Paul Kagame does not Deserve to lead Banyarwanda

The Present Government in Rwanda does not deserve to be respected anymore.
Millions of Dollars have been spent on useless projects that benefit only those in power. It has become a hobby for the government, especially the leader to be seen in the company of White-colonialists shaking their bloody hands and receiving awards from them. Busy feeding and housing the perpetrators of the 1994 genocide. Its very sad that up to now the so called Saviour of Rwanda has not bothered to bring back the remains of Our beloved ones for a descent burial that were washed by akagera river and deposited on the showers of Lake Victoria in Uganda. We are not talking of hundreds of miles from Uganda to Rwanda but a few tens. We don’t want your fuckin’ memorial shrines in Uganda, put that shrine in your asses and show it to your chief advisors in Europe and America. You People are so pathetic!! Gahambe Nyoko!!!

‘Genocide remains in Uganda used for witchcraft purposes’ – Report

KIGALI – A damning report by Members of the Rwandan Parliament has revealed that the remains of victims of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi buried in Uganda could have been exhumed for use in witchcraft.

A parliamentary report, a copy of which The New Times has seen, indicates that one mass grave in Masaka District, in the central region of Uganda, had been tampered with, while other graves are said to have been defaced in different ways.

Tens of thousands of Genocide victims were washed away down the rivers of Nyabarongo and Akagera, both tributaries of Lake Victoria, and landed at different shores of East Africa’s biggest lake.

The bodies were later buried at six different sites in Uganda.

The report was compiled by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Unity, Human Rights and the fight against Genocide chaired by Evariste Kalisa, after a working visit to Uganda aimed at assessing the situation of the remains of Genocide victims buried there.

Kalisa’s report indicates that many bodies are buried on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda.

“At the mass grave in Masaka District we found a bottle of local brew, coins and other witchcraft materials on top of the grave,” reveals the report, dated March 19.

In an interview last Friday, Kalisa said that the condition of the graves were ‘very saddening.’

“This clearly indicates that the bodies are exhumed and possibly used for witchcraft purposes.”

The lawmakers also found that some shrines had been built on the mass graves located in Dimo, Masaka.

“This is so annoying. Our dead should be accorded a decent burial,” Kalisa said.

When he presented his report to the House, MPs expressed shock over the abuse of the graves.

“In some areas, people are cultivating on top of the mass graves. The cattle graze on the graves,” the report further states.

It further reveals that other sites are completely covered by bushes making them inaccessible. “This is horrible,” Kalisa said.

MPs expressed concern over the reluctance by relevant organs to rebury the genocide remains.

Ministers to be summoned
The MPs voted for the immediate summoning of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rosemary Museminali and Culture Minister, Joseph Habineza to explain why nothing has been done about the Ugandan graves.

However, MP Kalisa said that despite the will by some in Uganda to accord a decent burial to the victims, other Ugandan authorities had reportedly blocked the move.

“Some Ugandan leaders have refused to offer land to us claiming it is taboo in their culture to exhume dead bodies.”Kalisa explained.

The Rwandan government had disbursed US$97,000 (Approx Rwf53m) to the embassy in Kampala, for the reburial of the victims but when the embassy started the process, the authorities in Uganda are alleged to have blocked them.

Kalisa asserted that should Uganda remain adamant, Rwanda would consider taking the bodies back to Kigali.

It is not clear if Ugandan authorities will then allow the exhumation should Rwandan authorities decided to bring the bodies back home.

But, according to Kalisa, that will be the work for the concerned ministries to ensure that the bodies are exhumed and given a decent burial whether in Uganda or Rwanda.

“If the bodies are buried in Uganda, we recommend that the burial site be land that belongs to Rwanda,” added Kalisa.

A source in Kampala told The New Times yesterday that, it is not rare to hear stories of human remains being stolen for witchcraft purposes. “It is very common here. Many people still believe in witchcraft,” the source who spoke on condition of anonymity said.

Last year, skulls of the Ugandan bush war remains in Mubende District-Uganda were reportedly stolen by unknown people believed to be witchdoctors.

The MPs’ report comes a few days ahead of the Genocide Commemoration week that falls on April 7 of each year.

Meanwhile during the parliamentary session, MPs called for quick intervention in providing permanent security at the mass graves to end the abuse.

According to the report, there are stones at the mass graves on which words ‘victims of the Rwanda conflict’ are engraved and MPs requested for an immediate change of the wording to ‘victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.’

Other recommendations included the establishment of three main sites for re-burial including; Ggolo in Mpigi District, Lambu in Masaka District and Kasensero in Rakai District- all in Uganda.


  1. Rubish..Rubish..Rubish!!

    The World was fooled to belive the story that the bodies that floated down River Akagera into Lake Victoria in Uganda were “Tutsis” murdered by “Hutus”. No one checked each body one by one to know who was who. But what we can tell from the data so far is that among those bodies we in Uganda saw were victims of the RPA when they made a special operation and rounded up Rwandese who were grouped as Hutus and finished them off. We are repeating for your information that among the Rwandese who were hacked and thrown into the River Akagera in April to May 1994 were these Hutu victims of RPA.

    The victims were brought to the area with their hands tied behind their backs. We shall soon bring you the names of the RPA intelligence officers who led this operation. We have the names of Bagire and the other commanders.

    The Hutus were brought to the area and they were full of too much fear. We have specific information on incidents where they were hit by a small hoe (called “Akafuni” in Uganda) and then thrown into the Kagera. These are the bodies which floated down the river into Lake Victoria and washed up in Uganda in Masaka.

    You should also take note that under the 1993 Arusha accord with the Habyarimana government and the RPF, the RPF was given control of the area of Rwanda which has the Akagera River.

