Gen. Kayumba Get well very Soon!!

General Kayumba Nyamwasa

This should be a wake up call to all those Banyarwanda especially Tutsi that are still blinded by the PR machine of fascist Kagame. Coward Paul Kagame is a cold blooded killer that will kill anyone to pursue his evil interest. In fact colonialists are the biggest enemy of Banyarwanda, Congolese and African people-just imagine if it was Robert Mugabe or Omar Bashir with such an evil track record , can you imagine the way they would have reacted?? They would have been a global out-cry. Why is the west imposing such an evil man on our people and insulting the people of Africa, why is the west sponsoring state terrorism on African people?

By eliminating People like Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa, the truth won’t be suppressed because its already out in the public domain-in fact you’re helping freedom fighters to justify their cause, that of resisting the western sponsored terrorist regime of Rwanda.

What we are witnessing today are the actions of western imperialism and its disregard to life, freedoms and rights of Rwandan, Ugandan and Congolese people-its a crime comparable to the African holocaust of slave trade! Every time I see People like Tony Blair, the Clintons, etc. on TV, I just switch off because its them that are protecting and promoting the greatest African Fascist of Our time, Paul Kagame. They’re the root of our problems!
All Banyarwanda in Congo, Uganda, Rwanda,etc. the only hope that is left among you is not Justice, because the Blairs and Clintons have stolen it away from you, but unity among yourselves to unite as one and uproot Paul Kagame’s fascism from the face of Africa. We should consider Afande Kayumba’s injury as part of the struggle on the front-line, like a brave soldier, he’ll reflect and smile-Gashahurwe, yanyana yimbwa naikize!!

Ukombozi[Liberation] should be our number one priority-just like it was in 1988 when some of us became isolated from the people we had considered to be our comrades,brothers, sisters,etc. [in Uganda ]they turned against us.

Though dejected, We became very hopeful that it was the right time to fight and go back to Rwanda. Of course in 1990, CIA infiltrated our struggle and many of our comrades got assassinated[RIP] before they brought in their house-negro Kagame to carry  out their dirty work.

Many of you know what happened from day one, no one was impressed when they learnt that it was pilato[Kagame] to become the supremo of RPA. This was the turning point of the struggle when many of our own were slaughtered like life was meaningless-questioning the method that time, meant that you had a hidden agenda and that was enough to get you killed. It was very painful to see the people doing the killing of Banyarwanda[Tutsi & Hutu] in Gabiro belonging to the largest tribe in Uganda-this was sick…sick because its the same people that had rejected us in a country we had considered ours and had helped to liberate. They still do it today!

At the way things were, you had two choices, escape or follow orders-escaping was like winning the lottery. The last person to think of escaping was anyone considered to be a commander as they were under a 24/7 permanent watch. Commanders like Kayumba would not even dare because I remember they were always twenty, non-fighters but soldiers of NRA(National Resistance Army), Uganda Army tasked to do the watching.

So when People, question why Gen Kayumba never left the fascist from day one, the answer is very simple he had no way out!

This should be a time when all Banyarwanda should stand up and be counted in this new struggle-the new struggle will even be easier and short as for the first-time it will be Banyarwanda and not an ethic group- fighting for a common cause, that of uprooting a cold blooded fascist[inyanga Banyarwanda] who has turned Rwanda into a grave yard and prison. For the first time let us not use violent means but civil Activism to decapitate the fascist.

Our Struggle should also focus on Kivu because it hurts so much to see the way our people have been treated-used to fight other people’s wars and no one is even talking of their rights as Kivutiens-both Hutu and Tutsi have for thousands of years lived in Kivu before settling in present day Rwanda. Those that think its not true, let them produce their evidence as we have ours to prove that Kivu is were Banyarwanda have always lived. Why should other tribes in Congo have rights and not Banyarwanda? Its an injustice we have to address if we want to address the issue of land distribution that was imposed on us by colonialists.

A truth and reconciliation commission should be established ASP to address the madness that befell us.

Banyarwanda we are a bright,disciplined and very humane people by nature. Let us not allow politicians and imperialists to ever divide us using our own blood. Let us unite for the good of our people [Hutu,Tutsi and Twa]by rejecting the angel of death, Paul Kagame.

We should not also dismiss those patriots still under the fascists chains as Bipinga[traitors] because unless you understand psycho Kagame, you’ll never be able to understand their plight. We know they’re working at gun point but it won’t be forever as the wheels for Liberation are now in motion!!

We should not forget all prisoners locked up in fascist Rwanda!

Afande Kayumba, get well soon!!


  1. “Qui tue par l`epee perit par lepee”! WHOEVER KILLS OTHERS WITH A GUN SHOULD PERISH THE SAME WAY. Why this lady crying what she enjoyed along her husband killing thousand of innocent civilians? Ask history you will never get any pity for Kagame and whoever support him presenting himself for victim on genocide he had committed! The truth is still to overcome their eval plan.

