Capitalism is the Curse on Uganda

Uganda Needs a Socialist Revolution

This week I will look at why Uganda is in such a sorry state and who is to blame- Can good leadership save Uganda or is it just another illusion?

The dignity of the people of uganda can only be reclaimed if in line with the provisions of Socialism, a brand of Socialism that is more compatible with a new age, 21st-century socialism.
Today, the capitalist is so excited because he has found plentiful of crack cocaine in Uganda- Oil is the crack cocaine of Capitalism.
What is so sick, not Ugandans but Europeans control much of Uganda’s confirmed oil reserves in a 50-50 partnership and enjoying a virtual monopoly.
What is even more disturbing, is the secrecy behind the Exploitation.The imperialistic puppet government has not even disclosed details of the oil Production Sharing Agreements to Ugandans(the people)that it signed with the foreign explorers. Its a situation of swapping Scams for more Scams.

Not even a new government(inter-party cooperation) successors to the current Mafioso government will be able to clean the capitalistic stench because already they’re showing advanced signs of obedient political lap dogs to imperialism and have not even addressed the realities of Uganda’s political system-they’re the same stench.

With a socialist model, Ugandans would be able to control and also organise a democratic system of management. The boards of directors of such a system would be made up of elected representatives of the workers within the oil industry, representatives of other workers and the Ugandan wider community.
Okay, you might think that this is some fantasy crap -Very wrong because such a model did exist in Uganda at one time during Obote’s first presidency.
The common man’s charter-socialism was a process intended to liberate Black Ugandans from economic injustices that was being carried out mainly by Asians and Europeans- this created a state of imbalance which held back, Black Ugandans.
At the time they were over 12,000 people of Indian origin descendants of 30,000 Indians that had been brought on a 3 year contract to lay railway tracks from Mombasa to Kampala and they overstayed their working Visas, thus making them illegal immigrants.Later, more Indian immigrants came to Uganda as soldiers, artisans, clerks, carpenters, bricklayers, blacksmiths and gardeners.

A move to the left was the new people’s revolution and this did not sound good music to the imperialist and we know what was to happen later, the January 1971 military coup.
The Public Service Commission was set up with the task of promoting the appointment Ugandans of African descent and the maintenance of standards in the civil service. Scholarships were set up and educational colleges built to get qualified people for the jobs.

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