    If you look at a map you will see that where the River Akagera enters into Lake Victoria is where the RPF was in control. And they had control in that area even long before the genocide started. So how could the troops of the Habyarimana government kill Tutsis and throw them into River Akagera when that was an area controlled by the powerful RPA?

    If you saw first hand or from TV pictures in 1994, you would have seen that many of the bodies floating down the Akagera into Lake Victoria were tied the “kandoya” style of the NRA in Luwero.

    These things we know and you will hear more coming out. We have data on the massacres against Rwandese in 1994, both Hutus and Tutsis who opposed Kagame. We have names of people who were burned alive in the Amahoro stadium in containers. This was under the command of Lt. Col. Jackson Rwahama by the way who is also President Kagame’s cousin.

    We know the story of the genocide is too complicated even for us to tell you every detail up to 100%. We know militant Hutus took part in the massacres. What we don’t hear at all anywhere except in small whispers full of fear is about the role of RPA/RPF.

    In the genocide, we only hear the role of the RPA as angels who saved Rwanda. The true story is that during that time, there were no angels in Rwanda. That is the only fact you should know and nobody should deceive you that for them, their hands are clean. We know these things.

  2. US Role In Rwandan Genocide

    Keith Harmon Snow is an independent war correspondent and former genocide investigator for the United Nations and in 2009 he’s a lecturer at UC Santa Barbara. He was interviewed on Flashpoints news magazine KPFA FM, with Dennis Bernstein.

    Keith Snow tells reporter Dennis Bernstein the following in his interview:

    [Kieth Harmon Snow
    ] “…And as opposed to be sold the idea that Rwanda is this place with all these people victims that were victims of genocide and survivors and we need to help them and all this nonsense. The current government of Rwanda is the one who perpetrated genocide in Rwanda, in 1990 to 1994 and then they went into Congo or went through the government there and stirred up this hornets nests involving all these other corporations…”

    Next Snow adds: [Keith Harmon Snow] “…And so are the so called enemies of the Rwandan government who supposedly committed genocide in Rwanda in 1994…And so you’ve got the huge body of deception out there which said that in a sound bite: Genocide occurred in Rwanda in 1994 in one hundred days of killing, 800,000 Tutsis died and the people who committed that genocide fled to Congo. And this is always used for a justification for Rwanda to be involved in the Congo…”

    Snow also states: [Keith Harmon Snow] “…What’s very significant, Dennis, is that December 18th, 2008 the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, the ICTR, determined that there had been no systematic genocide in Rwanda in 1994. There was no conspiracy to commit genocide. Now this was their finding in December of 2008. They, there fore, cleared the top officials…They did sentence them to life in prison because the ICTR has always been about victor’s justice. Victor’s justice means that “We Won, the United States invaded Rwanda,” 1990 to 1994, the was a coup d’ etat. The United States, the Pentagon took control and put its proxy army in power. That’s the people who are in control today, Paul Kagame, and we blamed all of the killing on the Hutus and accused them of genocide. And that’s just total fiction. And this fiction has been created and propagated by people like Ben Affleck, who goes in and doesn’t tell you any of the truth…But then there was Philip Gourevitch who wrote the book, “We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow our Families will be killed,’ and some many people have read this piece of fiction, believing that its non fiction. And that basically was Clinton administration operatives providing information to Gourevitch, who was writing in the New Yorker, and claiming the Kagame and Usemini were the new breed of African leaders, and essentially covering up a Genocide. Most people believe and we all stood around when genocide happened and we should never have let this happen. We should never have that happen again.

    Reporter Dennis Bernstein asks the question:

    [Dennis Bernstein] “We stood around but France, in a way, was an active player.”

    Keith Harmon Snow replies:

    [Keith Harmon Snow] “We are led to believe by the massive media propaganda system that United States stood around and let genocide happen. This is total nonsense. The United States invaded Rwanda, it began in October 1990, culminated in 1994, in a coup d’ etat, we assassinated two Presidents. This was CIA work and Paul Kagame. And this led to the invasion of the Congo and the current state of affairs there now. And the fact is France did not play a part in the genocide in Rwanda even though that’s what everyone wants to believe because the easiest thing for Kagame to say today is, this is what he says, he goes around giving speeches: “We’re the victims of genocide.” As Philip Gourevitch says, “The Tutsis are the Jews of Africa.” And this sets up this system of feeling that we have to morally correct what happened. It puts us in a position of not being able to say anything about it because supposedly we let the genocide happen. When, in fact, we created the war. We caused the genocide that happened. And this is all just coming out through these two International Courts.

    Dennis Bernstein asks: “And when you say we caused, give me the one liner, on the we and how.”

    [Kieth Harmon Snow]: “The Pentagon. The Pentagon invaded Rwanda using Uganda. There were almost no Rwandans involved in the invasion of Rwanda from 1990 to 1994. The idea that there were all these Tutsis in exile who deserted. That’s the whole Jews thing. The Jews are a people without a State. They made this article up about the Tutsis. A people without a State. So the Tutsis have been given this moral currency as being supposedly the victims of genocide. To get away with absolute murder. And we’re talking from 1990 to 1994. Millions and millions of people being killed in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, because of this relationship. And so Kagame, and Paul Kabarbai, and Lawrence Nkunda and some other top officials are responsible for some of the worst crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes in the history of the world. And this is completely unknown. Because as soon as someone like me and you or anyone, especially a Rwandan comes along and says this they are accused of genocide and they’re accused of being a genocide denier. Because the average listener out there has heard over and over and over again, through the media, through Hollywood, through Philip Gourevitch, through The New Yorker, etc. etc., that there was one hundred days of genocide. 800,000 Tutsis were killed. And the Kagame regime stopped the genocide. Which is completely upside down. And so today you’ve got Kagame, he sent out three hundred agents in the world, they’re tracking down anyone who speaks against the Kagame regime. As they just did with this professor from [Inaudible] College, in West Virginia, in the United States who was just arrested and targeted by the Kagame regime and never involved in genocide. There is no remote connection with this poor fellow, with genocide in Rwanda. And this is how the Kagame machine, with its very tight relationships with Clinton officials and Bush officials.”

