Uganda Face of the week, Malaika the intellect

Malaika is what she is. A very hot ugandan girl. After dumping her possessive boyfriend, Malaika has found the real woman in her.

Malaika is not trying to buy into the fantasy of being impossibly young and impossibly beautiful and sexy, but she wants to live freely and in a sense of total satisfaction.
She wants to let herself dance like nobody was watching. Play dress up!Talk to herself and tell herself something that she would never repeat aloud. Let herself be exactly who she is and live like it is okay-because it really is.
She has a gift. A gift of intellect. She can think for herself into and out of any situation with which she might confront. She has the ability to speak for herself. She can defend herself. Promote herself. Encourage herself. Teach herself. Correct herself. Uh, that is Power. She has a heart!
Until Yesterday, she thought that money was powerful, but She was wrong because its her that is Powerful. She’s going to stand powerful, embrace her power and bring her power into her life. She’ll be grateful to her creator that has given it to her and she’s using it for free of charge!
Malaika’s experience of emotional pain has actually been her gift of life. At the core of her pain was the answer, to get out of the abusive relationship. She once believed that her path to a good life was to eliminate pain by too much booze. She became doubtful immobilized.
She has stopped being perfect by trying to fix herself, change herself, perfect herself, improve every little thing that about her will be perfect. She stopped to impress people by how perfect she was, how perfect her life was, excuses for things she was imperfect.
Then she realised that the quest for perfection was a waste of time and energy.
She then realised that instead of being preoccupied perfecting those cracks in her, that failed to realize that light which came through the cracks, she then remembered the saying that

everything that appears to be broken need not be fixed.

The Last word from the sexy n’ beautiful Malaika:

Until today, you may have held the perfection as the standard that you needed to live up or achieve. Just for today, accept that you are perfect just as you’re.

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