Flash-Back 2008: Uganda in the media

This has been a year of class struggle between the people and the political elite in both government and opposition. The political elite failed to think about the next generation and instead spent most of their time thinking about where the next gush of money was to come from.


The Uganda President behaved like a gang boss; he supervised the government gang when they were out in the taxpayers’ monies. He gave the orders,and would check if the work was done right or not.
If was badly done,” We shall make you perish,” he’d say while bragging. But there were other gang members who didn’t learn, or who didn’t do what the boss wanted,then the other bosses would hit them. But there was no authority in the gang’s high command, and there was nowhere to complain about the bad treatment. So sometimes there were gang members from western Uganda who didn’t stand the bad treatment, and then the fight would start. They would look for Bahororo, Bakiga, and Bahima from their same village, and sometimes would live the gang boss but not the gang. The gang boss couldn’t complain either, because as I said there was no authority or law in the gang.
He couldn’t either complain to the owners of the gang in USA and the Commonwealth because the owners just came to collect their monies from sleepy Ugandans.

The Buganda Kingdom represented the worst in cultural assembly lines mainly, an expansion at the expense of other Ugandans. Thus played the rejectionist of modernity and contemporary Uganda for a preservationist agenda of the few. Buganda Kingdom never worked in the interest of the people but a privileged few – not baganda because the real muganda is a mukopi (sub person) to the Kabaka and his people are the Balangila (exploitative royalty).
The Uganda Banyarwanda of Tutsi background continued to suffer discrimination both at the hands of the state and a fascist elite disguised as the opposition mouthpiece. The Ugandan Tutsi continued to be denied the right to citizenship, civil service, passport, right to vote, freedom of expression, employment, etc. The Tutsi people’s resilience and resistance to discrimination made them a scapegoat of the opposition party mismanagement, career failures, tribal vendetta and the lack of a viable radical program to rescue Uganda from decaying further.

The Ugandan youth was the main victim of hatred and violence in the year 2008: the youth became an object of tribal ritual sacrifice, arson attack – the opposition used arson as a weapon of choice to discredit the dictatorship. The opposition especially the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) targeted the youth in Diaspora and mugged them. The political elite blamed the youth for the rampart corruption in the country.
Finally, Uganda has passed from the age of the people to that of a gang member.
The most bizarre things that happened in 2008; the sexual affair between Miria Obote and a notorious gang member known as Kahinda Otafire. Sylivia Her majesty Nagginda gave Muammar Gaddafi a blow job while VIP were waiting for the Arab boy in Katonga. The senior adviser to the gang boss, John Nagenda,continued to wet his bed, and lastly but not least, the forum for Democratic change started fucking each other.
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