    Dennis Bernstein asks: “Clinton Officials now in the Obama regime?”

    [Keith Harmon Snow] replies: “Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton should be indicted for war crimes. She should be brought up in a criminal tribunal and put on the stand. And we should be told who was involved in the war crimes in Central Africa from 1994 to 2001. And the assassination of all these people and the massive killings. So we can name these officials. Susan Rice is another one. She’s the architect. Susan Rice and a guy named Roger Winter are the architects of genocide in Rwanda. They should not be in the foreign policy establishment in any sense of the word. And, by the way, this is exactly what we’ve seen going down in Sudan. It’s a guerilla war, it’s backed by the Pentagon. It’s using Uganda as a proxy army, and also Chad and also Egypt. And creating this propaganda that the government of Sudan is creating genocide. When, in fact, we are all over it. It doesn’t look like that at all. It’s war. It’s open war.”

  3. The Dallaire Rwanda Genocide Fax
    Chris Black, since 2000, has been a lead counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal For Rwanda. From that perspective he has seen that Rwanda was not a situation in which the United States and its allies failed to act. On the contrary, it was an example of direct interference by the United States and its allies. Why? Three reasons: the US wished to replace the Hutu regime which did not want to cooperate with US aggression towards Mobutu in Zaire. Secondly, the US wants to reduce French influence in central Africa. The final US objective was and is control of the vast resources of the Congo.
    The murder of two African presidents

    The idea that the Rwandan government planned the genocide of the minority Tutsi population in 1994 rests primarily on the statements of the enemies of that government who need the idea of a genocide in order to justify the final act of aggression against Rwanda by the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) so-called and its allies. That final act of aggression was the RPF offensive launched the night of April 6, 1994 with the massacre of everyone on board the jet aircraft of President Habyarimana, the Hutu president of Rwanda and President Ntaryamira, the Hutu president of Burundi.

    The two presidents were returning from a meeting called by President Museveni of Uganda to discuss the implementation of the Arusha Accords, the peace agreement between the Rwandan government and the RPF-Ugandan forces which had invaded the country in 1990. Also on board the plane was the Rwandan Army Chief of Staff, other dignitaries and a French military crew. The plane was shot down by anti-aircraft missiles as it approached Kigali airport. It is now established that the plane was shot down by the RPF with the cooperation and assistance of western powers including the United States of America, Britain, Belgium and Canada. President Ntaryamira was the second Hutu president murdered by Tutsis. President Ndadaye of Burundi was murdered by Tutsi officers of the Burundi Army in October of 1993.

    British and US interests

    The attack on the plane was the culmination of a long-planned war by the RPF and its allies. The war began in 1990 when Ugandan soldiers of Tutsi origin invaded Rwanda under the name of the RPF. This act of aggression by Uganda was supported by both Britain and the USA. Those countries provided the encouragement and the financial, material, logistical, advisory and training support necessary, flowing it all through the Ugandan Army to the RPF. The American and British instigated and controlled the war as a means of advancing their grand strategy of invading Zaire to seize control of the vast resources of the Congo basin.

    The first attack was repelled and the RPF then adopted terrorism and guerilla operations to undermine Rwanda. Several other major attacks took place in the following three years. At the same time, the western allies of the RPF pressured the Rwandan government to come to terms with the RPF and in 1993 at Arusha, Tanzania, a series of negotiations resulted in the signing of the Arusha Accords. The Rwandan government was forced to make several major concessions to the RPF even though it could only claim, at best, to represent 15% of the Rwandan population. The Accords called for the establishment of a transition government sharing power with the RPF, leading to elections of a final government. However, it was known by everyone that the RPF could never win such elections and could only win power by force of arms and treachery.

    Enter Dallaire

    The Accords also called for the presence in Rwanda of a neutral UN force to help keep the peace during the process. That force, known as UNAMIR, was headed by Jacques Roger Booh-Booh and, under him, the military force commander, Canadian General Romeo Dallaire.

    As UN documents show, Dallaire was aware, at least from December 1993, and probably before, that the RPF, with the support of the Ugandan Army, was daily violating the Accords by sending into Rwanda men, materiel, and light and heavy weapons in preparation for a final offensive. Dallaire kept this information from his boss Booh-Booh and the Secretary General, Boutros-Ghali. The RPF was assisted in these violations of the Accords by the Belgian contingent of UNAMIR and the Canadian officers involved who turned a blind eye to the RPF and Ugandan Army smuggling into Rwanda men and materiel and even assisted them in doing so all the while protesting that the Hutu regime was hiding weapons, a charge which has never been proved.

    In conjunction with the military build-up by the RPF and its allies, including the infiltration into Kigali, the capital city, of up to 10,000 RPF soldiers, western journalists and western intelligence services masquerading as “human rights” organizations began a concerted propaganda campaign against the Government and through it the Hutu people, accusing it of various human rights abuses, none of which were substantiated. The RPF engaged in assassinations of officials, politicians and civilians, and attempted to cast the blame on the government. Dallaire assisted in this campaign by suppressing facts concerning these crimes and openly siding with the RPF propaganda statements.

    A country pushed to the brink

    These actions, combined with the stresses of the war on the economy and the social fabric of the country, mass unemployment, a large internal refugee population fleeing RPF attacks, and the breakdown of the government’s ability to function caused by the collapse of revenue from coffee and tea exports, resulted in a tinderbox. Only a spark was needed for the country to explode. That spark was the murder of the much-loved President and the country-wide offensive launched by the RPF and its allies the night of April 6, 1994.

