even more, when he backed pretty Husnah Natukunda (who was openly anti-FDC) against official candidate Ariho during the Makerere guild elections in March.

    At Kyambogo, the pro-Muntu camp fielded Ismail Badogi who, unconfirmed reports allege, was clandestinely fought by the pro-Besigye youths. “The idea was that if he won, the Karuhanga group would take credit as good mobilizers, which would shame those who opposed Obed Nasser for Atiku at the Kawempe elections,” said an insider. “It’s unfortunate that whereas Besigye and Muntu are moving as one, they haven’t helped heal the differences their contest created at Namboole.”

    Critics have also accused Nasser of being too much of a coward, the kind that can’t lead a demonstration against government. Others say the current youth leadership is in cohorts with DP to politically finish off Besigye-led FDC just to prove that Muntu was the right man for the job.


    At MUBS, where an FDC aspirant won the last Friday guild elections, the pro-Besigye camp was busy chest-thumping as the candidate was bankrolled and patronized by a group led by Mike Kabaziguruka, Anita Among and others.

    To prove they are superior at mobilization, the pro-Muntu youths faction has descended on Rubaga and vowed to deliver victory via Joyce Sebugwawo. Sources say that over 200 volunteers (mostly Makerere and Kyambogo University students) have been deployed in Rubaga. Whereas Badogi leads a squad of 100 youths deployed in Rubaga North, Ibrahim Kasozi leads another squad of 100 youths deployed in Rubaga South. That is not all as the youth differences appear to have been exploited by members in the main stream FDC.

    For instance, there are differences between FDC publicist Wafula Oguttu and big girl Sarah Eperu. Only late last month, Eperu organized very successful rallies in Naguru and Banda during which Besigye launched FDC-Nakawa patriotism crusades. The following Monday, Wafula used the weekly press conference to say it wasn’t true Besigye had launched any patriotism classes.

    This, sources say, was meant to discredit Eperu’s efforts. There are also problems regarding Kampala woman MP seat. Whereas the pro-Besigye youths claim it’s their project to bring Mai Kiggundu to replace Nabilah Naggayi, the pro-Muntu group also claims the decision to front very popular Mai is their own initiative. Whereas the pro-Besigye group celebrates Kamya’s departure, the pro-Muntu camp believes she left a big gap.

    “Dr. Besigye used to have well prepared speeches and would never blunder like he did at Kibuli and Mpala at DP functions where he still had Beti Kamya as his envoy,” said a pro-Muntu youth. Whereas Besigye denounced Mufti Mubajje for Kayongo at Kibuli, he openly attacked DP at Mpala, claiming Uganda’s oldest party was full of NRM/M7 spies.

    Though they are out to campaign for her in Rubaga, sources revealed that the pro-Muntu camp have always had problems with Sebugwawo on grounds that her pronouncement that Buganda was a block vote, was seen in bad taste and killed Muntu’s chances. The polarisis has become so serious that when the rival group organizes a rally, the other will mobilize people to stay away. There is also talk of one of the groups conniving with radio political talk show hosts to deny platform to their rivals.

    source: The Weekly observer

  19. Besigye is still the heavy weight who can oust museveni in afree and fair elections

  20. Its people like Besigye that have allowed a non ugandan to take our country hostage. By participating in elections run by Museveni and museveni also participating is criminal. Besigye is not good for Uganda!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. hello,

    Looks that this is a fun community.

    I thought I would make this initial thread my introduction

    I’m looking forward to get to know each one of you during the next couple of weeks =)


    . General Museveni collapsed.
    . Col. Besigye abandoned gun.

    Some NRA bush-war fighters are stunned by the war of words between Gen. Yoweri Museveni and Col. Kizza Besigye over each other’s contribution to the war that brought Museveni to power in 1986.
    The general view among those The Observer spoke to is that none of the two men actually got involved in real fighting.
    In fact, both men had opportunities to demonstrate their military prowess, but fell short.

