Uganda: A British Commonwealth Paradise in Uganda


The West should stop crying Wolf “Robert Mugabe” as this makes their wolf cry a joke. Every-time they cry wolf, the world wakes up and sees their true hypocritical tendencies. Colonial propaganda was effective, at the time when the African mass was still gullible but today its the puppets that are only left in the club of the gullible.

Comrade Robert Mugabe being stalked by Colonialists at the AU Summit in Cairo

THE two-day African Union summit began here yesterday with Zimbabwe not on the agenda of the summit as had been wished by its detractors who predicted African leaders would put pressure on Harare following last Friday’s presidential run-off won by President Mugabe.

Turning the oppressor and its puppet into a victim [using victims of Western injustices like Odinga, Nelson Mandela,etc.] to champion colonial twisted tendencies, is the most sickening thing you can do to the African people.
If Colonialists want the world to stand by them, then they should deal with the real wolves, first.
By continuing to turn a blind eye and also helping oppression take place in Uganda unabated; Allah[swa] will rain down more Robert Mugabes on them. Just like they can’t wipe away the crimes they’ve committed on Africans, they’ll never wipe away the heroism of Comrade Robert Mugabe as a great African resistance fighter.

Three prisoners are reported to have died of poison in jail. Shocking reports from Kiruhura district reveal a hallowing story of how three prisoners in Kiruhura Prison died of suspected poisoning.

Sources say the prisoners who had been arrested for being idle and disorderly, died on Sunday after eating food which was suspected to have been contaminated with poison.

They have been identified as Ephraim Nankunda, Fred Mugisha and one Akandwanaho.

The trio had been arrested following a recent district council resolution to have all the drunkards and idlers inside the coolers.

Sources say after the resolution, the district security team headed by one Kamusiime carried out an operation in the villages of Kanyarugyendo and Kyampangara in which 32 people were netted.

After thorough screening, two people who later turned out to be LC officials were pardoned and the rest were sentenced to two weeks in the coolers.

However, on Sunday morning, the tragedy befell the prison wards when on waking up found three of the prisoners dead in the cells and their bodies were taken to Mbarara Hospital Mortuary for postmortem.
However sourses intimate to us that their furious relatives have since petitioned the Human Rights Commission to investigate the circumstances under which their beloved sons died.

Victor Nuwagaba and joram jojo