Fascism and Football in Rwanda

Fascist Paul Kagame

The Rwanda fascist regime is to spend $1.5 million dollars to amuse its fascist leader Paul Kagame, while thousands of children and families are still starving, and loitering Rwanda streets if lucky, because of late the fascist regime has been rounding them up  and locking up the poor souls.

The one thing with Paul Kagame, is his love for opulence and taking credit for other people’s sweat. As a fighter on the battlefield he’s run away twice and later took credit after eliminating those that stood and fought to save him,because they would talk.
What use is “kagame tournament” to the people of Rwanda, is it value for money or another classic grandiose project to boost the dictators ego? Instead of Rwanda symbols, it will be paul Kagame.
Rwanda Farcist leader
History teaches us of how the Italian fascist, Mussolini fixed the 1934 World Cup final; how Hitler saw the 1936 Olympics and 1938 World Cup as the defining moments of the superiority of his fascist regime and how General Franco used Real Madrid to cement himself in power, inspire national pride and win popular consent for his autocratic rule.

Italian fascist

Historically, football was very important for fascism and likewise the development of football in Italy owes a great deal to fascist involvement. Mussolini recognised the potential held by the emergence of football as an increasingly popular pastime, and one that could be institutionalised and exploited to develop a sense of Italian identity – a trait that can still be observed through the ultras that are still present in modern day domestic and international Italian football matches. Mussolini was always familiar with the use of popular culture in his desire to hold power and transform Italian society, and football became a key part of this strategy. Many agree that the prominent moment for fascism in football came in 1926, when the government created the Carta di Via Reggio, which restructured the game and its administration, crucially with appointments to football’s governing bodies falling into the remit of Mussolini. As a result fascists took control of the world of football within Italy in the mid-1920s and proceeded to revolutionise the game, building stadiums all over the peninsula, organising rallies around games and adding fascist symbols. In fact, Serie A owes it’s very creation to fascism as it was in 1930 that the singular national league that is the Italian top division was founded by the fascist government of Mussolini in order to create one unifying Italian identity.

In Rwanda, the tournament is not called Rwandan, or anything near to it, but “KAGAME”. However, it could also be argued that the fascist’s phony project is to deter agitation, grumbling, etc. from the youth who’ll be rounded up and forced to attend the tournament. This is the only way-out for the fascist to brag, see for yourself..there’s freedom and space to compete in Rwanda. Very Pathetic!!

According to Joseph Habineza, the minister of Sports and Culture, $1 million will cater for accommodation and travelling expenses for all participating teams, and officials.
This is besides the $60,000 own money of the fascist, Paul Kagame that will be awarded to the winners of the two-week long tournament.

This year, Rwanda’s football giants APR have been drawn in Group A with TP Mazembe, Burundi’s Vital’O and Djibouti’s Telkom.

In Group B, Rayon Sport will contest with Ethiopia’s St. George, Nigeria’s Heartland and Zanzibar’s Mafunzo while Group C pits reigning champions Atraco with Kenya’s Sofapaka, Uganda Revenue Authority and Simba of Tanzania.

The top two sides from each group coupled with the best two third-placed teams will proceed to the quarter-finals. The tournament will be jointly held at Amahoro and Nyamirambo’s regional stadium.

The winner will pocket $30,000 while first and second runners-up will walk away with $20,000 and $10,000 respectively.

Now, think of how much money is needed to save these poor kids?

Rwanda street children

As long as the regime continues to swim in opulence, the people’s dignity will never matter -using the fascist’s own words, they’re “USELESS”!
Banyarwanda, Banyarwandakazi, please think of how many families will go hungry tonight and the day after…, because their money is being kicked around to please the fascist and his inyangarwanda. Ariko, wamuhirimbiri kagame, ntasoni agira!

My message to Rwanda Defence Forces, soldiers, don’t wait to be an officer to be a hero, you can become a hero today at your present rank. Let us put you in the same book as Fred Gisa Rwijyema!




  1. Football is good because it units people and therefore should be supported, and helping street children is also good, but the two are not exclusives.
    Your analysis is like saying “why to spend so much organizing World Cup and Olympic games instead of helping refugees in Darfur”.

  2. Yes you’re very right, football is good and that’s why we have several tournaments in the region that are not named after seating oppressive leaders. Does Rwanda need this particular “KAGAME” tournament, where is Kagame getting the money from that he’s throwing around like a gambler on a casino table when we have priorities?
    The fact remains, the tournament has nothing to do with sportsmanship but has hallmarks of cheap politicking written all-over it!

  3. Yes Rwanda needs this tournament and therefore there is need to spend money for it’s organisation. I also don’t agree to call the tournament under anybody’s name but this should be addressed to CECAFA managers, they are the one who decided to call it Kagame cup when he offered to support the tournament with 60 millions USD. I think all EA presidents should put some more cash so that the tournament price can be big enough to boost the motivation of football clubs in the region.

  4. well, things will always be said. Critics will always be thrown out there. At the end of the day no one comes out with a meaningful plan. Kagame can be out in favor of another Tutsi or a Hutu but people will always suffer. The fact is that Rwanda has no ressources, period. It does not matter who is on power, hutu or tutsi. It is going to e like kukama ikimasa. I dont that amount spent is what you need to save Rwandan from hunger , let us be realistic

  5. where else have you seen clean street children like those in the photo? they are only in kigali look around kampala you will find very miserable ones. You guys are just burking dogs can never stop a train from moving. leave Kagame alone you are just the devil’s agents on this planet.

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