Congolese puppet government

War criminals: Kanembe and Kagame
Western Puppets; Kanembe and Kagame

Reading and rereading the immediate history of our country reveals the harmful role of Rwanda in the war of aggression to which we continue to resist until this day. To fulfill its role as sub-contractor of transnational, Rwanda has used several rebellions in which several Congolese (es) were often the perfect puppet. The ADFL (and PPRD), the RCD and the CNDP are creatures of Rwanda. Believing that it is on behalf of the agreements signed in Goma in March that the CNDP, led by now, a war criminal (Bosco Ntaganda) wanted by the ICC, will participate in future government in Kinshasa would be overseen by an absurd naivete.

As of today, it becomes increasingly clear that quell the Congolese (es) on the land of their ancestors is a perilous undertaking. Unlike compatriots who see us from the image (negative Congolese) than others their return, we believe that the Congolese organizations succeed, somehow, to resist against the assaults of death instigated by “the masters of world and those who obey them. ” The negative image of the Congolese unconscious, naive and responsible part of the long psychological war crimes accompanying economic, humanitarian crimes, crimes socio-political and cultural transnationals commit on our soil through Rwanda, its military arm (which CNDP) and its political arm (including former ADFL, RCD and PPRD).

In this context, the entry CNDP government means that the deep democratic process called triggered in 2006 was a decoy. It is possible that with this blow, “the more skeptical” of us come to understand what’s played with us since the 90s: the looting of our raw materials by those who built their fortunes on our back five centuries pass by today described as ethnic wars, genocide and the democratic process biased.

How can we imagine for a moment that those who have damned the war are also those who, today, we say that to make peace, they must have with them and that all institutions of their country mates crimes? And this against all applicable national and international law? The height is that “the little hands of capital,” we somment increasingly no longer ask such questions on behalf of our irresponsibility? They use ‘small hands Congolese media “to blame us and we criminalize. They ask us to stop looking for scapegoats as if we had not discovered how they operate!

Bush in the cyclone, Michel Collon notes: “The three major blocks (USA, Europe, Japan) (and we can add the emerging countries) lead the hot war, cold or warm against the peoples of the Third World. But they also make war among themselves over who will dominate the world and its wealth. The economic war of course. But as the political war and, in certain circumstances, military. When the balance of power exchange between the great powers, when a superpower wants to replace another, or simply deny access to certain strategic materials, this would also rule by violence. Either directly or indirectly through states and movements monitored. War is the fundamental means to repartition the riches of the world, ie the sources of profits. “(P.20-21. We stress). To control “non-state” Congolese, the death squads of the RPF are injected and joined by “controlled movement” with the CNDP.
The rise of China in Congo scares “great nations of human rights.” They trust us more: “If we are so looking from the viewpoint of conditionality of rights, the DRC will chase us and China alone will have the market .. This reasoning seems sound is wrong across the board. The transnational does not know state boundaries. Invest the same in Belgium, the USA, France, Germany, etc..
They are “victims” of greed .. He is so strong that the humanity of another man goes after the accumulation of material goods. It is a reversal of values. It reflects the very advanced level of incompetence achieved by corporate donors lessons of democracy in northern hemisphere.

Fortunately, the Congolese (es) resist and stand still .. In addition to this internal resistance, it would make sense that we are likely to lead a legal fight and intelligence along with the young generations that Western investment in research of legal instruments that could compel the states of North and their transnational to take into account economic, social and cultural.

Join the authors of Black Canada (including Delphine Abadie) where they are fighting to ensure that Canada continues to be “a legal haven” for transnational reach CADTM (Committee to cancel the debt of third world) in its struggle for the cancellation of our debt odious and the unmasking of lethal mechanisms used by IFIs to make us slaves forever be a giant step performed on the front where the major players in what happens to us operate. Hybridity is an important dimension of our liberation struggle should not be overlooked.

There are other domestic fronts. For example: the involvement of Mobutu in the authoritarian rising among us should not leave us indifferent. Some knowledgeable observers have realized more and more that those who yesterday were revered Mobutu for more than three decades, was found today alongside the majority of Joseph Kabila and important positions in the institutions (formal) in the country . Many of them are part of the comprador bourgeoisie working to protect his private interests to the detriment of an entire people. It is no longer so sure they are beyond the ruling People’s tomorrow if it happened that the worthy son and daughters of our people fighting on several fronts have access to the management of the res publica. Let the word go!

J. P. Mbelu