Paul Kagame Just Shoots Opponents!

He believes in killing his opponents, that is the problem I have with him, there is a long list of people that have died politically,”

Patrick Karegeya

Interview with Patrick Karegeya, former Rwandan Chief Spy and Army Spokesman.

The Rwandan authorities and President Paul Kagame denied having had anything to do with the attempted murder of Nyamwasa. What do you think?
It is not an assumption, it is a reality. He is fully involved. Not that I’m creating it. I know Kagame is having great difficulty in explaining some of the issues that [Nyamwasa] has uncovered, for him there is no possibility for debating issues, he just shoots.

How do you interpret the attempted murder?

For someone from my country, it is no surprise. We expected it. We ignored the time but we knew it would happen. It is the way Kagame acts. We receive information daily and know that they are trying to hunt us down.

Do you fear for your life?

Of course.

What would be the reasons for Kagame wanting to get rid of you?

He cannot stand that anyone would think differently. All dictators constantly perceive people around them as enemies . Their mission is to perpetuate themselves in power by surrounding themselves with family members or people that protect them from any country that can remove them from power. And for that, critics are accused of genocide.

How is the opposition within Rwanda?

The pressure is terrible because there are no basic freedoms: not human, not political, or expression. There is only one man, what he says is law. If you open a question, you are accused of insubordination. The country is being governed under the wheels of fear. There is manipulation at all levels. Within the country, it is very difficult for the opposition to organise. Opposing Kagame’s agenda is to risk jail. The games have been painted with a single idea. He defines who will be the candidate and what percentage are going to get in the elections. There is no real opposition. But fortunately, people are starting to wake up.

And the opposition in exile?

It’s growing. The exiles are realising that the differences between them are only helping Kagame. At first, Kagame killed Hutus, but Tutsis now too, Hutus and Tutsis are realising they have the same problem.

This is not the image we have overseas about Rwanda

He has been sold as a saint, there are certain lobbies advertise it very well, but this image can fly with the facts. When the truth is revealed, the picture fades. It is not the first dictator that the West has supported so strongly. Amin [in Uganda] Saddam [in Iraq], Mobutu [in Congo] all had their friends in the West. Perhaps he has been sold better, and whenever there is any doubt, get the letter of “good but, after all, he managed to end the genocide.” I wonder: I can not deny that fact, because there was a genocide?

What do you mean?

The genocide was unfortunate, should never occurred and the guilty must be punished. But it’s not a license to deny rights. Pressing the press because he was responsible for mobilising the population against genocide is like asking people to stop eating because it can cause obesity.

Interview by Gemma Parellada and translated by Joramjojo

Patrick Karegeya, has told the BBC that he knew of a series of political killings ordered by President Kagame.

He believes in killing his opponents, that is the problem I have with him, there is a long list of people that have died politically,” said Mr Karegeya.

I was in a position to know so I think I am talking from a point of knowledge.



    Her name is UWAMUTARA Claire. She is Tutsi. She was married to Colonel Danny NDAHIRO of the RPF. She fled Rwanda after the assassination of her husband and her 9 year-old son, Magnifique NDAHIRO, on July 1, 2009.

    In April 1994, UWAMUTARA Claire took refuge at St. Paul Parish in Kigali. She was evacuated by RPF soldiers and was later taken back to Mount Rebero. She served as a nurse and took care of RPF wounded soldiers. She became acquainted with Danny NDAHIRO who was then Lieutenant, commanding the Bravo Unit. They got married in December 1996.
    The story of her husband’s murder and other crimes by RPF soldiers makes one shudder.
    On July 1, 2009 at 4:00 am, a police vehicle with a plate tag A980R got in front of the couple’s residential home. Among those on board was among others an officer named SHAMAMBA Faustin. Frightened, the woman escapes through the back door and hid among the neighbors with her three children, leaving her disabled husband and 9 year-old son in the house.
    A few minutes later the woman heard her son crying in agony. Faustin SHAMAMBA is a hired killer who does not digested NDAHIRO Danny because he opposed RPF plans aimed at eliminating Hutus.

    According UWAMUTARA upon arrival in Rwanda, Paul Kagame has created a military group of professional killers called GACURABWENGE and instructed to remove unwanted people among the Hutu majority. The group is commanded by Captain Fred KATABARWA. Danny NDAHIRO and Lieutenant GAHIMA were approached to join the group whose mission was notably to eliminate Hutu intellectuals inside Rwanda and in refugee camps abroad.

