Uganda: Yoweri Museveni is HIV Positive

Janet Museveni knows the pain of being infected with HIV by a cheating husband. “Hiv/aids has continued to thrive because we have failed to protect ourselves and our children,” Janet Museveni told women members of NAWOCA.
“we have failed to exercise self control, say no to pre-marital sex and live faithfully in marriage as emboded in our cultures,” she added.

The sex Ring, how Janet Museveni infected Museveni with HIV/AIDS

Around 1988 or 1989, Janet Museveni got the shock of her life when she tested positive for HIV, which she got from her husband. In those days, people who got AIDS were sure they were going to die because there were no antiretroviral drugs yet.

The shock of being found HIV-positive is what made Mrs. Museveni turn to religion for comfort and she started following the born again (mungu mema) movement.

At the same time, her husband’s excessive infidelity and getting many children out of wedlock pushed Janet more and more in the direction of religion.

In the 1980s during the NRA war, the Museveni family was granted political asylum in Sweden.

During those idle years, Janet Museveni met a young Ugandan singer called Philly Lutaaya. He was struggling to make a career in music and the two became close. A few sources who know the inside story say that Janet Museveni got her HIV-infection from Philly Lutaaya and they claim that she might have infected Museveni.

Others say Museveni was infected by other women.

But the relationship was for real and the Ugandan community in Sweden saw it openly and knew about it.

That is why when Philly Lutaaya returned to Uganda and declared that he had AIDS, it is Janet Museveni who used her influence to see that he was given a national platform and he became a national hero.

But if you remember, Museveni tried to ignore Lutaaya. He was supposed to be Uganda’s new head of state who had led Africa to see the problem of AIDS, but he was refusing to work closely with Lutaaya.

If you read through his book “Sowing The Mustard Seed”, you will not see anywhere where Museveni says anything about Philly Lutaaya Uganda’s anti-AIDS campaigner.

If you check the book, you will be surprised that when Museveni is talking about his life and his achievements, he is completely quiet about the subject of AIDS.

He only talks about AIDS on one page, page 214, and there he is accusing Joseph Kony’s LRA men of infecting people with AIDS in Acholi.

At that time in 1996 when the book was completed, Museveni knew he was HIV-positive and his anger at being HIV positive because of Janet made him refuse to even talk about one of his otherwise major achievements, fighting AIDS.

Janet Museveni and James Tumusiime

Before the Museveni family went to exile in Sweden in 1983 or 1984, they stayed in Nairobi.

Naturally Janet became lonely. When her husband was out in the bush fighting his war of fundamental change, Janet found consolation in James Tumusiime. Museveni it seems did not know that Tumusiime was bonking Janet because at Tumusiime’s wedding, Museveni’s daughters Natasha and Patience were bridesmaids.

When Museveni found out that Janet had been sleeping with Tumusiime, he was so angry and jealous.

But he could do nothing. That is why he tried to keep Tumusiime down in Ugandan society. Tumusiime was prominent enough to be a minister in the first NRM government of 1986 but Museveni put his foot down.

Tumusiime was appointed the editor of the New Vision when it was started in 1987. But as soon as Museveni had a choice he appointed William Pike to head the New Vision and keep Tumusiime under Pike as deputy.

The Government should not introduce laws that criminalise HIV exposure and transmission but laws that stand in the way of HIV prevention and treatment.
Museveni has repeatedly heightened anxiety among health professionals by promising them a pay raise that has never materialised in years. The government,has been hesitant to compensate health workers who die on duty as per the Workers Compensation Act, 2000 while denying them life insurance provided under the 2006 Occupational Safety and Health Act.
Fellow Ugandans, this time you’ll have to forgive me for being too nosy.
But for years I’ve been wondering why Uganda has become the HIV/AIDS success basket (Uganda hospital have no drugs and are in a very sorry state)of the World?
Because my head has been buzzing with many questions such as: Was it because Uganda had more HIV infections? Was Uganda with the best research facility in the World to monitor HIV/AIDS for the rest of the world? Was Uganda the source of HIV? Was Uganda receiving state of the art medical facilities? etc. To my disappointment, the answer was a Big NO and instead, Millions of dirty money recycled from Western criminal cartels was moving across uganda disguised as HIV/AIDS Funding.

