Is there a Modern African Woman?

Really, is there a modern African Woman? I think No! What might be considered modern could be seen as tarty to others. Okay, don’t get me wrong on this, but tartness is now considered to be modern by brand worshipers of; burberry, Zara, Nandos, KFC, Hello magazine, etc.

As a contemporary culture researcher, I was very amazed to find that it was the African sisters who worshiped the Burberry brand most than any other race, because it was the brand to be seen wearing as it represents upper-class and sophistication.
African Woman
Thanks to the Copy-Cat insurgents in the People’s republic of china, you can now find counter burberry brands being sold next to tomatoes and potatoes on street markets stalls, almost at the same price as oranges and onions.

Can being a modern african woman, mean to be super naughty by getting a calculator and working out how many men you’ve slept with, when asked by your new boyfriend?
Does being an African modern woman mean having men turning up from the internet dating agencies at your door,that you don’t remember emailing when you had drank 8 pints of beer?
African Woman