  2. Murder of Denis Ntare Semadwinga

    According to various sources, Denis Semadwinga was assassinated at his home in Gisenyi (Rwanda) at 8 pm last night.

    Semadwinga was an influential and senior member of the Goma elite. A Tutsi from Rutshuru territory, he was Chief of Staff (directeur de cabinet) to RCD-G Governor Eugene Serufuli and then to Laurent Nkunda in the CNDP. Before that, he had been in charge of Mobutu’s presidential archives and had been administrator of the Centre de Commerce International du Zaire (CCIZ).

    He continued to be active in the CNDP even after Nkunda was arrested. Some say it was his activism for the CNDP that led problems between him and the Rwandan government. Numerous CNDP officials have been arrested in Rwanda this year, and Rwandan security officials have privately blamed the grenade attacks on CNDP members in cahoots with Kayumba Nyamwasa.

    Semadwinga’s death is likely to exacerbate the tensions between Kigali and the Congolese Tutsi community, especially the Banyejomba and the pro-Nkunda soldiers. As much as people believe the Tutsi community is united, this would not be the first time such rifts have appeared. In the early day of the RCD rebellion, two mutinies broke out in Goma and Bukavu, led by Tutsi from North Kivu and Banyamulenge, respectively. In Goma, Congolese Tutsi commander Murekezi was shot and killed by Rwandan officers for insubordination. In Bukavu, they were able to negotiate with Cmdr Venant Bisogo (today leader of the FRF). No such luck several years later with Banyamulenge commander Patrick Masunzu, who launched another mutiny.

    The complaints have often been the same: that for all the sacrifices the Congolese Tutsi have made for the Rwandan government, their standing in the Congo has never been secured; indeed, their leaders have often been arrested, as was the case with Nkunda.

    We will have to wait and see whether any information about Semadwinga’s death comes out. Gisenyi is a very safe place; it is highly unlikely these were simple robbers. And the coincidence with the assassination attempt against General Kayumba in South Africa is striking.

  3. This stupid guys case the to Tutsi community. Thou we had shared living space with them without any problem. Grittiness, let see to whom it will beneficiary. For sure Congolese Tutsi would gain much defending their cause in Congo and within Congolese interest than elsewhere they are perceived no more than fugitives! Tout se paie ici bas!

  4. pour sûr, la communauté tutsi au Congo ont toujours été utilisées par tous les politiciens, mais cette fois, ils devraient se concentrer sur eux-mêmes. On ne devrait pas être considérée comme fugitves dans leur pays sur! Il ne faut pas aussi oublier Hutus, les médias ont été très injuste envers eux. Son temps de tous les Banyarwanda vécu en paix!

  5. Exiled Editor Says Rwandan Security Killed His Acting Editor Thursday

    Jean Bosco Gasasira says acting editor Rugambage was killed because his paper was investigating the shooting of a Rwandan general

    The exiled editor of the Umuvugizi newspaper in Rwanda said his acting editor was shot and killed late Thursday night in the Rwanda capital, Kigali.

    Jean Bosco Gasasira said deputy editor Jean Leonard Rugambage was shot outside his home and died later at a hospital.

    Gasasira said Rwandan security killed acting editor Rugambage because the paper was investigating the shooting of Rwandan General Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa.

    “I’m 100 percent sure it was the office of the national security services which shot him dead. This happened after publishing a story on the Umuvugizi website which cited Rwanda’s chief spy of being involved in the shooting of General Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa,” he said.

    Police spokesman Eric Kayiranga told VOA that police do not know who was behind the attack or what the motive was. He said police were investigating.

    Gasasira said the article on the Umuvugizi website quoted information which showed that there was communication between Rwanda’s chief spy and his driver.

    He said the chief spy ordered the driver to finish up the general (Kayumba Nyamwasa) at the hospital with a promise that Rwandan President Paul Kagame would reward the driver.

    “One security operative revealed to my editor that he knows that it is their officers who carried out that suicide mission. But they apparently revealed to my editor thinking that he was a hotel worker,” Gasasira said.

    Gasasira said the Rwandan security began watching acting editor Rugambage after they realized he was a journalist and not a hotel worker.

    Gasasira said he told acting editor Rugambage to leave Rwanda and cross into Uganda. But he said his offer came too late.

    “He called me before using another line, informing me about the constant surveillance. Then I told him if he feels things getting worse, I told him to cross and flee Rwanda into Uganda to see how we can handle the issue. But unfortunately they killed him before,” he said

    Rwanda’s Media High Council this year suspended Umuvugizi and Umuseso for six months on the grounds the two weekly newspapers violated Rwanda’s media laws and incited public order.

    Gasasira said the killing of acting editor Rugambage fits the pattern of the Rwandan government’s campaign against the independent media.

    “We are under tense surveillance. My journalist was also beaten up by the spokesman on Thursday when he was in an office of an opposition leader where he had gone to investigate some story. The same goes to me. Since Sunday, I’m not allowed to get out of my house. Security sources where I am say there are lots of spies they have sent to finish me,” Gasasira said.

    James Butty

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