However, I failed to understand why a president of a great nation such as ours that has produced first class revolutionaries like Kabalega, Okello Okello(Zanzibar rebel fighter), Idi Amin dada, etc. would go into the public domain and announce that his doctor was HIV Positive. Had dictator Museveni also become a doctator? If not, why would he lie to the nation? Maybe he had infected Besigye with HIV via some woman they once shared. How could he be sure? Ugandans, think about it!

Does the CIA know about Dictator Yoweri Museveni’s HIV status and that’s why they’re using it (him) to commit genocide after genocide as-if he was possessed with killing and now they’re using their little secret as some sort of blackmail?

Why is the Dictator’s bitch(Janet Museveni)so obsessed with HIV/Aids, when she doesn’t even give a damn to what happens to our Acholi Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Aunties, Uncles, elders, neighbors, etc. that are dying in concentrations camps? Why, Why? I keep asking myself?
The bill also criminalises – with a punishment of the death penalty – the intentional or wilful transmission of the virus. Dictator Yoweri Museveni has said he “fully supports” an HIV/AIDS law that would criminalise deliberate transmission of the virus. There has been a recent public outcry over media reports of HIV-positive individuals infecting minors, which has gained support for the bill.

I’m not a medical expert but I hear that, HIV medication makes people sleep on da Job and makes your cheeks swell-basically you look as if you have empanama(swelling of the testicles) in the face.
Please help me understand this puzzle, can’t figure it out because the other day, Kizza Besigye (the Dictator’s Comrade and X-Physician) was boasting how he was a professional and that, he would never disclose nor compromise a patients (Tibuhaburwa Buzariranwa Museveni) medical details, mua…hahahaha! How many descent Ugandans has Dr Kizza Besigye treated(1985-200) apart from Criminals?

The bill could also allow the government to avoid its responsibility to prevent HIV, and foist the blame for being positive on infected people.
Museveni should stop blaming the Army with statement like, “HIV/Aids is the greatest challenge the army faces. More UPDF soldiers have died from HIV/Aids than at the war front,” as this shows how double faced he can be.


  1. think this article is absolute nonsense. and yoweri museveni does not have aids, or hiv or so on. he is a good man and is doing great at taking care of his country find someone else to hate on.

  2. By a Medical correspondent

    The world has been made to believe that a deadly disease called AIDS is devastating much of sub-Sahara Africa.

    But is this really true? Is there any other side to that story?

    We all know how the AIDS industry has a lot of money and many people are reaping big from it; the Global Fund that hit the news headlines in Uganda in 2005 is just one example. Is anybody going to risk losing that money in the name of being a nationalist?

    There is strong evidence that shows that AIDS is primarily not a medical problem. It is a series of scientific and political lies, masquerading as medical science, which has come about through man’s appetite for money, power and control.

    Most directly at fault are those in key positions within certain sections of the medical, chemical, pharmaceutical and AIDS-related fund raising (‘charitable’) industries.

    There are over 8,000 registered AIDS service organisations in Uganda alone. Their aim is to ensure the lucrative cash-flow from the AIDS ‘epidemic’ remains uninterrupted by continuing to propagate the myths and lies surrounding AIDS.

    Information from some of the world’s most renowned medical personnel, biochemists, and researchers, those who have been intimately connected with the research on AIDS realized from the very beginning of AIDS story, that something was gravely amiss and, in spite of threats and intimidation, began to speak out.

    AIDS is big business, and any attempt to shed light on the lies of the deceitful and self-serving industry is met with fierce opposition and stiff resistance, and all attempts necessary are made to avert the penetrating gaze of truth. No wonder an Iranian professor is on trial in Uganda courts for claiming that he has drugs that cure HIV/AIDS.

    To day, the facts clearly demonstrate that it is choice of a toxic lifestyle, coupled with the wholly misguided pressure to submit to inaccurate blood tests and the subsequent effects of ravaging ‘anti-viral’ drugs, that produce the phenomenon known as AIDS in Africa .

