Yoweri museveni, the Uganda Tyrant

Uganda Tyrant
Uganda Genocidal, tyrant Yoweri Museveni, has vowed to kill anyone that does his heading.
To get ahead in this tyranny[uganda ] it will be essential to swear in advance that you’re not the enemy of his bloody vision. Gays and the media are the main enemies because, they have refused to share the authentic elation of his “vision” or celebrate round-five of him receiving more GAVI funding and are also an easy target. Critics of corruption are also enemies because they presume to know better than his Generals and know more than the ignorant. While Judges are enemies too, because they were judgemental.

At his state-of-the nation wanking, the tyrant promised to fight those forces that are un-patriotic, the anti-investors, those that listen to radios and read newspapers.

Uganda Parliament
The genocidal Cunt, Shamelessly praised the global soaring food prices as a blessing to his family as this would mean, Profits..and more Profits for the few and hunger for the many.
For too long, the Tyrant declared, how he had been undermined by the opposition’s Tsunami and snoberry from tribal chiefs.

For sure, these are the typical symptoms of a deeply troubled tyranny. More frightening still is the pervasive feeling that those who claim to be the legitimate opposition in the trynnical multi-partyism, do not even know what should be done, because its them that natured the tyranny and they represent the corrupt elitism of our society[they represent the colonial conservative forces].
Thus they are yesterday’s people and not the future. For sure, what can the likes of Cecilia Ogwal, Sebbana Kizito, Kizza Besigye, Ruzindana, Mushega, Bidandi Sali,Miria Obote etc. offer Ugandans apart from more wank and more wank?
These old slimes are from the very establishment [authors of long-term unemployment, increased violence, poverty, legalised corruption and a general realisation that something fundamental has gone wrong] that has destroyed our country.

Its very laughable when the political establishment of Uganda hallucinates of an East-African federation even an African-one, but at the same-time, a section of their citizens; Kinyarwanda speakers face descrimination in all forms; the Acholi have been exterminated and driven to concentration camps to create jobs for Western NGOs and also use their land as a launching pad for the American expansionism in Sudan.

The Karamojongs are shot at daily, as if they were some game[prey]; their live-stock looted and the youth deported to Mubende and Goma.

Kinyarwanda and Alur speakers of Uganda and Congo DRC; can’t travel freely between borders.
But, its okay for a cunt like Aggrey Awori[kenyan/Ugandan] who killed Ugandans to hold a political position in Uganda but not okay for someone like me born in Uganda of kinyarwanda speaking parents from Bunagana, Congo DRC and Bunagana, Uganda; to even hold a Ugandan passport, apply for a government job. And the fathers of all wanks is that of becoming a Ugandan citizen.
But this is not very important, as I see myself as a Muslim first and African second.

Because of this fascist attitude towards us, I think its time We reclaimed Kivu the country – Kigezi is part of Kivu. I’m sure Countries like Rwanda, Burundi, and sober Congolese and Ugandans will find this idea to be a sensible-one.

The hatred of Banyarwanda and Acholi is the same as the hatred of Gay people in all aspects; Gay and Lesbians can’t share the elation of Uganda’s fight against HIV/AIDS because descrimination is the order of the day.

We demand that medical services to those Brothers and Sisters affected with AIDS/HIV, should be based on the twin principles of subsidiarity and diversity. As it is imperative that local communities survive, indeed prosper- without their populations swept into the major urban concentrations, they must have access to HIV/AIDS treatment and counselling facilities.

The purpose of diversity in medical services is to provide choice and to improve quality by introducing an element of equality regardless of gender, sex,colour, class, etc. And not turning Uganda into a Multi-billion HIV/AIDs money laundering safe-heaven-scheme for the likes of Janet Museveni[the Tyrants bitch], who love to receive awards for HIV/AIDS scams. And where Uganda is used as a project to fund elite westerners and incapacitating our people in uganda. Where is your so called capacity building, What has become of uganda, why do you love genocides?

Denying Gays and Lesbians treatment is as good as a silent genocide.

To Be contiued!

Joram jojo

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