Uganda Fashion

Independent designers are doing battle on an uneven playing field where your financial backing is more important than the cut of your clothes.
In terms of global sales, perfume is the most valuable asset a fashion house can buy. When you get it right, it is a licence to print money-get it wrong and you can lose a fortune. It is a high risk industry where seven out of eight perfumes that are launched each year, fail.


I tried asking around why there was still much racism in the fashion industry? You see, I keep asking this question, because when Sisters fail or are pushed around in the fashion,modelling, acting etc. industries, they turn their anger on the Black man. This leads to the Brother getting confused at what the Sister really..really, want?You guessed it, the Sister also gets confused when she wakes up oneday, and realises she’s 40years old and wants to be an African again; at this time the brother is with a fat white girl!!! Ehh, unfair world!!

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  1. hello the fashion isnt bad thogh to me the fat ladies should opt for sumthing that covers up their lower part especially the thighs but of knee-length

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