Uganda Art, Global Food shortage Scam

No Globa Food shortage
After failing to find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Now the bloody capitalist has come-up with a new scam. The new scam is Global Food shortage. Please……. save us from this scam. After the capitalist living in a fake economical Boom- believing that the Internet and Telecomunication would bring them paradise. They borrowed and borrowed from creditors, now the creditors have gone bust and the capitalist is left in a state of obese and unable to recover from the state of eating like a pig.
The promise of a Net driven Revolution turned out to be the biggest Scam. Ehh, IMF became the worst loan shark in the history of Humanity.
Capitalists are also responsible for driving up food prices in terms of transport costs and agriculture production both of which use oil. While the poor struggle to afford food, bloody Capitalists drive big cars that are responsible of greenhouse gas emissions.

uganda art
Ice cream price has not gone up, so why should beans the staple food for most poor people go up?

When George Bush and the Saudi are not kamikazeing in Skyscrapers or cutting pension funds, the buble bounces back and capitalism starts limping-while obese people require 1,680 daily calories to sustain normal energy and another 1,280 to maintain daily activities, a total of 2,960 calories, which is 960 calories more than what the ordinary person needs.Thus transforming society into an age of manias and religious zealots.
To be continued!!