Africa’s Reversal Migration

Virunga Mothership is waiting for you, are you ready to board it?
Naomi campbell is also looking towards to Africa for redemption and soul searching.Hey, maybe this is a good fing.. afterall, she could send a message to her “A” list friends that wearing free stuff[ The rich and famous get most of their stuff for free – Madonna gets a free box of tracksuits every month from Adidas] and not helping the world, but instead makes you look like a walking freebie.
naomi Campbell

Its becoming now very fashionable for black Diasporans to look back towards africa. Is this the begining of a new reversal migration to Africa, will the European start to hide in trucks to enter into countries like Sudan to make a living? Will the African Immigration Officers be asking Europeans to prove if they don’t have cancer, Or have they ever had sex with their family member, what is their sexuality? etc.This could happen oneday as there’s nothing impossible on this planet.
What people don’t know, is that Africa has the potential to overtake Europe and China[inward investement] in less than 15 years time. We don’t need skyscrapers to show off because that’s not development but minimising space.The problem we still have today is the old genocidal, corrupt regimes that are still on the continent; but hey, Its not the first time that Africa has had such scumbugs of leaders-remember the Pharaos? They were the mighty of the might, but they crumbled- their pyramids are the evidence that the mightest tyranny, does perish!! So folks, lets chill and have a crackin’ time ‘cos all politicians are wankers and oneday, they’ll perish!!
Now, go back and start working because all black successful people have worked very hard, apart from those few that just steal from the rest of us because they have the power and are in power. Please, don’t be like them!!


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