    While Museveni collapsed and fainted after he failed to walk any further, Besigye demonstrated cowardice when he ran away, abandoning his gun and medical equipment on hearing enemy gunfire.
    The former guerrillas we spoke to, many of them senior army officers, are amazed that Besigye has the audacity to claim that he brought “mzee to power” and shocked at the same time that Museveni describes Besigye as a late comer in the struggle.

    In a recent interview with Sunday Vision, Besigye said that his former bush-war commander never fired a single shot throughout the five-year war that brought this government to power.
    The FDC President also apologised for having “brought Museveni to power” and promised to shoulder the burden of removing “the problem.”

    A week later, Museveni fired back, telling the same newspaper that he shot a gun in 1972 when Ugandan exiles based in Tanzania attacked Idi Amin’s army in Mbarara and 1973 in Mbale. He said Besigye was a late comer who may not have had the opportunity to see him display his military skills.
    So, who really fought? Bush war veterans say none of them.

    KABAMBA O, I and III

    There were three attacks on Kabamba barracks in the history of the National Resistance (NRA) guerrilla war in which Museveni was remotely or directly involved.
    In his May 17 missive, Museveni says he commanded the first NRA attack on Kabamba on Friday February 6, 1981.

    He was commander of the 43-member platoon that attacked the barracks. However, Gen. Museveni doesn’t explain in this missive or his autobiography, ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed’ whether he actually fired a bullet during this invasion. As commander, Museveni was probably more instrumental in the planning process. In fact, Gen. Tumwine’s name comes up more prominently when this particular attack is mentioned.

    Luwero war veterans, most of them speaking on condition of anonymity, blame Gen. Museveni for the poor planning of the second attack on Kabamba in May 1983. This operation is nicknamed ‘Kabamba Zero’ because it flopped.
    It appears Museveni is ashamed of the incident because he makes no mention of it in his book, whereas he clearly documents Kabamba I and III.

    Maj. John Kazoora, who joined the NRA around March 1982, recalls that the May 1983 second attempt on Kabamba was planned at a time when the guerrillas had no food after Obote’s UNLA routed them from Bulemeezi where they used to get free food.
    It was under these dire circumstances that Museveni organised about 800 soldiers to attack Kabamba. Some of the fighters questioned the wisdom of their commander-in-chief sending hungry fighters to a deadly mission.


    Col. Besigye joined the war around June 1982, having arrived in the bush with one Edward Ruswata Kanoonya who also claimed to be a doctor.
    Kanoonya was promoted to a level of senior officer partly to quell sentiments from Baganda fighters who complained that they were being sidelined.

    It is reported that in a battle around 1984 in which Brig. Henry Tumukunde was shot in the leg, Kanooya, coming face to face with Obote’s soldiers in battle for the first time, panicked and reported himself to a nearby government detach. He even disclosed some NRA secrets.
    Such was the ferocity of the fighting that sometimes the faint-hearted ran away or collapsed. Museveni also faced some of these moments.

    On page 162 of his autobiography, he writes about fainting in January 1985 during the NRA’s third invasion of Kabamba that was commanded by his brother, Salim Saleh.
    When Saleh and his forces advanced from Singo to Kabamba, crossing Hoima Road, Museveni stayed at a place called Kagaali.
    When Kabamba was captured, Museveni crossed Hoima Road to go and meet the victorious forces.

    A senior army officer has told The Observer that whenever victory was registered, Museveni would move to meet fighters on the way back. Some have interpreted this as an attempt to be part of the victory, but others say he was simply doing is job as a good commander who morale boosts his forces.
    In fact, another fighter says that the guerrillas themselves were always anxious to deliver the good news to the boss after a successful operation.


    Another veteran suggested to us that Museveni always felt insecure whenever his brother Saleh, who commanded the best equipped Mobile Brigade, was away on a mission.
    This veteran’s account further suggests that even the few times Museveni escorted the fighters, like was the case with the June 1 1984 invasion of Hoima, he did so partly because he wanted protection from the well equipped mobile brigade.