    This conforms exactly to the ‘AIDS = Long-Term Drug Abuse’ model which explains why the syndrome is still chiefly restricted to it’s risk groups and has not spread exponentially through the population predicted.

    Almost everything we have been told about AIDS and HIV is either a series of half-truths or complete lies. This has served as a valuable reminder not to take accepted truths at face value but always to exercise critical discernment before falling into line with any ‘perceived’ wisdom.

    According to information at: and from my various research studies, AIDS is not what has really been killing those who have been pronounced ‘dead from AIDS –a death toll that includes some of the world’s renowned performers and public figures; a death toll that is now apparently sounding its knell across the vast expanses of the sub-Saharan Africa; and just as tragically, a death that perhaps included the lives of some of your own loved ones in the statistics.

    There are longstanding fears surrounding AIDS and HIV. Those fears have hung over everyone for the last twenty years and are still with many of us today, clouding relationships and causing immeasurably heartache and emotional pain.

    The condition known as AIDS need not be terminal, despite the overwhelming public message to the contrary.

    It’s all about greed, pseudo-science, lies, moral bankruptcy and negligent homicide on scale so breathtaking, it defies belief.

    The notion that AIDS originated from monkeys was proposed chiefly by Max Essex, a colleague of Dr. Robert Gallo. Declaring to the world that he had isolated a Zairian strain of HIV dating back to 1959, Essex sent his samples to three different laboratories for verification.

    The three labs, one of the CDC in the United States, the second Gallo’s, and the third Abbott Laboratories (the multi-million dollar manufacturer of the ELISA blood test), quite unsurprisingly confirmed the Essex findings. Equally unsurprising is that when sent for impartial and independent assessment, a virus could not be found. This did not stop Gallo from using the Essex findings to make the completely false assertion that 60 percent of Ugandan children had been infected with HIV by the early 1970s.

    Scientists at Jefferson Medical College have found evidence for the first time of actively replicating HIV in the bloodstream of patients taking the most powerful anti-AIDS virus drugs available.

    Scientists knew that the combination of drugs known as HAART, highly active anti-retroviral therapy, did not eradicate the AIDS virus, despite the fact that the virus could not be detected by conventional means in the patient’s blood. But they thought that the drugs had at least arrested the virus from replicating.

    No one had been able to find active virus in the blood of patients still on drugs.

    In Uganda these days, it is now a National Health Policy to recommend the HIV test to all expectant mothers. They have every chance of being exposed to a test that can indicate the presence of a killer disease when none is present. Relationships severed – marriages called off – innocent lives inadvertently ended – social ostracism – mental torture – suicide – negligent homicide? All this even before the supposed HIV has begun its deadly work.

    The doctors then warns us that as the disease progresses, its victims will die a slow and agonizing death. And as we witness the onset of AIDS in the individual, the unsuspecting among us believe we are witnessing a death that can only be the result of a deadly virus. But this may not be the case at all. Death may well have been exacted by a method we least suspected — AIDS by prescription.

    Note that no photograph of an isolated HIV particle has ever been published. No control experiments as mentioned have been published to date.

    What has been shown are photographs of virus-like particles in cell cultures, but none of the isolated viruses, let alone a structure within the human body having the shape ascribed to HIV. What the whole world has seen are models representing HIV with dish aerials, said receptors with which the virus attaches itself to cells.

    It’s amazing how the world has bought all these lies.

    Readers may want to know that there isn’t any single clinic anywhere on the face of the earth that directly carries out HIV virus tests.

    I hope the Ugandan media will stop being timid and expose these shocking health fraud so that the public discover the truth about the virus that never was and uncover the lies we have been told about HIV and AIDS and see behind the greed and corruption at the highest levels and the thousands of needless deaths.

  3. Museveni to be hiv positive its very, very
    possible.and amere looking at some one
    physical with his/her social status is not apreliquisite for being HIV free.medical
    testing is the only proof for one to be hiv

  4. O My God!! Married men in Uganda r getting out of control!! They r living by the example of their leader! O My God!

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