Rwanda Bogus Elections

Fascist Paul Kagame wins elections against himself

…well, uh..Iam not responsible for a weak opposition, if the opposition is weak then its because they are weak. I cannot be ashamed of my strength because somebody else is weak..uh..I don’t understand the principal..uh..I don’t understand the logic. They have not become weak at my expense. I have become strong based on my own abilities”

Says the fascist

The usual cold hearted western elite have once again shown their true intentions of how humanity will be defended in the 21st century, by putting profit and greed before human rights. Thus, they’ve painted Kagame’s criminality with bogus economic miracle rhetoric and dismissed human rights abuses-because he holds the key to Alibaba’s treasure[Congo bloody minerals] cave. Why do you think the Illuminati mafioso; Tony Blair,Bill Clinton,etc. are so desperate prostituting themselves in Rwanda and not giving a care about Human rights???

Fascist Kagame arrives to cast himself at the Rugunga polling station

Again, this just shows you how the “I” has been reduced to the “Me” and making it impossible to differentiate between self and “other”.
Can you imagine if Hitler had succeeded at enslaving the entire Europe with his racist project-would it have been justifiable for the rest of the world to defend him as a jolly good guy because he had created an economic miracle in Germany?? Of course not!
However, Paul Kagame and Adolf Hitler have so much in common. Among the positive achievements of Hitler, the one that outshines all others was his economic miracle… Sounds familiar??

Just like how fascist Kagame has used Congo Blood minerals(Ali baba’s treasures) to build the so called “economic miracle”, Hitler also used Gold confiscated from the Jews and also depleted his nation’s gold reserves
Of-course no one is refuting the creation of work in Rwanda, but what sort of work has been created?

The Nazis did introduce public work schemes Reichsarbeitsdienst. The work included digging ditches on farms to assist irrigation, building the new autobahns, planting new forests etc.

Rwandan youth at Iwawa Island, doing permanent Umuganda-cheap labour

In Rwanda, this sort of work is known as Umuganda and has become politicised-thus the regime has created a deception of everyday life. The original Umuganda during Habyarimana’s time, was about every able bodied person aged 18 years or older participating in the unpaid work-just once in a month. However, in fascist Rwanda, its everyday for the youth at RPF run concentration camps[also in Congo coltan mines] and for propaganda purpose, another Umuganda is run once a month.

The daily routine of everyday life is later discussed in the official fascist propaganda platform[Rwanda new times] with a glossy coating by a few individuals(sycophants) with the intent of creating meaning out of chaos by imbuing their Anglo-Saxon readers audience, as the majority of Banyarwanda are francophone.
Then later the persona of Fascist Paul Kagame is forced under the throats of the majority of Banyarwanda at gun-point as the appropriate symbol of everyday life.
Rwanda elections have shown that democracy is all about a single despot who has made a conquest.

The killing technique of Kagame:Fascists always want us to get out of our freedoms by being crushed and taking away what we have left. Never give up and never give in, in-spite of the thirst for vengeance in his eyes.

The bogus elections are over and its time to start uttering what we think the truth is, and we shouldn’t be ashamed nor be intimidated to knock him down with it.
Let us not put limits on our people, but work in unity to refresh the tree of Freedom for all Rwandans!!
Joram Jojo