    During the third and successful attack on Kabamba, Kazoora recalls that Museveni stayed at Kyamusisi being guarded by his third battalion. This is where the news of a successful attack on Kabamba found him.
    Museveni says that he fainted during the process of walking from this area to team up with the force that had overrun Kabamba and was now returning with lots of ammunition.

    Senior bush war veterans have told us that actually Museveni collapsed due to exhaustion because the force he was with was being terrorised by the UNLA soldiers, making him wander through a very long distance for the first time. Museveni was reportedly moving towards Saleh’s Mobile Brigade for protection. This sort of enemy offensive was referred to as kutalaza. Saleh reportedly informed his force that the commander-in- chief was in trouble and they needed to run to his rescue. They eventually found him.

    Our information is that Museveni collapsed at a place called Birembo and his soldiers carried him on their shoulders till they got tired and pushed him to safety on a bicycle that was also used to carry guns.
    But even after he was rescued, the enemy continued attacking the NRA ferociously, and it was the late Patrick Lumumba who is reported to have engaged the enemy to enable the force guarding Museveni get some respite.


    As a medical doctor, Besigye was not always involved in combat but rather treating injured soldiers and taking care of Museveni’s health.
    However, our information is that Besigye at one point abandoned both his gun and the medical equipment he was boiling when a katyusha landed next to where he was seated.
    Two senior officers who spoke to us about this incident say it either happened after Kabamba III or the Hoima invasion.

    After walking a long distance, as the guerrillas usually did, soldiers sat under some thick forest to nurse the wounded. Besigye began boiling the medical equipment, but smoke betrayed them when UNLA soldiers detected human presence and fired a katyusha in their direction. It landed near Besigye and he took off, leaving behind the equipment and his gun. Chris Bunyenyezi, who died during the RPF war in Rwanda, picked up Besigye’s gun and often teased him about the incident.

    According to Kazoora, modern warfare is not about shooting, but intelligence gathering, reconnaissance and support. Kazoora, now a senior FDC official, wonders if Saleh and Tinyefuza would still be alive if Besigye had not treated them, for instance. Saleh’s hands were both hit while Tinyefuza was shot in the leg. Kazoora says it is not true, as Museveni claims, that Besigye was a late comer. Besigye joined when the entire NRA force was just about 600 fighters.


    Our investigations have also revealed that some officers today are given more credit for their exploits while others who played even greater roles are ignored.
    For instance, Saleh is credited for most of NRA’s successes as commander of the mobile force that comprised about four battalions.
    But one of our forces wonders why Maj. Gen. Joram Mugume, who was Saleh’s deputy, is hardly mentioned yet he was involved in most of these operations.

    Battalions that made up Saleh’s Brigade, according to Museveni’s book, were commanded by; Col. Pecos Kutesa (1st), Patrick Lumumba (3rd), Steven Kashaka (5th), Brig. Matayo Kyaligonza (7th), and Chefe Ali (11th).
    A senior officer has told The Observer that while credit always goes to the commanders, real fighting was done and influenced by a lot more people, many of them unrecognised today.

    For instance, this source cites Maj. Frank Kaka who is currently involved in hotel business on Ssese Islands. This man is credited for the success of the 1984 invasion of Masindi Artillery Regiment. Maj. Kaka, who several sources claim retired a disgruntled army officer, joined when he was a graduate and is believed to have been part of the key intelligence personnel in the bush.

    Having worked in Masindi, Kaka is reportedly the one who spied on the barracks in preparation for the attack, which is considered the NRA’s turning point. “If he had guided us to death, war would have ended there,” a senior officer told The Observer.


