African Bikini

We have been receiving numerous complaints that we became slack, because we haven’t featured new lovely girls for a very long-time. We are very sorry that we didn’t do our duties well, and very many apologies!!

As always, we’re not going to let you down, this time we have so many models that we shall be featuring in the future..

Some conservative Africans have been criticising us for featuring “naked” girls-but our work here is to do what we believe is right, as for a very longtime the western media has been putting down our people by feeding the entire world with bad publicity(media terrorism against African people) that is meant to demoralise our people forever.
That’s why you find black people not born in Africa tend to look us down, because its been embeded in their pysche that African people are smelly and diseased.

Not even the American owned black media has bothered to erase that negativity-regardless of their potential,when someone speaks with an African accent many doors are definitely shut on them.Famous black British/America comedians get a high at making fun of our accents, thus they’re legalising institutionalised discrimination towards African people.

Infact, the biggest problem African people face today is the image issue. We can understand some people thinking that We’re not doing the right thing by showing these images. However, the question to them, what have they done?

Our governments have failed us, instead they spend millions on western PR firms to cleanse their corrupt systems and what’s so pathetic, the PR/Lobbyists for Africa’s notorious dictators such as, Yoweri Museveni, happen to be Black Americans.

Its even more deppresing to watch the state of the african satelite Televistion channels. Though some content is good, the presentation is very poor.

We shall continue using our ingenuity to restore the African self confidence.

The African woman is the greatest ambassador we have out there, if only they could believe in themselves and hold their heads up.

We hope you enjoyed this edition!
Help us fight the image terrorism that has been imposed on our people since the days of Slave Trade. Long Live The African People!!


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