Uganda reclaiming Fashion back

Did it occur to you that the more you keep changing your look, the more confused and worried you get. Women with looks that haven’t changed since they were teenagers, tend to be happier and more confident than those “trendy” who follow the latest styles like some kind of religion.
Dressing in mivumba[second-hand]clothes should not worry you because in developed countries, conscious and good dressers shop in charity-shops for second-hand clothes[bargains] as this is a place without fashion wannabes but rich farmers wives, with overflowing wardrobes.

Most women that had sleeping disorders due to fashion anxiety, was a result of their first serious relationship coming to an end. This made them to start doubting their looks and wardrobe in general. But remember that you’re not alone and you can overcome this problem by starting to love yourself more…
Fashion anxiety can be invisible. It rages un-detected in the mind, both secretive and wild[Super model Naomi Campbell is a typical example]. It can spill over into other things like workaholism, obsessive-compulsive disorder or perfectionism.