Yoweri Museveni orders guards to shoot and Kill civillians

The Ugandan Genocidal was again displaying his madness in public by ordering his guards to shoot and kill Ugandans after he was denied entry to a crime scene.

kasubi Royal tombs on fire

The Kasubi Tombs in Uganda, the final resting place of Uganda(Buganda) royalty and a UNESCO World Heritage Site-dating back 150 years- the tombs of five ancient kings were destroyed overnight by state arsonists.

Ugandans sift through the burned out remains of the Kasubi tombs

The dictator, Yoweri museveni, suffered a shock of his life when he was blocked from reaching the Kasubi tombs that caught fire last night.
yoweri museveni
Dictator Yoweri Museveni

Angry Ugandans booed the tyrant and wanted to lynch him, then set up a barricade to stop the thug from reaching the burnt tombs.
The tyrant gunmen fired in the air to disperse them but to no avail.

But this was not enough as the civilians kept lying on the ground and Museveni was overheard shouting, “you lazy scouts!!!”

kasubi royal tombs
Genocidal Yoweri Museveni's security personnel killing Ugandans

Then a barrage of fire was aimed at those civilians that were lying on the ground, before the tyrant was driven away.

Police and other security agencies are in the meantime working to restore calm. The government of Uganda is yet to make a statement on the incident.
The Kampala women MP Nabilah Sempala narrowly escaped a bullet fired by Military Police and a man standing next to her was shot in the back.
Radio journalist Mukiibi Serunjogi was shot in the knee and the Mityana South Member of Parliament Ssozi Kaddumukasa also was roughed up by the Military Police.
The Military Police and troops of the Presidential Guard Brigade have taken over security at the site.

At the time of drafting this report, 12 civilians were confirmed dead and Wandegeya police station has been set on fire.
Buganda Kingdom King Ronald Mutebi, middle in suit, is surrounded by supporters after visiting the Kasubi Royal Tombs


  1. Uganda Parliament-SMS
    Works minister John Nasasira regretted the loss of the cultural site and called for calm. He said the country had lost an asset. It is time to have collective grief.

    Latiff Sebaggala (DP) said people who had gathered to commiserate with the Kabaka, including MPs, were beaten by security people in civilian clothes. We were ordered to lie down and some people beat us up. Anyone who remained standing was shot at.

    Nabilah Nagayi Sempala (FDC) said tragedy had befallen the country. We were ordered to take cover as bullets whizzed over our heads. Then people came with sticks beating us. I was caned like a child. I dont think it is right for people to flog mourners.She said she heard somebody groaning in pain and calling for help.

    Margaret Babadiri (NRM) was shocked that somebody burnt the tombs. These (tombs) have been our pride. We are crazy. We started with schools, burning children like animals. Something must be done. Hassan Fungaroo (FDC), Odonga Otto (FDC) and Susan Nakawuki (FDC) condemned the fire and the shooting of civilians.

    Emmanuel Dombo (NRM) asked Kasaijja whether people had been killed by government forces, but the minister promised a detailed statement later.
    Hussein Kyanjo (JEEMA) said people had been shot before the President inspected the ruins.

    I saw bodies being carried to a Police pick-up truck.

    The Police was doing its work well until people in civilian clothes started shooting. Police is finding it very difficult to do their work because of interference from such forces.

  2. SMS-Fred Magala
    What I saw was very sickenning. Angry youths tried to lynch the president as two men standing in the banana plantations hurled stones at him and his entourage.

    The situation got nasty when a plain clothed man carrying a pistol was unexpectedly grabbed from behind by a group of obscene uttering men who at the time also hid the pistol away.

    Soldiers started shooting in the air as plain clothed security operatives angrily demanded for the return of the pistol. The soldiers were ignored and abused while a crowd kept advancing towards the president. At the same time another group of youths were busy blocking the president from moving forwards.

