Paul Kagame’s Freedoms of Press

The other day, Dictator Paul Kagame’s errand boys went in a tantrum, that how come’s civil society has not welcomed its new press freedoms that has been recommended by them[him]. What sort of freedoms of press that have no investigative character?? The clumsy errand boys forgot that freedom of Press is about freedom of movement to where you want to go and get the story[truth], basically where the damned rumor leads you too-freedom of press should not be about following Dictator Paul Kagame’s shadow.

Freedom of press is the recognition that no single person or government has a monopoly on the truth, but when the truth becomes a causality of propaganda as its now in Rwanda, then you know that the regime has declared war on its people-thus, lies written on a glossy website, cannot obscure the truth written in blood.

Its insane for the Rwanda taxpayers to be paying annually 200,000(US$) to Andrew Mwenda(Dictators buddy) so that he can purify Paul kagame’s criminality-If that’s not corruption of the highest order, then I rest my case.
When a journalist is bribed and becomes an accomplice in killing Rwandan indigenous journalism, then that journalist becomes a traitor. Thus, his swimming in the same bloodbath of murderer Paul kagame.

The Rwanda know-it-all dictatorial regime, has not even proposed-positive steps to make it possible for independent journalists to survive or develop, but what we see, is the continuation of gushing-out money to a Ugandan mike-mouse journalist, so that he can continue to speak for all Rwandans.

The persistent attempt to curb Press freedoms in Rwanda, will never deter media activists from fighting back. Thus, they’ll never surrender to the tutelage of Paul Kagame’s dictatorship.