Paul Kagame ,the biggest criminal on active service


The biggest criminal on active service” is nominated by the U.N. to serve as example of the struggle against hunger and discrimination

This past June 7, Soraya Rodríguez, secretary of State for International Cooperation, took pleasure in explaining to the Spanish senate that, in recognition of Spain’s commitment to the Millenium Development Goals, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had just appointed José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero to chair the international group that will ensure the implementation of these goals. In this role, Rodríguez Zapatero will serve as the representative of the developed countries and will share this honorary position with the representative of the developing countries.

In a solemn assembly entitled Declaration of the Millenium and held in New York in September 2000, the 192 member countries of the U.N. had set out to achieve these 8 goals by 2015. The Declaration of the Millenium sought to accomplish goals yearned by millions of people, noble goals such as eradicating poverty and hunger, ensuring primary school education around the globe, reducing infant mortality, establishing gender equality, and achieving environment sustainability.

So far, so good – yet a surprise lies in store. Hidden inside the respectable present our president has received lurks a surprise “little gift”. This time, however, it bears no resemblance to the traditional practise on the feast of Epiphany dating back to the second century whereby the lucky person who found a bean in his ‘King’s cake’ was crowned almighty king for a couple of days. This time, rather, it is a poisoned gift which will turn Zapatero into a pitiful universal symbol of the unthinkable degree of corruption that the U.N. has now reached.This U.N. is being manipulated by a small, dark and extremely powerful international elite which is directly responsible for establishing a global situation which has brought about highly criminal and mass collateral impact. This corrupt U.N. which some parties want to establish as the new and sole Global Government. This gift is no other than the fiend who has been chosen to co-chair the group, as representative of the developing countries: Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda.

Who is this man? Paul Kagame is the man who, according to countless witnesses, snatched power as head of the Rwandan Patriotic Front which had just invaded Rwanda from Uganda, following the assassination of his colleague, moderate general Fred Rwigema in October of 1990. Kagame’s new strategies focused on sowing terror among the large Hutu majority and on instigating an exodus from a large part of the country in order for him to get a hold of power more easily in the capital city of Kigali. Under his command, to cite just an example, hundreds of Hutu peasants were slit open and tied to an object with their own guts in order for relatives and acquaintances to find them in such state. Kagame is the man who ordered the assassination of nine Spanish nationals who had been inconvenient witnesses of his misdeeds. Kagame is the man who ordered the assassination of three bishops and dozens of people with them, and told his subordinates who, taken aback, didn’t know whether they had correctly understood his instructions: “I’ve already told you to get rid of that scum.” Kagame is the man who, amid loud guffaws, fired a powerful machine-gun himself, murdering dozens of Hutu civilians at a market. He is the man, who even recently, in the midst of an impassioned speech, regretted only having murdered some hundred thousand Hutu refugees in Congo and not all of them…A list of similar examples could go on forever. But anybody can find these examples in the February 5 2008 judicial order, issued by Judge Fernando Abreu Merelles, which holds Kagame responsible for the most serious crimes in international law and has issued arrest warrants against 40 of his closest associates. As Filipe Reynjens and many other experts who know him well point out, Kagame is, in short, the world’s “biggest criminal on active service.”

The Millenium Development Goals have thus been undermined to such an extent that they now appear as a mere masquerade, as a philantropic facelift of the immense pillage that a powerful elite of our globalized world, using monsters like Kagame, is carrying out in countries like Congo, countries which this elite moreover claims to be helping out. I can’t think of a metaphor which could more powerfully reveal the pitiful state of things in the world today than this mass criminal’s philantropic chairmanship at the U.N. Mr. Zapatero, is that what you are willing to stand for alongside Kagame? Being the new international public face of a philantropic farce which now sinks its roots in secret societies that date back centuries? The public face of a criminal farce which is today one of the main strategies vying to establish a New World Order in which the U.N. must be the main “charitable” agent?

Who are those people who, having so much power as to be able to dictate a criminal agenda to the U.N., are capable of debasing what is holiest, all the deepest yearnings of humankind? How have we possibly been able to sink to such a level of collective perversion and madness? How have we gone so far as to accept, as paradigm of the Millenium Goals, an individual who is responsible, not only for the great impoverishment of Congo and the mass of Hutu peasants in Rwanda, but also for the devastation of these two countries where millions of Rwandans and Congolese have died? What important stakes do these elites hold in Congo and in all of Central Africa that they can act with such blatant shamelessness and put forward to the world such a fiend as guide? It’s now clear why Ban Ki-moon never responded to Judge Fernando Andreu Meralles who at the beginning of 2009 issued another resolution demanding that he hand in the evidence of the pillage that Kagame had carried out in Congo. It’s also clear why in its report dated November 2009 the U.N. panel of experts accused us, the small organization that initiated such lawsuit, of being the leading financial backer of the huge conflict in Congo. How outrageous is everything in this incredible story!

