Uganda instability

Fellow Ugandans, let us first take this moment to offer our condolences and sympathy to all those families that have lost their loved ones at the hands of Tyrant yoweri museveni from; Luwero, Acholi,Teso, Karamoja, Lango, Westnile, Rwenzori, Bugisu and kampala . They’re no words or actions that can ever bring your loved ones back.

The one thing that Tyrant Museveni will never take away from us Ugandans, are our eternal values of; goodness, justice, generosity, nationality, history and social life. However, the tyrant has been successful at introducing his own self-serving values such as; Nepotism, viciousness, displacement, Torture, Judicial killing of innocent people, public fund wastage and embezzlement, anti-Uganda(national property sold off), mainstream corruption, genocide, and so on.

Fellow Ugandans, what happened on the 13th may 2011, was very disturbing to everyone, when a known cold blooded murderer was legalised as your “President” and sworn in by a so called learned person- the “Uganda chief justice”, so that our motherland can continue to be a hopeless country down on its belly- that is pervaded by falsehoods, hypocrisy, greed, fraud and law breaking.

In spite of plenty of treasures in the sea, we call upon Ugandans not to sail with Tyrant Museveni’s cabal in the sea of blood. Please stay on the shores if you seek safety as the time of sinking is very soon. Bravo to all those lawyers that took to the street to say “Enough is enough”! Thus, you proved to the tyrant that justice is a necessity, not merely a hobby or a luxury and tyranny is not a viable option for Ugandans.

Brothers and sisters, today our motherland is awash with poverty and injustices that need to be addressed today and not tomorrow. However, there’s a minority that is brimming with affluence that has been acquired by perverse means. This later group of Ugandans are the most unpatriotic and you could easily think that they were created by the devil as their greed is so dreadful. We’re talking of Tyrant museveni and his Ugandan foster families.

The one thing that hurts us most about the so called families-for your information, tyrant museveni and Janet kataha stopped sharing their marital bed 3years ago and the boy always seen standing behind her in uniform, has been confirmed by our sources as the person that regularly swims in her HIV infected Kandahar. The reason we brought in Janet kataha Museveni, is because the largest family of spongers on the Ugandan tax payers, are known or somehow related to the whore.

We should also not-be shy or intimidated to critically look at the so called life leaders of the opposition like Kizza Besigye, Cecil Ogwal, Ken Lukyamuzi, etc. That have turned opposition politics into their little earner and a mediocre. Most sane people should be able to tell that FDC would be better-off with the leadership of Mugisha Muntu and not Kizza Besigye, yes he might seem to shine like gold, but he’s (Kiwani) brass.
To make it short, all opposition parties in Uganda are run like cults and not as modern dynamic organisation with their own characteristics-there are no checks and balances on the leadership and this leads to a clique within the party.

With the leadership of Mugisha Muntu, the Ugandan opposition would have seen the sense of boycotting last elections, as the writing was on the wall that kanywamusayi(museveni) has never observed honesty when it comes to elections. Believe it or not, the regime would have collapsed by today through an indisputable popular uprising. But some short-sighted individuals still live in a different time-warp to understand the dynamics of modern society that you don’t pick a colonel with no fighting command and control experience over a general with the longest experience on the land.

The Leaders that lose should resign after one-term so that new leadership can have time to build a political-base. The small minds that are always defensive when the leadership question is raised; “so and so built this party and blah…blah the party will be nothing without them”. Nonsense, then why didn’t they name the party after themselves i.e. big lips party, etc?? Those people are the real enemies of change in Uganda.

This goes to all political parties, of course there’s nothing wrong with building a political party under a tyrannical entity, but is that political party going to have access to all electoral resources like the media, security, etc.?? Of course not! Your main resource should be Ugandans and not a particular wannabe influential group of people (banna bba mandazi, kwete elders, Muramba boys, etc.) that don’t even represent 96% of the population and can’t articulate the candidate’s message to the electorate. The Uganda opposition parties seem to over-rely on election-time rallies to decimate their message, political rallies aren’t only about mass recruitment, but to reassure the support base that has been built over- a period of time. It’s that time when wanainchi just turn up to eat free food and to be thanked for their support but not brainwashed-most opposition candidates would agree that their rallies were always attended by minors.