    From the very start of their offensive, the RPF began a propaganda campaign claiming that they were motivated by the need to stop a “genocide”. This entirely false claim was never questioned by the western press, always eager to support their governments, even in the face of the fact that the Rwandan government several times asked the RPF for cease-fires so that civilian attacks on civilians could be stopped, and the fact that Rwanda, then a member of the Security Council, demanded that 5,000 more UN troops be sent to assist in controlling the situation a request refused at the instigation of the US.

    They stepped up this campaign as the war progressed. On April 13, 1994 the RPF demanded the trial of the Rwandan government and army for “genocide” before an international tribunal, echoing the threat made to President Habyarimana by Herman Cohen[2] on behalf of the US in the fall of 1993 that unless Habyarimana ceded all power to the RPF his body would be dragged through the streets of Kigali and his government tried by an international tribunal. This demand at one and the same time:

    criminalized the Rwandan government, justified the RPF and American refusal to negotiate terms with “criminals”, prevented the government from obtaining support and assistance from its major western ally, France, destroyed any support it had in the international community and public opinion, and finally, justified the brutal RPF military dictatorship over the people of Rwanda and the refusal to allow Hutus any power in Rwanda.

    The RPF and its allies succeeded in all these objectives and continue their propaganda campaign today with continuous show trials both in Rwanda, through the Gacaca “trial” system and through the show trials of Hutus taking place at the American and British controlled Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania.

    Two major problems with RPF claims of genocide

    However, there are two major problems with the RPF claims. Firstly, there is a surprising lack of evidence of a genocide of Tutsis. In fact, the only independent study of those killed in Rwanda in 1994, being conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Maryland indicates that there were approximately 250,000 people killed, not the 800,000 plus advanced by the RPF and that for every Tutsi killed two Hutus were killed and those mainly by the RPF. This is confirmed in the recently released book, Rwanda, Histoire Secrete (2005, Edition du Panama) written by a former RPF officer named Abdul who states that the RPF shot down the plane [for further sources on this key issue see APPENDIX below] and that there was a genocide not of Tutsis by Hutus but of Hutus by the RPF.

    Secondly, there is a stunning lack of documentary evidence of a government plan to commit genocide. There are no orders, minutes of meetings, notes, cables, faxes, radio intercepts or any other type of documentation that such a plan ever existed. In fact, the documentary evidence establishes just the opposite.

    The “genocide” fax

    This lack of documentation is the Achilles Heel of the RPF-western claims of genocide. Something was needed to fill this void. That something is the so-called “genocide” fax supposedly sent to New York UN HQ on the night of January 10th-11th 1994 and which first made its appearance in public on November 28th, 1995 when it was placed in the UN files in New York and contemporaneously leaked to a journalist in Belgium and the London Observer.

    This fax is the single document upon which the claims of a planned genocide rest. It was supposedly sent by General Dallaire to General Baril, another Canadian general at the Dept of Peace Keeping Operations in New York. It sets out the claims of a UN informant named Jean Pierre Turatsinze that the ruling government party planned to exterminate Tutsis, was training civilians for that purpose and that there was a plan to kill Belgian soldiers to provoke the withdrawal of UN forces. This fax has been trumpeted by the ICTR prosecution as the key to the plan to commit genocide. However, all the evidence presented at the Tribunal and elsewhere establishes that, in fact, the fax is a fabrication.

    On November 5th, 1995 the RPF organized a conference in Kigali to amplify support for their claims of genocide and for the trial and punishment of those responsible. This conference failed to provide any documentary evidence of such a claim. At the same time a UNAMIR commission was created by its new head, Mr. S Khan and which included several UN officers who went through all the UNAMIR cables, faxes and reports to determine whether there had been any prior indication of such a plan. Not one document was found, especially the “genocide” fax. That report is dated November 20th , 1995.

    Fax on the fast track

    Then, mysteriously, a few days after the release of the UN report, on November 28th, 1995 a fax machine at the UN offices in New York received a fax of a copy of a code cable dated January 11th 1994 sent by Dallaire to General Baril. The problem is that the person who sent the fax to New York that day was a Colonel R. M. Connaughton of the British Army, based at Camberly, Surrey, England, the home of the British Military Academy, Sandhurst as well as several other British Army establishments. His name and fax number appear at the top of the document. There was no cover letter explaining who sent it, why it was sent, nor is there anything indicating why this document was accepted by the UN in New York and placed in the DPKO files.

    This document has typed on its face, “This cable was not found in DPKO files. The present copy was placed in the files on November 28th, 1995.” It is signed by Lamin J. Sise, a UN official. The document contains other handwritten notes made on it after its receipt that day.

    However, the copy of this document presented by the Prosecutor at the ICTR for the last ten years has had the name and fax number of the sender, Sise’s note and other notes removed. It is this doctored version of the cable that the Prosecutor tried to present as an exhibit in the Military II in October, 2005, through a prosecution witness, Lt. Col. Claeys, an officer of the Belgian Army and one of the men who claims to have drafted and sent the original cable. But the prosecution suffered a major setback and embarrassment when defence counsel objected to the attempt to make this doctored version an exhibit and entered into the record the copy of the fax contained in the DPKO files bearing the name of the British Army source.

    Conflicting testimony

    Both General Dallaire and Lt. Col. Claeys have testified that the contents of the fax as set out in the fax presented by the prosecution are identical to the contents of the fax or cable sent the night of January 10th-11th, though interestingly Dallaire states that Claeys was not involved in drafting the fax, whereas Claeys insists he was. It is clear that Dallaire testified to the contrary when he was faced on cross-examination in the Military I trial with statements made by Claeys in 1995 to Belgian investigators and in 1997 to the Belgian Senate, that the fax sent that night dealt only with weapons caches and seeking protection for the informant and contained nothing about killing Tutsis or killing Belgian soldiers. In order to eliminate this embarrassing fact, Dallaire simply erased Claeys from the picture.

