Naomi Campbell Birthday

The first time Virunga people hear the word “Birthday” is when we have foreign vistors visiting our Gorillas. The thing near to “birthday” is the actual birth and not year..on year excuse fot partying!
To go with the flow, we shall wish our Naomi one!!
naomi Campbell's Bithdaynaomi-cannes.jpg
Before her birthday taster on D&G Yatcht, she caused a stir by turning up on the red carpet for the screening of Che at Cannes, film festival.

naomi campbellnaomi campbell
Naomi campbell got upset and had to live the smelly Yacht for drunks because she doesn’t drink.Naomi is standing up for beautiful women everywhere and trying to put a stop to the term supermodel, according to an appearance on this Ugly Betty podcast (promoting the show’s season finale this Last-might).”It’s a term we don’t particularly like,” says Campbell, pointing out that the preferred nomenclature among good-looking women who are paid to promote stuff is “working model.”

Naomi campbell was a good act on last night’s “Ugly Betty,” which made fun at her famous temper and cell-phone-throwing history! Dressed in an Elle magazine jersey and high-heeled sneakers, the catwalker faced off against pitcher Wilhelmina Slater (VANESSA WILLIAMS) in a corporate softball game between Elle and the Mode magazine staffs.When Naomi’s phone rang at bat, the entire sports-watching crowd ducked as she whipped it out, and shouted into the receiver: “BONO!? Not now, darling, I’m playing cricket!”
To be continued!!!!

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