The World Protest Israel Genocide on Gaza

Apatheid israel
In spite of Mainstream media biased reporting of Gaza,thousands of people all over the globe are protesting the US-armed and funded Israeli acts of war and zionist genocide against the Palestinian population of Gaza, the slaughter continues with more bombings, siege and a blockade, plus a threatened ground war. Demonstrations of all types have broken out all over the world in solidarity with the people of Palestine and in protest for the Israeli atrocities against civilians.
For a second day running, Israeli authorities have barred a Red Cross medical team from entering Gaza to help treat residents injured in bombings.
“The ICRC had notified the authorities of the team’s arrival in advance, but they have been awaiting authorization to enter the (Gaza) Strip since Friday morning,” the International Committee of the Red Cross said in a statement.

Within Israel itself, an estimated more than 40% people polled are opposed to the war. Protests against the war occurred in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. Some of the protests were attended by both Jews and Arabs together.

Apatheid israel
The Zionist propaganda machine has all along been fooling the world that Nazism was an evil so pure as to be unarguable and the entire world should jolly shut up. Not even the African trans-Slavery Holocaust, Rwanda genocide, DR Congo genocide, Northern Uganda Genocide, Cambodia genocide, Armenian genocide could have matched the Jewish genocide.

Apatheid israel

Writing for Gush Shalom, a branch of the Israeli peace movement, Uri Averny stated, ” The war in Gaza, the bloodshed, killing, destruction and suffering on both sides of the border are the vicious folly of a bankrupt government. A government which let itself be dragged by adventurous officers and cheap nationalist demagoguery, dragged into a destructive and unnecessary war which will bring no solution to any problem – neither to the communities of southern Israel under the rain of missiles nor to the terrible poverty and suffering of besieged Gaza.”

We have always been told that Nazism retained its fascination because it showed that a devastating doctrine of inhumanity and a system of breathtaking brutality and destruction could rise in a modern world.

Apatheid israel
But today everyone is watching the greatest act of collective evil, the world has ever known, being committed on the people of Gaza.

Gaza burns and implodes under the might of Israel’s military machine. On all major news outlets the charred remains and scattered bodies are a graphic reality TV horror show, right down to the shrouded bundles of what was once 5 little girls who sought safety in a mosque only to be incinerated in a direct hit.

Apatheid israel

The “Jewish holocaust” in the eyes of the world is now becoming a myth and a weapon to dismiss the suffering of the Palestinians and to legitimise critics of Israel’s apartheid state as anti-Semites.
To what the world is witnessing today, is a reminder that Jewish elite (mainly of Caucasian heritage and not Judaism) has invented the Holocaust to indulge in cowardly bullying and a cry to raise a demon from the dead to justify the oppression of the Palestinian and the poor. The siege of Gaza and burning it with Bombs is a crime comparable to Auschwitz.

Apatheid israel

The holocaust has become a sensitizing tool to oppress and commit atrocities on Palestinians and the whole world. The Nazi gambit game has become mainstream and propagated by the same Zionist media who have disguised themselves as defenders of Israel.
They are not even ashamed to discriminate against the real Jews (Abyssinians) because they have been using anti-fascist history as therapy, death camps as a life affirming experience and Holocaust day as a feel good about themselves.

Apatheid israel

Zionism is a political movement that was originated in the middle of the 19th century to establish –A– homeland for Jews. Theodore Herzel was the main leader and originator of the Zionist movement. Jews were influenced by many factors that led them to create this movement. One factor was the rising spirit of nationalism in Europe during that era, and the anti Jewish sentiment among European.

In that context, Jews were split. One stream advocated communism as a solution for the world’s problems by creating the International Proletariat Dictatorship. This clique was composed of Marxism. Later, Lenin (also a Jew) came to revive the failure of the Marxist theory by his book Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism. While fighting nationalism by theory, communism and Lenin in particular, was defending the Jewish Nationalism. The second group was led by secular Jews who established the controversial Protocol of The Elder of Zion; a concept aiming to dominate the entire world.

Apatheid israel

The third group was composed of secular and Orthodox Jewish Zionists, who conferred in Basil, Switzerland for the first time in 1897, and declared their intention of establishing –A– homeland for Jews. In the second Zionist Conference, Zionists were split. One group led by Ben Gurion and Jabotinsky advocated a homeland in Uganda, Africa. The other group led by Orthodox Rabbis insisted on Palestine as a homeland. Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Israeli prime minister, stated in his book ‘A Place Among The Nations, p.13’ that “Jabotinsky and Ben Gurion were in favor of Uganda as a tactic, and only a minor part of Zionism ever thought of Palestine as a permanent homeland for Jews, if they; as a religious group; needed one.”

Apatheid israel

Zionists intensified their efforts to have Jews come to Palestine. And they were successful to a great extent, with thousands of Jews immigrating to Palestine. Two main underground groups; the Haganah and Aragon; committed several massacres against Palestinians (prior to 1948) to force them to leave Palestine. Yitzhak Shamir, also a former Israeli prime minister, is on the top of the Most Wanted by the British Intelligence Service as a dangerous terrorist whose men massacred scores of British officials at King David Hotel in Jerusalem.
Apatheid israel
After occupying the entire Palestinian land, Zionists resorted to all measures to force people out, those measures still continue to the present time, whether it was physical, economical, psychological or even murder. Massacring Palestinians was not limited to those in the West Bank and Gaza; During its invasion of Lebanon in 1982, Zionist agents committed one of the most horrible massacre in the history of humanity, the Sabra & Shatilla Massacre. In an official report under the pressure of human activists, the Kahan Commission, named after the High Supreme Court judge Kahan; implicated the murderer Defense Minister Ariel Sharon in the massacres, who later resigned under pressure, only to come back again in the Netanyahu government.

Apatheid israel

The same elite has managed to mislead the world that it’s a war against anti Semites. But very wrong, Zionism is not a representation of Judaism or a fulfillment of a Judicial prophecy, for Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together peacefully in Palestine and other places for generations. Since 1918, Many of Orthodox Jews fought side by side with their Muslim and Christian Palestinians the Zionist invaders.

Apatheid israel
The collective punishment of civilians is a war crime; the whole world is watching gruesome war crimes taking place. Exacerbating genocide will not crash the Palestinian resistance but will create a hardcore radicalised global movement.

Apatheid israel
Israeli ground forces have crossed the border with the Gaza Strip, starting a new phase of Operation Cast Lead, an army spokeswoman says.

Major Avital Leibovitch, the spokeswoman, said the Israeli army aims to take control of some areas in the coastal sliver.

“The objective is to destroy the Hamas terror infrastructure in the area of operations,” she was quoted by Reuters as saying.

Witnesses said the forces entered the beleaguered region from the north. The incursion follows the heavy bombing and shelling of the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

At least 460 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the offensive, while some 2,300 others are reported wounded.

In retaliation to the attacks, the Hamas movement has continued its attacks launch from the Gaza Strip. Six people have been killed and 18 wounded in retaliatory rocket fire by Hamas.


  1. U.S.A is not all bad. WHY DOESN’T ANYONE GET THAT? Yeah, Palestine, we’re so mean, we send goods to you. Oh- yeah we’re REALLY bad. I am not a fan of my country myself, but really, not all of America thinks that Israel is rightous to take land and kill. Don’t judge me, you don’t know me.
    Sharon Browne

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