Uganda, Yoweri Museveni must Go Now!

Fellow Ugandans, again for the fourth time in a month, we are seeing how Murderer Yoweri museveni is oppressing and disregarding the fundamental rights of our fellow Ugandans that natured him when his Burundi Twa father sought asylum in Uganda from Rwanda.

If a man can mistreat his closer friends,doctor,family friend and people that took care of him, then what about those thugs that are brutalising and humiliating our people, they’re nothing to him-but just tools??

The man is a brutal selfish thug that uses people-if you love him, try and ask people what happened to Muhozi Kainerugaba’s mother, unbelievable, he killed her!

Those that are carrying out brutality against their fellow citizens because they belong to a different political thought will never have a future in Uganda. What we have are criminals working for an oppressive regime they thinking that they’re equal too, However in reality they’re not, but similar.

Again today, we are witnessing a group of thugs that are accomplice in crimes of humanity against their fellow citizens, because Yoweri Museveni has moulded them to his brutal desires..

The struggles for liberation in Uganda, have taught us that the terrain for liberation are always dependent on the social and political atmosphere of the time.

However, Ugandans for long have been in denial that the terrain has been ready for along time-what is happening today is nothing comparable to what has happened in Northern Uganda. The absorption of the opposition and the mainstream media into the system, isolated voiceless Ugandans that were being brutalised day and night by murderer Yoweri Museveni.
The Political conflict therefore emerged and was fought in terms of Northerns versus Southerners. Thus, the opposition remained at the level of bickering among itself and the Tyrant got away with murder.

The Ugandan politicians that are using the rising prices of commodities as a political short-cut to glory-have been unable to connect to wider political issues and, in particular, to the nature of the brutal political rule in the country-If the intention was for a popular uprising, then the planning has so-far been very poor.

I’m sure, it would have been different if Kizza Besigye, Olara Ottunu, Mao,etc, set fire on themselves-Yes, the people’s reaction would be different. Thus, it would become a meaningful popular uprising that would capture lots of sympathy.
However, its very heartening to see the way they’ve been brutalised by the state-what sort of man is in-charge of Our country???
No…No.. its unacceptable to see some brutal tyrant terrorising our Brothers ,Sisters, children and parents in that manner!!

Trigger happy thugs Killing women, men, infants and tear-gassing toddlers in schools is something done by evil people that have no heart for humanity but for themselves.

Fellow Ugandans, lets not deceive ourselves that the current hardships in Uganda is something new. Yes, the oppressing class has never had it better as the wealth and opportunities have only trickled to them and living the rest of Ugandans in abject poverty.
They’ve mastered the art of using brutality and using it on civilians is no big deal to them. Yes, the only way to confront them is by armed struggle and that time is coming very soon.

The first stage in the struggle has to be the creation of fear among the regime’s errand Boys and Girls. Yes, its them with the spending power and they live among us-Poison is easy to a quire and to deploy in their drinks, food, clothes and beddings-concealing the people’s weaponry in Kikomando(Uganda sandwiches) will create fear.
All autonomous sleeper cells, its time to party and liberate your people.

Please, make sure the People’s Voluntary Forces get this!!!!!!

Joram Jojo