Is the Chana Using you??

She could be doing a favour to stay with you-she feels sorry for you!

If the chana is hot, chances are she’s probably using you somehow as maintaining beauty can be very costly. Hot chanas are addicted to special treatment, they become spoiled and become accustomed to such treatment.

women that are hot, tend to think that they’re entitled to good life. It’s precisely this that makes the unattractive ones so bitter – they just know they deserve better from life.

The majority of women see men as a resources. A man makes his way through life with the things he knows, or has, or can do.

A woman makes her way through life by getting other people to do stuff for her and give her things.

Yes, she’s using you – that’s the reality life has to offer.

Its well known that some girls have many men for different reasons; one that does the shopping,the one that takes her out to dance,one that pays her phone bills etc.

and of course the sperm bank-the one that scores the penalty.

Things you should look out for: she demands expensive presents every time she meets you, she never call you by your name apart from “You there”,she dances slow dance(squeeze) with her cousins and uncles that happen to be in a club at the same-time with you,she always walks away 10 meters from you whenever she talks on phone, she makes excuse after excuse not to give you some pussy, she always brings a gang of girlfriends whenever you go out,she always give you a kiss on the jaw saying-oh..booch..booch, could you buy me that…etc,she never talks with you for long on phone(which is unusual for a woman)-she’ll claim that there’s an incoming call on the other line[she has minimum 3 handsets], she’s always absent-minded whenever your together, she always orders more than she can eat… etc..
I know the list is exhaustible!

Next time we look at why men cheat on their! women