Mr. Zapatero: this denunciation is not against you, but rather for your sake. It’s the denunciation made by people who are deeply disappointed with your behavior concerning this current major conflict, a conflict in which nine Spanish nationals were murdered following orders from Kagame. It’s the denunciation by people who back then voted for you and even now don’t want to see you stoop so low. Don’t yield once again, Mr. President. Not this time, please. It would be far too humiliating. Be wary of those people who, whether outside or even inside your inner circle, lead you to such embarrassing situations. Don’t insult so many of us Spaniards who understand the meaning of what you are about to do. Now you can’t say you weren’t informed. Or is it, rather, that you are paying off some ‘favor’ to those who call the shots in the world? Mr. Zapatero, don’t be co-chair of the Millenium Goals with Kagame, don’t go down in history as the accomplice of such a fiend and his extremely powerful godfathers in their operations of global pillaging and deceit. They will be brought to light in the short run. Don’t lend them a hand, don’t stain your own hands with innocent blood. This attempt to clean up the image of this thug Kagame and of his criminal pillage of Congo is so blatant and preposterous that it will most certainly backfire.

Joan Carrero, president, Fundació S´Olivar

Bernat Vicens, president, Drets Humans de Mallorca


  1. Who do you think will be heard ? An extrimist who just put allegations without any facts like you or a recognized and reputable international institution which has facts at hand ?

  2. Without any facts, John Habimana? You apparently don’t follow the news. France and Spain have issued extradition requests for Nyamwasa, that means these cases are moving forward.

  3. John, what do you call the French and Spanish Judicially or even the mighty Human rights Watch, Some small institutions?
    Do you really think that by Sarkozy visiting Rwanda he can change the case against criminal Paul kagame,waiting in the French judicial system?
    The world knows that its’ the Clinton and Tony Blair’s of this world fronting your master!!
    However, this ‘ll not be for long because they’re just protecting their interests and later they’ll dump him. Watch the space!!

  4. @John is anoither Kagamaist with a corrupt mind if he does not see their rule disintegrating under their watch then he will look like that cow tick that didnt realize that the cow it has been sucking blood had been slaughtered a week ago then it was too late for the tick to move from that cow while it was still living.people like John are those who have grabbed hutus property they dont wish to believe that things are changing because thety just landed ready built houses and tarmacked roads when they were from the bushes and free electricty and drinkable water unlike what they used to. so whatever you tell them they wont listen but they have to know that even after 400 years they never thought that 1959 could come now they have to wait the most effective system.

  5. People like John are drunk with ignorance!!
    However, not all Tutsi are like that because many descent Tutsi detest Kagame’s murderous culture.
    The problem we have here are extremists from both[Tutsi & Hutu] camps.
    My recommendation would be:
    A proper Truth and Reconciliation Commission like the one in South Africa. We could even make it better!!

    Property belonging to Hutu and Francophone Tutsi should be returned to their rightful owners.

    There should be equal representation of leadership in the Civil Service, Military, Business, etc.

    Freedom of Speech,media,assembly and expression should be a right and not a crime.

    Those that have committed crimes against Banyarwanda [and Congolese People] from 1990 to present day, should face Justice.

    Financial accountability should also be addressed.

    Political space should be open for all, to participate on merit and not gun power.

    The proper Rwandan Flag should be used as it’s more symbolic than the Kagame’s Flag that is un-African

    Both English and French languages should be used as official languages but not replace each-other.

    I hope other loving Banyarwanda can make more recommendations!!

  6. Rwanda moving forward in every angle. Economy, education, political etc. There is evidence to that effect . Our leaders have been recognized world wide ! You can stop running you negative compaign and be part of the development.

  7. @Habimana is another blind Tutsi,,do you strongly believe that just only a small crick of tutsi cronies will continue riding over 90% of all Rwandans?you are absolutely wrong. but i have to tell you that what is coming to you now is worst that what happened in 1994.I am sorry the only option Kagame has is to apologize for having caused both tutsis and hutus to die,form a genuine reconcilaition and reform commission like the one in south Africa,ask for expert from both tribes and international expert to make a constitution that protects all Rwandans and implement what ADMIN has said otherwise. you are in 1995 you never believed that nyamwasa could be in exile sharing unga with never believed that a prominent tutsi like andree would be slaughtered by the time has come to reshape your thinking mechanism

  8. very interesting comments from all sides. the only thing i can say is that no one is perfect, though some are more perfect than the average guy. likewise, aint no system is perfect and as such you will always have people that love or detest something. however, even if you love or detest something you should not do it in ignorace – get all the facts right and argue them out logically; dont create wild hate stories or obssessed adoration stories just out of the blue. to conclude about kagame and rwanda, i will use this quote ” to be successful you need friends; to be very successful you need enemies!”

  9. Let’s Rwandans rebuild our country ourselves because none of you (commentators) is right.I thouggh that none among you lives Rwana at this moment. We, Rwandans, remind how was suffering our country in 1994 and none even Spain, French, Uganda, UN,… gave to the Rwanda their value so that they might be saved. All that happened in Congo even in Rwanda, it was not for loosing human being but it was the way seeking for security of our country.Kagame is powerfull leader, willing to ensure always the security ,education, economic development of all Rwandans without any form of discrimination

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