    The group was ordered to kill Faustin TWAGIRAMUNGU (former Prime Minister) and Pasteur BIZIMUNGU (former President) but Danny NDAHIRO objected. Danny NDAHIRO also received the mission to visit Kenya and assassinate Seth SENDAHONGA and Theoneste LIZINDE but refused. SENDASHONGA and LIZINDE were murdered respectively by KAJOLITE and Sergeant Thomas a.k.a MUNYANEZA LUKAMAYITI, currently employed at Rwanda’s Ministry of Defense.

    A meeting of the GACURABWENGE Group was held at Novotel Hotel on June 4, 2004. The meeting was attended among others by President Kagame, Titus RUTAREMARA Rose KABUYE and Tony KURAMBA. UWAMUTARA had also been invited to the meeting as a nurse close to Kagame’s regime as a mission would be given.

    Assigned to the hospital Kimironko, she was asked to inject poison or infectious agents to Hutu patients and their children or make them die from overdoses and cut their legs or arms of any Hutu slightly injured. She absolutely refused to comply. She was transferred to Kigali prison known as 1930. Again the idea was to contribute to the killings of prisoners. She refused and was accused by his fellow Tutsi TRIFONIA in the associations of genocide survivors. She was transferred to the Health Center of Kicukiro. Again, the GACURABWENGE group gave her the following directions: reduce the number of Hutu babies and ensure that in 100 cases admitted to the maternity, at least 30 mothers and 20 newborns are killed.

    The GACURABWENGE group had established other targets including Pierre Celestin RWIGEMA then Prime Minister and a European named RICHARD, then employee at International Amnesty in Kampala, Uganda.

    After the meeting at Novotel Hotel, Danny NDAHIRO, who had asked sensitive questions, was arrested. During his detention, he revealed to his wife that Paul Kagame personally invited him to ask him why he opposes the RPF killing plans. During this conversation they were joined by Police Commander, Ephraim RURANGIRWA. A delegation of the Associations of genocide survivors, IBUKA and of widows of the genocide AVEGA came in to convince Danny NDAHIRO to cooperate with the RPF killing plans but without success.

    After his release for prison, Danny NDAHIRO was assigned to the Commission for Unity and Reconciliation and ordered to change his name to SEBERA Damascus. He was replaced in the group by a renowned killer by the name of RWAKA Simplice. Danny NDAHIRO was rearrested in 2007 after Colonel Patrick KAREGEYA failed his mission to assassinate Felicien KABUGA in Kenya because it was thought that Danny NDAHIRO had influenced him. Patrick KAREGEYA, currently in exile, had in the past successfully managed to kill a multitude of people on Kagame’s request.

    Danny NDAHIRO was held in prison until March 2009 in the “G2-Prison” in Kimironko, a secret underground prison in the plot of a villa belonging to Dr. GAKUBA. His wife joined him in that prison with daily torture consisting in drops of burning plastic. Claire UWAMUTARA was released on the intervention of Colonel Charles KAYONGA but she had a broken arm. Dr. Alfred, a Hutu, who performed the arm surgery, was in turn put in prison. Due to repeated tortures, Danny NDAHIRO, became crippled and thus unable to escape. He was murdered in his house with his son on July 1, 2009.

    Many other people have been killed because they opposed the killings of innocent Hutus. These include, but are not limited to, Major RUSAGARA who refused to endorse the plan to eliminate the population of Byumba.

    The GACURABWENGE group of killers also includes Pio MUGABO, Major Rose KABUYE (current Chief of Protocol), James KABAREBE (current Chief of General Staff of the Rwandan Defense Forces), etc.

    Recently, Claire UWAMUTARA fled Rwanda. The RPF death squads wanted to kill her. Even in her current exile, she still fears for her life.

    Read her full Testimony Here!!

  2. Its amzing how Kagame continues to be an animal I remember when we were in Uganda Rose Kabuye said that if she is given a chance she would reduce Hutus from 85% to 12% thus making Tutsis the majority.I wonder why the worlds does not see how this brutal extremists tutsis are killing innocent hutus I am also a tutsi but I am against this brutal rule of Kagame can the world help Rwandans please?

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