    It is clear from the the fax itself and the surrounding circumstances, that there was a fax sent that night but it was not the one now presented to the ICTR and the world as the one sent by Dallaire.

    The informant was presented to Dallaire by Faustin Twagiramungu , a Rwandan opposition candidate for Prime Minister and an opponent of the Rwandan government and a sympathizer of the RPF. He has since stated that he told Dallaire and his staff that the informant claimed to have information only about weapons caches and he was surprised to hear years later that the informant had information about the killing of Tutsis and Belgians.

    General Dallaire does not mention such a fax before November 1995. There is no mention of plans to kill Tutsis or Belgians contained in notes of meetings between the informant and Claeys which followed the first meeting with the informant described in the fax. Again, the principal subject mentioned in those meetings is weapons caches. Neither Dallaire nor any of the Belgian commanders acted as if they had received any such information. There was no action taken by them to put their men on alert or to take precautions. There was no response from New York to such a fax. There exist only responses to a fax concerning weapons caches, but this original fax is nowhere to be found.

    It is clear that Dallaire sent a fax that night and that it concerned only weapons caches and seeking advice from New York regarding the protection of the informant. In fact, the subject heading of the “genocide” fax is not “genocide” or “killing” but an innocuous “Request For Protection of Informant”. The present fax was fabricated using the original fax which dealt with weapons caches only by cutting out some of the paragraphs of that fax and pasting in new paragraphs about killing Tutsis and Belgians. This is supported by the fact that the paragraphs are numbered 1 through 13 but there is no paragraph 12. Further the only reply to a fax sent that night from Kigali refers to a paragraph 7 as the action paragraph. But in the fax as presented by the prosecution the action paragraph is paragraph 9, the paragraph seeking advice on protection of the informant. Also Paragraph 11 states that Dallaire will meet with Faustin Twagiramungu to brief him on events but as we know that man states that he was never told of such information coming from the informant. Lastly, paragraph 2 states that the killing of Belgians would “guarantee Belgian withdrawal from Rwanda” something that could only be known after the fact.

    Nobody told Booh-Booh

    One last curious fact is that Dallaire states he bypassed protocol by sending the fax without the signature of his boss, Booh-Booh or his seeing it. He states that this is the only occasion when this happened. This only makes sense if, in fact, he did not violate protocol as he never sent this fax in the first place. His version is a way of getting around the fact that Booh-Booh never saw what is now called the “genocide” fax. Booh-Booh testified at the Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal the week of November 21, 2005 that he never saw the fax Dallaire says he sent and that further that General Dallaire never mentioned to him in their meeting of January 12, 1994 that the informant mentioned the killing of Belgians or Tutsis. Booh-Booh also testified that when he and Dallaire met with several western ambassadors, including the Belgian ambassador, Dallaire never mentioned the killing of Belgians or Tutsis to them either nor in their meeting with President Habyarimana. In those meetings Dallaire spoke only about allegations of weapons caches.

    New colonialism masquerading as “international justice”

    All these circumstances can lead to one conclusion only; that the fax is a fabrication after the fact and that a fraud is being committed on the people of Rwanda and the world and the judges of the Rwanda war crimes tribunal. This fabricated fax is being used to try to condemn the accused on trial before the ICTR and to support the now discredited idea that a genocide was planned by the former Rwandan government against the Tutsi population of that tragic country. However it is becoming increasingly clear that General Dallaire worked with the RPF throughout the period of his mandate in Rwanda in violation of the UN mandate. Booh-Booh states that he provided military intelligence to the RPF as well as covering up their preparation for their final offensive and through his false testimony at the Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal and his book continues to act on behalf of powerful interests in his own government and that of the United States and Britain.

    The fabrication of the “genocide” fax is one more nail in the coffin of the Rwanda war crimes tribunal, ready to be buried under the weight of accusations of selective prosecution, political bias, unfair procedures, trial by hearsay, perjured testimony and the cover-up of the murder of two African heads of state and all in the name of a new colonialism masquerading as “international justice”.

    1) In his book, Abdul Ruzibiza states that he was one of the men involved in the shootdown as part of the shootdown team. He was an officer in the RPF. He is dues to testify at the ICTR in the coming weeks if his security can be assured. He is presently in hiding in Norway.

    2) The Hourigan Report This report (a copy of which is in the author’s possesion) was written by an Australian lawyer acting as the head of the investigative team at the ICTR assigned by then prosecutor Louise Arbour to determine who shot down the plane. She was acting under the theory that “extremist” Hutus in the Rwandan government shot down the plane. Hourigan and his team were successful in finding three members of the shootdown team who stated they were RPF and that they were assisted by a foreign power (unnamed) and that they had the documents to prove it. They asked for protection. When Arbour was presented with these facts she ordered the investigation closed. The author was informed by a former FBI agent who worked at the ICTR that she did so on the instructions of the US ambassador in Rwanda. (Which would make her guilty of being an accessory to a war crime as the murder of a head of state in a war is a war crime and it is evident that the murder of the president and army chief of staff was the first action of the RPF offensive.) This report was first published in the National Post in Canada by a reporter named Stephen Edwards in 2001.

    The UN at first denied this report existed. But several defence counsel demanded its production so it was then “found” and sent under seal to the judges at the ICTR. They then released it to several defence teams.

    Hourigan wrote this report to the oversight office for some reason and is a summary of the complete file. Several requests have been made to have the complete investigative file released, without success. Hourigan is now said to be working as a lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia.

    3. Jean Piere Mugabe the former head of RPF intelligence who also fled the regime also stated in 2001 that Kagame and the RPF shot down the plane.

