Rwanda Genocide has become a Commodity

Genocide has become a commodity for social engineering by Dictator Paul Kagame

This month(April) is the so called remembrance of the “Tutsi” genocide. As a Rwandan Tutsi I’m very ashamed of this pathetic PR exercise by the Rwanda Fascist regime. Because it takes us back to year zero. We are constantly reminded by the regime that 1million Tutsi were butchered and no mention of the Hutu or Twa. very insulting to descent Rwandans!

What sort of sick people are running Rwanda?? Okay let’s imagine that 1 million Tutsis were butchered in 1994 out of 1.32 million(Tutsi were 15%, Hutu 80% and Twa 0.5%). where are all their remains and why is it that we don’t have many deceased property like houses, etc. in Rwanda? The only empty properties that were left behind, belong to the hutu, and have been forcefully grabed by Paul Kagame’s killers.

Today Rwanda has 8.8 million people and this is not good news for the fascist leader- once in an interview, he boasted of how he was preparing a sweeping population control program, to cut Rwanda’s birth rate by at least half.
This has become a reality with the help of scum-bugs like Josh Ruxin, an American public health administrator. Mr. Ruxin is helping to design the new population control project. “If Rwanda wants to be an Asian tiger,” he boasted, “this is where it all starts.”
If its true that over 1 million Tutsi died, then why would you want Rwanda’s population to be re-engineered??

According to the official propaganda platform of the fascist regime(The new times, 13th April), 17,209 Genocide survivors have been able to graduate from university in the last 12 years. Remember that genocide victims here refers only to Tutsi and we’re assuming that the graduates are all Tutsi. This is not possible because Francophone Tutsi (Genocide survivors ) have been neglected and abandoned. What we have here are Tutsi from Uganda pausing as Genocide survivors. Very pathetic.

Now this is another contradiction, during a press conference in 2004, by the minister for youth, culture and sports, Robert Bayigamba, he announced that a census had been carried out by his ministry and found that 937,000 Tutsi and politically moderate Hutus died during the 1994 genocide. “These are the people who died during the 100 days [April-June 1994] of mayhem and who we were able to find out their names, age and their places of birth,” he said.
Where are all these hundreds of thousands skeletons and skulls, what is available is a few hundred, where are the rest?
I was in Rwanda immediately after the 100 days of mayhem but never saw more than two thousand dead. So, who came up with this ridiculous figure, even a mere 10,000 would make a huge mountain of skulls. If buried, then where are they because Rwanda is a very small country. If for any reason Kagame’s apologists use the excuse of them being washed by the river akagera to Uganda-its well known who was controlling that area, not interahamwe but Rwanda Patriotic Army killers.

Unless you understand the genocide politics in Rwanda, you’ll continue to be brain washed by the real killers(Rwanda Patriotic Army) and Interahamwe. Rwanda genocide has become a commodity that has to be exported and annually the balance sheet is presented before the share holders, in this case; RPF Sycophants,gullible international community, America and Britain.
We see the genocide balance sheet every April. Without the genocide commodity, Paul kagame would seize to exist.
If this is not a mere PR exercise, then how comes that there’s no mention of Hutu and Twa?
Its very true that More Hutu died at the hands of gun men from both sides.
We should always remember the victims every day, and not just a couple of few days in April. Remembrance and not a public relation exercise should be the way forward. No wonder the fascist, Paul Kagame shamelessly used the occasion as a political campaign to attack democrats and human rights defenders.

With this state of affair, Rwanda will continue to be a mixture of truths and lies, abundance and misery, denial, hatred, trauma, persecution, humiliation, frustrations, false incrimination, passion, anger, fear etc…

No wonder regular soldiers are turning guns on their officers at the so called genocide vigils!!