Salim Saleh is Hoading Food Products

This thug , is the brother of the Uganda Tyrant, Yoweri Museveni, and also the Godfather(Patron) of terrorists groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo and an international fraudster-both money laundering and cocaine trafficking.

Known as General Salim Saleh(aka) Caleb Afande Akandwanaho
The criminality portfolio of this thug is very colourful: early this year, he sent two battalions of mercenaries to Libya to prop-up Muammar Gadaffi’s tyranny. The man is so evil, he has become a food products speculator, to the extent that 90% of middle men are employed by him.
The food products being speculated include; maize grain and flour, mukene Fortified Maize Flour, Rice: Upland and Super, Groundnut and Groundnut Powder,Peanut butter,ghee,coffee,tea,beans, etc.
Now you can understand why prices of food products are so high for ordinary Ugandans.
While Ugandans are starving and suffering with high prices of food products, Criminal Salim Saleh, is hoarding and speculating their food that is sold to Southern Sudan at very high prices.Later of which the criminal brags that, he’s the new messiah for food security in Uganda. This is insulting to all Ugandans, he’s the source of food insecurity, period!
Its well known that Salim Saleh cannot work alone, Yoweri Museveni is the brains behind.

The criminal family owns most of the land in Uganda, with the intention to grow food using slave labour and later use it as a weapon of blackmail against Ugandans.
Today its well-known that 80% of land in Luwero has been fraudulently acquired by these thugs-most of the modern farming tools donated to Ugandans, is diverted to those farms. Thus Ugandans are being scammed left and right.

Why do you think the criminal is always in Arua? Very simple, to micro manage the smuggling of your food to Southern Sudan and blood-minerals plus Militias from Congo Democratic Republic.
You can discover the crime, but you cannot remove the criminality tendencies from a criminal such as, Salim Saleh.

The so called war against LRA wasn’t about Kony,etc. but land and a base to commit crimes against humanity.

Memo from Tyrant Museveni to Killer Salim Saleh

Subject; RETHINK

When we captured Kampala in January 1986 and later drove the uncouth UNLA soldiers out of the country in March 1986, our topographical knowledge of the northern region was still limited. Consequently we made hasty decision to draw
another national boundary, which would exclude the backward northerners from our new Uganda, particularly the Chimpanzees called Acholis. It was agreed that a new national boundary of Uganda with the Sudan should begin from the spot.

There the Nile waters flow into the Lake Albert, and traverse the Nile eastwards up to Lake kyoga, thence cut across the land and follow the local boundary of Teso people and Bagisu and follow the Karamoja-Sebei boundary to
the Kenya-Uganda border.

Last week I flew at low altitude from Arua to Gulu and I was surprised to see miraculous work of God in this part of Uganda.
When my plane was approaching the River Nile from western side, I was startled by the incongruity of the
land scapes from East and western banks of the River nile. while the littorals along the eastern bank, stretching from Lake Albert all the way to Sudan border, consisted of luxuriantly green vegetation, interpersed with woodlands, the western bank from Lake Albart northwards was predominantly of rugged lands.
Yet the Nile Water which divided the Acholiland from ‘west Nile districts was not even one kilometre wide.
I have now realized that the Monkeys called Acholis are sitting upon Gold Mine.
It is surprising that even the British Colonialists did not make them utilize the rich land properly.
But I will not allow these Chimpanzees to prevent other
Ugandans from activating the Bread Basket of Africa. I have now reversed our decision to expel them, with their lands, from Uganda. We must keep Uganda as the British left it.
But we must assume full control of the fertile lands.

It will be necessary, therefore, to find a way to drastically reduce the population.
I will transfer Chef Alii from Teso to command the Army in the area, to seal off the four districts of Apac, Lira, Gulu and Kitgum and ensure that no journalists are permitted to travel unescorted in the area. Fortunately the rebels are roaming around. This gives us unassailable excuse.

I am at pains to propose that it is necessary to eliminate some old politicians who are likely to give us troubles. However we should identify their own ambitious young men and women, who know the area well to do this for us. I have
in mind one young woman,Betty Bigombe, who would be suitable because of her ambition to climb high.

For the time being you work with Chef Ali only to ensure watertight secrecy. Tinye will come in later.

Yoweri Museveni

As you’ve read from the above Memo by the godfather of criminals-the mission has been accomplished with a genocide committed and land grabbed.
The criminal family now owns most of the land in acholi and Karamoja,while the people have been murdered in cold blood, abused, humiliated,displaced, etc.. and then left to live with no dignity in their ancestral land.

The Memo is very authentic and we have the copy of the original, that was sent to the Hague to be attached with other documents, in their files of genocide and crimes against Humanity.