Naomi Campbell Arrested for not Swallowing

Naomi campbell
POLICE handcuffed British supermodel Naomi Campbell on board a plane and removed her from a flight at London’s Heathrow airport, an airport spokeswoman and witnesses said.
Naomi campbell

Naomi campbell

Earlier, reports said Campbell had been arrested for allegedly spitting at a police officer at Heathrow Airport.witnesses at the scene said Campbell was “ranting and screaming” over the missing bag.
When she failed to calm down, airport staff labeled her unfit to fly and requested that she leave the airport immediately. The situation only deteriorated from there.
Naomi campbell

When Campbell refused to leave the airport, airport police were called to the scene to have her removed.
“We can confirm that a passenger was removed by police from a BA (British Airways) flight this afternoon,”
she said.
Witnesses said she was handcuffed on board the aircraft, which had not taken off, they heard Campbell scream “get off me, leave me alone” as she was taken to the Heathrow police station.Earlier, a London Metropolitan Police spokesman said a woman was arrested at the terminal for an assault on police, but refused to disclose her identity or give her age.
Naomi campbell
Airport sources identified the passenger as Campbell who was on a BA flight due to depart for Los Angeles.

Naomi campbell

Haters, Naomi campbell is here for long. Inspite of her tantrums, she makes us laugh[She makes news] and will continue to be the case for long. Eehh ‘ave you heard this one…
Naomi Campbell was released from jail today and shocked the world.
She announced her plan to donate all her belongings, including internal organs, to charities around the world.
The spiritual conversion came after a long night of soul searching following her arrest yesterday after a scuffle at Heathrow Airport.

“I have been blessed since the day of my birth.” said a contrite Ms. Campbell.
“The Lord gifted me with a perfect body, face and health. God let me make millions of dollars simply by standing in front of a camera wearing beautiful clothes. All our days are numbered and it’s time to give back to this wonderful world. Please forgive my past selfishness.

“She will enter General Hospital later today to donate her heart and kidneys. From now on she will be kept alive with an artificial heart and kidney dialysis.
The organs will be given to destitute homeless children.The unusual operation is to be performed without anesthesia per Ms. Campbell’s request.

“I need to understand the passion of pain to complete my spiritual sojourn.” said the humbled super-model. She waved off any press questions and took a bus directly to the hospital.

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