    Three men tried to grab another gun from another plain clothed soldier who on realising he was about to be lynched, started shooting and seconds later people started shouting that a man has been shot dead. Angry crowds kept pushing them selves towards the president as he walked and soldiers kept shooting in the air.

    A groupe of people were caned by the soldiers as they were demanding for the previously stolen pistol. People lay on the ground faces down shouting and mourning that let museveni kill them instead of him being allowed access to the burnt tombs.

    A man about 10 minutes later was arrested with a pistol whish three soldiers claimed was the one grabbed from their plain clothed coleague. The man was spotted with the pistol as he tried to aim at Muhoozi- the president’s son who at the time was walking behind the president.
    The first son, Kainerugaba Muhoozi, walked a respectable distance behind his father. In full military attire, Lt. Col. Muhoozi had a pistol on his hip and an AK-47 in his hand.

    When they could not stop his arrival, which happened around noon, they contrived one last act of defiance that was as spectacular as it was revealing. The men rushed inside the structure and planted bamboo shoots around it, enough so that the only thing Mr Museveni could do was tour the structure from outside. When one of the loud protestors hurled insults at Mr Museveni from close range, a man in army regalia backed the offender down and beat him up. In protest, another man suddenly hurled his body into the ground, kicked the mud like a possessed man, and cried hysterically. He was ignored.

  3. sms-Deo
    I happened to board a taxi to work on wednesday morning and what was on everyone’s lips was the torching of our (kasubi)tombs.Tempers were really high and if you happened to ask who really did it,you would be risking a slap bacause it was common knowledge who had set our tombs on fire.

    So,whether govt did it or not,with its recent behaviour towards mengo,there is no way it can deny responsility.They have done alot of things to break our kingdom’s econmic back.For example closing cbs,refusing to pay ground rent for kigo prisons,mengo court etc.

    In that taxi,one passenger wondered what really govt wants from our king!.He is a person who has decided to keep quiet inspite of alot of provocation from govt.

    Another passenger wondered whether this govt still has moral authority to abuse and blame the Obote govt which abolished kingdoms because to her, what these henchmen have done is worse than what Obote did.

    Another passenger wondered if surely after all what the kabaka and his people(Baganda) have done and did for this govt,they can only be paid back in this way.Surely its not fair

  4. Dictator Museveni stole the King’s Spear.
    The traditionally very important and symbolic spear which Sir Edward Mutesa II left to Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, his son, has gone missing. The spear, was being kept besides the royal regalia inside the burnt tomb- it’s a very serious matter for the Kabaka and the royal family because its not replaceable.
    Dictator Yoweri Museveni and his son are the only people that tampered with the crime scene and now the King’s spear is missing!!

  5. Against this background, a Uganda Night has been organised by the Community of Banyakigezi and Friends in the UK to take place on the evening of Friday 23 April 2010 from 6:30 PM till late at the Commonwealth Secretariat, Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5HX, UK.

    The objective of the evening will be to mobilise resources towards rebuilding the tombs and a £10 minimum contribution to the cause will be collected at the venue.

    There will be a brief presentation about the tombs and a discussion about the role of cultural and historical sites in Uganda in promoting a sense of identity and tourism.

    It will also be a fun-filled evening with poetry readings, ruffle draws, music and dance featuring UK based Ugandan renowned DJ Bones of 2SHY Entertainment. Drinks will be highly discounted (i.e. £1 for a glass of wine or bottle of beer) and International food will be sold at a very reasonable price throughout the evening.

    The Commonwealth Secretariat is a five minutes’ walk from Green Park underground station on Victoria and Jubilee Lines, 10 minutes from Piccadilly Circus on the Piccadilly Line and 10 minutes from Charing Cross Underground and Train stations.

    Due to Health & Safety regulations the venue can only take a specific number of people so please confirm your attendance by contacting Johnson Mujungu (Chair, COB UK) by email: johnsonmujungu@yahoo.com or by phone/text: 0789 459 3510.

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