Resident Evil 5: The Racist game by Microsoft


Resident Evil 5: As a game developer, I found this game to be very racist.
It depicts a white protagonist going into an apparently poverty-stricken village (the location is unspecified) and killing throngs of black zombified men and women

What do you think is this some white-supremacist fantasy or some bad art in the wrong place?
joram jojo


  1. Hello, I find this blog very interesting since I live outside Ug at the moment and find it entertaining. But this has some error in it. Capcom made this game not Microsoft (japanese not amrican). secondly I own the game and you actually fight to rescue the area by fighting people infected with controlling parasites. the second main protagonist is Black and several enemies are white and Asian. also the main enemies are all white. Just helping out 🙂

  2. I agree with slap slap totally. This is the funniest case I have ever seen of true racism (against white people). Maybe really you are being racist against the undead they have a right to live again too you know.

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