Uganda Art

Now bloody colonialists have come-up with a new weapon to use in future genocides. Denying you food is their new weapon of mass destruction-the West is planning to use on you. Allah[swa] put plentiful on this planet, there will never be a shortage of food but greed and wastefulness. Don’t buy into the nonsense that is being peddled on propaganda platforms like; CNN, FRANCE24, BBC, FOX, etc.
Genocidal cunts like Yoweri Museveni, have already spoted the new weapon and are ready to serve their IMF, WFP, etc. criminal cartel. Because the plot was hatched ages ago when you went to sleep.. They would first rob you 30% of your money and then blind you into destroying your food crops to grow flowers for western perverts and later they’ll finish you off by using your staple food [cassava] to produce fuel for UPDF genocidals.

Naomi Campbell in Comic Africa
naomi campbell

 naomi Campbell

Uganda Modern Art describing contemporary world