Yoweri Museveni is a Brutal Killer

yoweri museveni
Fellow Ugandans,for the fifth time in a single month, the brutal tyrant has once again with no mercy, killed and humiliated our Brothers and Sisters .

Tyrant Yoweri Museveni has resorted to Murder as a way to impose himself upon our people. The thug is forcing Ugandans to love him while at the same time, he has no love for them.

Thus, the cold blooded tyrant lacks patriotism for the country that natured him and has instead resorted to the narrow conception that Ugandans are wrong and he’s right.

The psychotic tyrant has proven to us that life without power will always lead to mass murder and there’s evidence for this, from Buganda, Acholi, Karamoja,Rwanda and Congo.

Every time tyrant Museveni lost control over people that didn’t love him,he went on a killing frenzy that ended up in a genocide.

History has taught us that, cold blooded tyrants like Museveni are masters at decimating propaganda that turns the victims of their brutality into the guilty party.

Before modeling themselves into a cult figure that is feared,they franchise the tools of brutality among their family members while forgetting that, no person can love a man they fear.

Thus, the victims are always reminded of how they were saved from dictatorship and political bankruptcy. Yes, its very understandable why many Ugandans have taken long to realise that the impostor in their state house was indeed a cold blooded killer because they were made to feel guilty.

The way we understand the psychotic head of Yoweri Museveni, Of-late its become more difficult for him to murder Acholi, Karamojongs and Congolese, and that’s why its imperative we have to stop him before he turns Buganda to year Zero, because that’s what has been his fantasy for a very….long time.

Thus, his an opportunistic murderer that is always looking for new territory to deploy killers.

No one is safe from Murderer Yoweri Museveni

Fellow Ugandans, today your all guerrillas and freedom fighters, that are fighting within your own environments so that your people can be Free.

Its your right to preserve your democratic rights and to struggle for genuine Liberation in any way you consider necessary.


Admin says:

Our team picked up today this aerial photo during their suveillance on the movement of the Tyrant’s notorious son, Major Muhoozi Kainerugaba. The team first thought it was some cumulus cloud caused by the teargassing of the tyrants thugs. However,after some pain taking analysis it was not, but some chemicals being distributed systematically.

Click on it and take a good look..

Its not possible for cumulus clouds to be that low and very concentrated above lower terrains .

The team’s conclusion was that the tyrant could be using some nasty gas to kill the residents of that area in a very slow and calculative methodology.

Joram Jojo