    4. French investigative judge Brugiere investigating the shootdown on behalf of the families of the French crew leaked (or someone in his office did) a copy of the report to a French journalist with the English name Steven Smith last year who published its findings in Le Monde that it was the RPF who shot it down with the assistance of others.

    5. Former Secratery General Boutros-Boutros Ghali stated this year that he had met Brugiere at a conference and was told by the French judge that the CIA was “heavily implicated” in the shootdown.

    6. The RPF was the only force in Rwanda which had anti-aircraft missiles to the knowledge of the Force Commander Dallaire. Dallaire arranged for the closure of the western approach to the runway at the request of the RPF. This made it easier for the RPF and others to track the plane as it came in from the east. The Belgian contingent of the UN force was in control of the airport area and the area from which the missiles were fired. A Belgian unit (later killed at Camp Kigali) were the only people caught by the army coming out of the firing area after the shootdown when the army threw up a cordon to try to catch the culprits.

    7. Wayne Madsen a former US intel officer who wrote, CIA Covert Operations in the Great Lakes Area, 1990-93, states that (and testified to this before the US Congress in 2001 when hearings were held by Cynthia McKinney into the Rwanda and Congo wars) that the CIA, using a Swiss front company used that company to rent a hangar at the Kigali airport in which they assembled the missiles. He also states that the US hoped to kill at the same time Mobutu of Zaire and Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya all in in one fell swoop (they were supposed to attend the same meeting and be on the same flight) in order to seize control of all central and east Africa. At that time the US 6th fleet was cruising off Mombasa and there were 600 US Rangers on stand-by to assist the RPF in Burundi.

    8. Charles Onana a well-know journalist writing on this subject wrote about his investigations and that it was the RPF, as did Canadian author Robin Philpot in his book It Didn’t Happen That Way In Kigali (loose translation of the French title).

    7. Honore Ngambo, Mobutu’s former chief of security published a book earlier this year in France in which he recounts the last meeting between Mobut and the Hutu president two days before he was killed in which the President stated that he was told by Herman Cohen he was basically a dead man and that he heard from his agents in the RPF camp that they were going to shootdown the plane. He confronted Dallaire with this and that he knew Dallaire was involved and Dallaire just replied “No one will believe you”.

    8. The author possesses a radio intercept of a message sent by Kagame to his forces in the field the night of the shootdown stating that the “Target is hit” and encouraging his forces to take to the field and that they would be in Kigali and were receiving support from their friends in the south, that is from Burundi—US and Burundian forces the latter of which actually invaded Rwanda in May to link up with the RPF coming form the north. Other radio messages were intercepted referring to the fact the RPF had the assistance of the Belgians in the UN forces who were fighting alongside them. The Belgians deny this of course.


    [1] For an earlier essay entitled “ Persecution not Prosecution” (October 2004) see

    [2] Herman Cohen is a former US Secretary of State for African affairs who served under the elder George Bush. He is a consultant to American business firms operating and trading in Africa.
    He also provides strategic advice to African governments.

    © 2003-5. Sanders Research Associates. All rights reserved.

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  4. [Considering the partial content of this show, many journalists may have their own agenda. This evening, on the national Dutch TV, we have watched as Hutu children as young as 10 years old, their moms, fathers, brothers and sisters were spat upon, have urine thrown at them, are verbally (like this evening) abused and then have a pipe of bombs thrown at them elsewhere in the country. Where is it going to stop? The people behind these attacks are thugs and bigots. They are driven by the same naked sectarism, discrimination that has divided this Rwandese community for far too long since Kagame launched war against innocent Hutu kids and mothers. It suits some people like you just fine when there is this polarisation and they do whatever they can to step in and benefit politically, economically from it. But I say here, in taking into account that this happened on this National Dutch TV many times against the Hutu community inside and outside Rwanda, that now this madness MUST STOP.

    This show has given me a feeling that all Hutus have been mass-slaughtered because of those journalists biased reports. It’s bloody obvious that this show is a very long process of manipulation, misinformation and indeed disinformation. The information given here this to-night of whatever kind will try to use Dutch people for its ends as a part of the battle for the information of Edge. The lack of objectivity and the increasing hatred driven by VPRO journalists will continue to distance itself from the continuing mass-murders and the willingness of the Rwandan citizens to reconcile through justice by sending on trial RPF criminals and wrongdoers headed by Paul Kagame.] Please, stop showing those humiliating pictures. But we know the meaning of that and definitely this is a well-known dirty game. If there were no Interahamwe, they would invent them in the agenda of coming into power (Tutsis) and in the agenda of Congolese mineral resources (Tutsi proponents).

    I am one of the eye-witnesses and one of the survivors of the ongoing mass-slaughters of Hutus, organized, planed by RPF (Rwandese Patriotic Front), the Tutsi-led government and executed by RPF infernal machinery. In spite of my efforts, in spite of the efforts of the well-known human rights organizations mainly Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other individuals with passion of justice; Justice toward Rwandans is, truly speaking, one-sided. At the present time, several reports, many of interviews on television, publishing companies’ radios, homepages and websites on internet cause us grave concern.

    In the perspective of clarifying the negative role of reporters who overplayed the Hutu-Tutsi conflict in Rwanda, I venture to point out this cruelty and in the same time the growing knowledge about the dramatic and horrible situation of Hutus, can be applied to end this macabre practice of admonishing Hutus and which has become, in an offhand way, a likely commercial campaign sponsored by the international criminal capital.

    The dishonesty and the cruelty of some reporters in the matter of the Hutu-Tutsi conflict in Rwanda have reached a so-high level that their negative attitude toward the entire Hutu ethnic group is sustained by a spurious overgeneralization we encounter the syndrome of prejudice These ill-thinker reporters, through their irrational hostility toward the entire Hutu ethnic group, organize wrong information and/or alter it with the purpose to prejudice against Hutus. The outstanding of their more intense hostility, in conspiring with the Tutsi-led government, is reflected in the anti-locution name-calling of Hutus: “Interahamwe”.

