Ugandan Army fighting for Muammar Gaddafi

Every Tryant has his day and Gadaffi's day is now and not tomorrow

Muammar Gaddadfi is the son of the devil and the godfather of all African Tyrants in Africa. The thug has blood of millions of innocent people.

Libyans turned up in thousands to enlist in the Revolutionary Forces

There’s credible information from our sources that two battalions from Museveni’s Army(UPDF) have been flown to Libya. Tyrant Yoweri museveni’s Brother, Salim Saleh is the one overseeing the operations of who gets flown out and so far 8 trips in 4 planes have been made to go and commit crimes of humanity against the Libyan People.

One of the Uganda battalion fighting in Ras Lanuf, is under the command of Brigadier Yunus Al Khaliffa. The only way out for those Ugandans fighting for murderer Gaddafi, is to surrender to the Libyan Revolutionary Forces as there’s no other route out. Its not too late for you as we have already informed our comrades of your plight, that you were misled by Yoweri Museveni’s greedy family.

Else you could make your way to Ras Jdir, Tunisia and claim that you’re a guest worker from Uganda and you want to go back home. The UN there will help you and be prepared for this.

A Ugandan man is escorted after an argument about a passport at United Nations displacement camp

PLease..don’t try to argue with UN officials when you get there as you’ll be escorted back to Libya-try and be humble. If you want to argue, wait till you get back to uganda.

We understand that Tyrant Yoweri Museveni was to be paid by his Libyan godfather a bounty of 10 Mig jets, 40 Tanks and 48 Million(Euros).
Our sources have confirmed to us, that Tyrant Gaddafi on the eve when the No Fly resolution 1973 was passed, Salim Saleh(Tyrant Museveni’s Brother) had asked their godfather to forget about the Migs, Tanks and instead pay them 1 Billion US dollars as they were prepared to raise a manpower of 4 extra battalions and most of them would be Somalia Veterans-served in Somalia. The money currier would be Tyrant Museveni security minister Amana Mbabazi as he was to visit Libya on a fake AU peace mission but the deal never took off and the first delivery has not been paid as yet-that’s why you see the Ugandan Tyrant trying to blackmail your fake Parliament into buying Jet fighters.

What did those soldiers in the two battalion instead get?? Unbelievable, a watch with Gaddafi’s head, 35(US dollars) and a chance to fly on a plane.
The only positive news is that, some of them threw away their guns and made a runner from Ras Lanuf, while the rest have already surrendered to the Revolutionary Forces and have been transferred to Bengazhi.