Uganda fashion

At the moment I’m doing my rounds in South Kensington, drinking coffees and wondering why designers steal other designers’ clothes all the time??Just like Uganda designers who go to Owino Market or Mwanjare on Katuna road, Kabale and buy vintage clothes, then remove out the old label and show them as theirs to clients at fashion fairs. Guess what? I saw the other day some Top london designers doing the same in Portobello market.
This Crazy Arab girl phones me to go down Belgravia-the nutcase was dancing on a glass table an she fell through it landing on about 50 wine glasses of other guests-mostly from the fashion industry. I had to take her to Casualty[Chelsea & Westminster] and we ended up sitting there till six in the morning..

The fashion industry has the most crazy people in the world; my crazy Arab-girl has no job apart from being cool-in fashion world, she’s kind of a stylist. From the casuality wing, we walk back along Fulham road to her Flat. She sits down in the chair, then she produces a bag of diamante skull and crossbones, attached to a small silver clip keyring, and my heart beats a little faster. They’re great, I say. “Arent they?” She grins. I ask where she got them from? “That guy who used to do alternative Miss world, gave them to me for good Kama!”