    Ask yourself what would happen to your own personality if you heard it said over and over again that you were Interahamwe, extremist, Igipinga, genocidaire, ruharwa, Umufaransa, expected to kill, to rape, to burn, to loot, etc , the catalogue could be greatly extended. Suppose this opinion were forced on you by your fellow-citizens (at each telling of Tutsis), and suppose nothing that you could do would change this opinion, because you happen to be a Hutu.

    As a survivor, an eye-witness and now a victim of these final repercussions, I won’t more be forced to listen to these stinking reporters derision and laughter and submit to their abuse. This horrible cruelty toward a person who belongs to the ethnic group, simply because he happens to be a Hutu(it is likely to say this person disserves to die, to be jailed), has led to different and well-known mass- murders against Hutus in respect to this plain plan executed by General Kagame, the RPF government together with their proponents-conspirators.

    The international press has used topsy-turvy the “Interahamwe label” time and time again for designating all Hutus without worrying too much about the final consequences: Kids of Hutus together with their mums are day-to-day victims of murder-plots. Actually, there is no denying that Hutus are second-class citizens in their own homeland, that they are suffering from a sense of low-status, from economic privation, irritation due to the present slanders of the well-known corrupted reporters.

    I do believe that the power, the influence of Reporters without borders (RSF) is evident. This organization can provide helpful material to end these mass-assassinations and the maximum understanding of the Hutu tragedy can be gained only by giving, revealing and chiefly by realising the whole classified source of information until now hidden upon the genocide perpetrated against Hutus. Peace, Justice and Security of Hutu survivors and of Rwandans as well will never be retrieved if perpetrators, whatever side they are from (Hutus or Tutsis), are not sent on trial on charges of crimes committed by them.

    What plainly must be done is that Tutsi war criminals, Tutsi perpetrators of crimes against humanity must face Justice Whoever accepts the continuing trials of the lonely Hutu trials is, without shadow of doubt, a naive and a gullible person and therefore the ICTR (The UN International Tribunal of crimes committed against Rwandans) is embarrassing and discrediting itself. For many tricksters, the ICTR has been created to be or has become a great source of income. Daily arrests and killings of Hutus are done in the agenda of making money. What about 3,5 million Hutus wildly assassinated in Rwanda and in The Democratic Republic of the Congo? What about horrible massacres of Hutus led by RPA (Rwandese Patriotic Army headed by Kagame and Kayumba Nyamwasa), by RPF milicians and by Tutsi habitants in the North-western region of Rwanda? What about 670,000 Hutus killed by RPF in Byumba since 1990, what about 21,000 lives of Hutu intellectuals decimated in Kibeho Gikongoro at the end of 1994, What about 18,000 Hutus massacred in Gitarama during 1995?

    Justice is Justice: Whoever interferes in law must face justice. Impunity must be eradicated in favour of Justice and this without discrimination. A loss of any human life, Hutu or Tutsi, is a loss of the entire humanity. Any different treatment based on ethnic categorization is a utter discrimination and thus unacceptable in our civilized society. None is above law and justice can not be one-sided. For everybody, anybody, it is a vitally important consideration to bear in mind. It can not be otherwise. In contrast to casual deeds, journalists, by professional habit, HAVE TO REVEAL and NOT TO HIDE NEITHER TO ALTER (by manipulating pictures on the screen). THE INFORMATION, WORSE OF ALL, WHEREAS PEOPLE ARE MASS SLAUGHTERED

    A good reporter gives balanced news and views, balanced interviews in respect to the both sides in conflict. Following this line of reasoning, we can not help thinking in a partisan manner.

    Every Tutsi, every Hutu has his own opinion. However, the Tutsi’s expressed one has been for so long time taken for true. This is the Rwandese tragedy covered by those who have backed and back again RPF crimes. None has the monopoly of insight. Looking backward once more over the historical tragedy of Hutus, open breaches of law and peace in Rwanda have been always incitements to violence against Hutus under covered by multifarious quibbles of RPF top officials to minimize the dramatic situation of Hutus. Mostly, a wailing cry of sympathy has always been used as a strong weapon in the hands of the Tutsi tricksters. In the actual Rwanda, it is not everybody who meets the international press, not everybody who meets a human rights Researcher, it is only the highly trained Tutsis able to make the charge without a grain of truth.

    By contrast, Hutus who believe in equal rights of all Rwandans, Hutus who are now fighting for these rights through insurgency, armed uprising in the purpose to change their situation for a better life are cynically called, at each telling, Interahamwe and/or extremists. Where are now those “moderate” Hutus? Ask Twagiramungu, Bizimungu, Rwigema, etc. All of them, according to Kagame’s speeches of 4th July 1997 at Remera Stadium without forgetting the plain Kagame’s Bwisige’s speech, became garbage men.