However, this does not mean that you should participate in elections run by a well-known thieving tyrant. Okay, you might think that we’re fools trying to deny you-your bread and butter-but these fools here, managed to convince 5million Ugandans not to vote and they did so! Now, if fools like us can manage to convince such a large number, don’t you think that the biggest problem is the leadership of your political parties, what have they been doing all that time?? The only way the Uganda opposition in future, will be able to convince Ugandans with their democratic mantra, is to practice what they preach. The real campaign normally commences the following month after the election and not the last few weeks to the election. That’s why it’s very imperative to sort out your political leadership ASP.

Now what’s the future of Uganda?

There has never been a time as this one-in our history, were more than 70% of the populace have a grievance with the leadership of the country. The majority of the youth, want regime change ASP and not to wait another five years of the tyrant’s pathetic crap. When asked about the political party they voted, they said NRM because it will be easy to topple as the excuse is written on the wall, but with another party like FDC,etc. It will take long to gather the popular support to topple if it had won the elections, because FDC under the current leadership would be the exact mirror of NRM, if not even worse. According to them, Ugandans have always taken a deep sleep after regime change to see the wrongs of the status-quo and they wouldn’t be that interested to offer you support as you’ll have to wait for minimum of 10years.

What is so amazing, is the mind of the senior citizens, our ribs almost cracked with laughter when two old ladies 70 &76 year old swore that they would smash Amana Mbabazi’s skull with a Fanta bottle till he puked all the money(using Ug lingo: ajja kuzisesema) and land he swindled from the poor. But he would be dead, we said! We know his children… they’ll also pay for their fathers crimes. In fact, many Ugandans are promising to avenge for the injustices committed by targeting regime family members, as they are considered the worst scam bugs of the lot!
For the security of our brothers and sisters, we shall not name the most hostile group that would want to see the tyrant blown to pieces like dog’s mince.

The most surprising thing is the number of Ugandans that are willing to join any active armed rebel group as it will be worth it, than to continue living and dying slowly in a country with no hope and dignity. It will be a justified cause dying liberating Uganda from an imposter president.

Fellow Ugandans, writers of history will record this period in our country as the most absurd for a seating president. Not even Idi Amin was this much isolated like the imposter in your state house is today. The Tyrant is so scared to even travel to western Europe for fear of arrest as its legally acceptable, for nationals of a European country to carry out a citizen’s arrest to anyone they consider to have broken the law, especially human rights abuse. The immunity of a seating president from prosecution does not protect them from being arrested by a citizen. Do you remember when the Gay activist, Peter Tharchel almost arrested Robert Mugabe. Should we wait for this sort of arrest?? Of course not, as justice will never be served and would be foolish for us to think of museveni’s departure singularly to be the end of our problems. If this was the case, then he would have been assassinated long-time ago as the chances have been numerous to carry out the assignment.

We’re talking of a system that was planted in place 21 years ago and mercilessly imposed on our people. It’s the entire system that has to be uprooted, including its propaganda media, cadres, sympathisers, errand boys and girls, the personalised army and police, etc. The trail of stolen money and the fake account holders is becoming clearer now. The great thing with modern banking, you can easily gain access to any account details if you have clearance with money laundering investigation, the bank doesn’t have to know-even smaller off-shore ones.
Just like how we were able to smash salim saleh’s drug trafficking ring to Western Europe, the money trail will be uncovered and international arrest warrants issued for the holders of those accounts with such large amounts of money. How can a mere 26 year old student in Uganda have 16 million (US)dollars on her account in Bermuda??? It’s disgusting and insane!

Are Ugandans ready for an armed struggle?

The question was put to 70 percent of the population and the answer was yes as long as there’s minimal loss of life.
Will the armed struggle be carried out easily? Yes, the fighting will be short and will be orthodoxy, making it difficult for the tyrant’s forces to fight out of their comfort zone-thus they’ll get so demoralised and will turn their guns on their superiors before deserting in large numbers to join the People’s Voluntary Forces.

Remember, you are all Guerrillas and Freedom fighters!

Viva Uganda!!

Still writing this post….

Joram Jojo