    Another officer recalls when late Maj. Gen. Fred Rwigyema’s whole Western Axis force was saved by a drunken Mutooro. The man informed Rwigyema and his other commanders that Obote’s forces were about to attack them at the time they were relaxing, chewing sugarcane after a successful operation. To his credit, Rwigyema took the man seriously and very quickly ordered his solders to be on the alert. Indeed within minutes, fighting broke out. “Where do you put this drunken man if you are quantifying contributions?” asked the officer.
    It has also emerged that actually Museveni and Besigye were very close during the war and both enjoyed the highest level of protection.

    The NRM camp was organised in such a way that the quarter guard was the first contact. After the quarter guard, you would go to non-commissioned soldiers, commissioned, trainees, junior officers, senior officers, and then the inner circle comprising the High Command. This is where
    Museveni and Besigye were always holed up.

    Members of the High Command who enjoyed this status and protection included; Hajji Moses Kigongo, Elly Tumwine, Jack Mucunguzi, Matayo Kyaligonza, Kahinda Otafiire, Fred Rwigyema, Joram Mugume, Serwanga Lwanga, and Sam Magala. Jim Muhwezi, Pecos Kutesa, Stanley Muhangi, Emmy Kyaruhanga, Chihande, were some of the ex-officios.
    Besigye was not a member of the High Command but being personal doctor of its chairman, Museveni, brought him closer. In fact, we have been told that Besigye was more than a medical doctor to Museveni; he also served as his personal assistant of sorts.


    Former Army Commander, Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu, said on Tuesday that the discussion should be about whether the leadership is still respecting the objective for which the bush war was fought. “Who is still on track?” he asked.

    He said debating who shot and who didn’t was diversionary and doesn’t advance the livelihood of millions of Ugandans.
    President Museveni started it all when wrote a letter in The New Vision calling Besigye a liar. Sunday Vision gave Besigye an opportunity to reply and he attacked Museveni for thinking the liberation struggle started and ended with him as a person. Besigye said everybody, including cooks like Gertrude Njuba, made a significant contribution. He also added that Museveni had in fact not fired a single shot in the bush, to which Museveni responded by saying that Besigye joined the struggle so late that by them it was no longer necessary for Museveni to get to fire his gun, having done so in several earlier battles.

    ssemujju@observer.ugThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Officers speak about Museveni the guerrilla

    . Brig. Henry Tumukunde: I do not think President Museveni is so much a military person in the sense of career. He is a revolutionary fighter and strategist. He has never done any career progremme. (CBS; April 30, 2005 and The Observer; May 5, 2005)

    . Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire: He was a soldier like everybody else. There was nothing special about Museveni. Officers don’t fight. Commanders plan and guide, if you start shooting like all the soldiers, you have lost the war. (The Observer; September 15, 2005)

    . Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu: Museveni had physical courage, not fearful. I remember when we were in Kikandwa during the bush struggle; the enemy came about 2km away from our camp. We didn’t have any guns but Museveni maintained calmness in the camp. Some of us were new recruits so we were nervous. (The Observer; August 25, 2005)

    . Maj. Rubaramira Ruranga: We used to call him Mzee because he was more experienced than all of us. He had been at a level of a vice president in the Commission, a minister of defence. He was also clever that he recruited very young people; the kind that would obey him.
    (The Observer; November 2, 2005)

  23. What Major Rubaramira is trying to say about Yoweri Museveni. Quote: “He was also clever that he recruited very young people; the kind that would obey him.”
    Is that Yoweri Museveni recruited children in his ranks!!!

  24. Please leave our beloved president out of this…. Stop jumping on the band wagon. If you got evidence then I would suggest you confront him and give the opportunity ti defend himself. Otherwise leave Kaguta out of it…. Personally I think he should be a life president.

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  26. at one time President Museven, said that African problem is their leaders over staying in power……. no wonder as we talk now he is one of those African leaders who have not only over stayed but also mismanaged the affairs of Uganda. now that every conner of tthe country have been turned into a district does Museven think of the expense of maintaining a district? it is high time for museven step aside and save the from sinking…………..

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