    This prejudice against Hutus is led by RPF tricksters who maintain the international press in their fetters: some reporters, some UN NGOs representatives are sexually corrupted: These stinking bureaucrats, once arrived in Kigali, roll in wealth, bathe in alcoholic drinks in the “Cadillac night club”, surround themselves with the seduced Tutsi daughters whose the purpose is to wreck Hutus hopes of justice expected from theses world community representatives. Gradually, these stinking representatives change their mind and methods of work and at the contrary, boost the RPF killing machinery and furthermore use their power and influence to stereotype the opponent Hutu. Broadly speaking, the following steps have the prepared the way to the unvoiced genocide against Hutus:

    1. Since a decade, Hutus have been typed. They have been blamed for any conceivable crime and that they ought to be exterminated;
    2. Hutus are known only under the label “Interahamwe”;
    3. The local Hutu press has been muzzled then uprooted. Now the whole Rwandan press is handled by Tutsis.
    4. All Hutus, from children to adults are therefore presumed to have the objectionable qualities ascribed to them (amplified, and over generalized evil attributes) and engineered by the corrupted reporters. That is why at each report, at each telling, you heard time and time again the presumed genocidaire, the presumed Interahamwe, the Hutu extremist. Biased attitudes and behaviour that result from a deep organized training are undoubtedly a horrifying crime.
    5. We see no mention of the RPF Gestapo’s misdeeds throughout in Rwanda, no mention of permanent wartime restrictions, no mention of their terror against the weak Hutu;
    6. We saw no mention of the brain-washing against Hutus and mainly against Hutu children in different “Ingando” and “ovens = concentration camps and forced villagization” settled elsewhere in the country;
    7. We saw no mention of pro-fascist organizations such as “Ibuka”, Kimisagara Association of the well trained witnesses-accusers;
    8. We saw no mention of mafia organizations in Kigali created in the purpose of handling all international pressure groups such as the existing Rwandan human rights associations, the Rwandan press,etc;
    9. We saw no mention of different organized crimes, no mention of terror and assassination campaign against the opponent Hutus, executed by the well-known “WRONGDOERS”(Abagizi ba nabi : RPF Nazis), a strong argument in favour of this point is Assassination campaign of my unforgettable friends, brothers and sisters and their kids;
    10. Under coverage of the international press, these wrongdoers together with Local defence units loot, burn, mass rape and destroy or damage Hutu properties;
    11. Nowadays democracy has become a trick word in Rwanda: there is no political, neither economic nor socio-cultural democracy in Rwanda, there is a common segregation against Hutus in respect to housing, jobs, health services, education and access to public places.

    The Rwandan society is actually dichotomized into two groups: Good (Tutsi)and Evil (Hutus): in 1997, General Kagame revealed: “those who are not for us are against us, he took that opportunity to announce a war between good and evil, a war between haves and have-nots, an open war between Tutsis and Hutus”. The Tutsi-led government, with the purpose to uproot the republican system considers now the republican symbols such as the flag, the national hymn like negative symbols. To justify their misdeeds RPF lynchers explain: these symbols reflect the theme of dread and insecurity. Simply because they represent the death of the Tutsi monarchy.

    RPF Lynchers (RPF soldiers plus RPF magicians plus RPF-Nazis Wrongdoers for organized crimes) are never punished and this fact reflects the silent acquiescence of some journalists, members of RSF. This whole macabre practice depends to a considerable extent upon the regrettable Tutsi custom below: every RPF official, every soldier uses this well-known practice by Hutu survivors: “to get your Hutu” is now a permissible sport virtually a duty toward this traditional law-enforcement of the Tutsi-led government. That is why, in many cases, those misdeeds are not prevented because Kagame’s government, which remains the basis of the gradual building up of animosity of Tutsis against Hutus, uses all means of communication to story all imaginable conceivable misdeeds of the hated Hutus known under “the Interahamwe label”.

    As I said above, the ICTR is a strong weapon to break down and therefore to shut up the opponent Hutu. Moreover, the Tutsi-led government officially announces false issues rather than true issues and the logic is fallacious. For instance, “there is no need to mention the ethnic group belonging in the identity card: It sounds good he? Therefore, to recognize a Hutu or a Tutsi, you have to check his ID, otherwise you can not! “To reform”, they say, “twese tuli Abanyarwanda”= we are all Rwandan citizens”. In the eye-of a foreigner, it is likely to say that there is no more segregation. Confusion, however, accomplishes what the RPF-accuser then the reformer desires. He forces foreigners into the utter darkness. In reality, all Rwandans know each other: Tutsi recognize Hutus and vice versa. How can you explain that, at the labour market, Hutus win their tests; however, amazing is the fact that after interviews, the final winner becomes a Tutsi. Think about it.

    To sum up, there is a considerable gap between a law “in books” and a law “in action”. Without competent enforcement, any law is a dead letter, so is the Rwandan law. To explain how deep is the cruelty of some journalists who overplayed the Hutu-Tutsi conflict, a typical example relates the staging progression from the prejudice against Hutus to the genocide committed against them: At the final consequences of their campaign, both Rosenberg and Stretcher at the Nuremberg trials disclaimed responsibility for the extermination of 2,5 million Jews at Auschwitz because they “had no idea” that their preachment could issue into such action. Yet the Nazi officer in charge of the mass murders at Auschwitz, Colonel Hoess, made it clear that it was that incessant indoctrination that convicted him and his fellow executioners that the Jews were in fact to blame for everything and that they had to be exterminated.

    Finally, I am urging this organization of Reporters (I remain confident that among these journalists, we can find courageous and non corrupted those who can honestly reveal the tragic situation of Hutus. Remember, the infraction is always committed by action or by omission. To keep this tragedy in silence means is a horrible crime, more than 3,5 million Hutus can not be an accident, whatever. There are rumours explaining these deaths: Aids, the moth disease, and Ebola disease. Hutu survivors want peace and Justice in Rwanda and there is no peace without freedom. There is no freedom without respect of democratic values; no freedom without respect of elementary civil rights. Hutu survivors want Justice; the basis of a real reconciliation is always between two sides in conflict. There is no reconciliation between one side and his proponents of the other side in conflict. We don’t need this unheard-of reconciliation where one of the sides has to kneel and submit to the abuse of the other side As human beings, Hutu survivors have the rights to weep over their kids, parents, brothers, sisters and friends mass-murdered by the Tutsi-led government.

    Freedom will be won by brave Sons and Daughters of Rwanda.
    Nothing but Human rights. We Will Win.
    Jean-Christophe (www) Proud to be Umuhutu

    Jean-Christophe Nizeyimana, The Survivor.

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