Ugandans Scammed by Crooks

Head of the Criminal Collective
Boss of the Criminal Collective,Dictator Yoweri Museveni

Fellow Ugandans, what we’re seeing today in Uganda, is the extinction of the common man and the resurgence of state criminals.

The criminals have taken it all to themselves and made homeless hundreds of the most vulnerable families; children,mothers,the elderly,the disabled, the jobless ,the hungry,etc.

We have been told by their propagandists that the families had become an embarrassment to the elite because they were living in dilapidated housing, and it was the duty of the state to get rid of the undesirable ones so their habitation could be turned into a capitalistic satellite town, by a foreign investor. How comes during the last elections campaigns they weren’t the undesirable ones??

Fellow Ugandans, you remember when Shimoni School was razed down for the same reason, what next, Uganda National Museum and Mulago Hospital??
What is so sickening, is that Naguru and Nakawa had been home(kyalo) for those families before Uganda even gained its independence and they’re not squatters but rightful inhabitants.
About 2,500 families are believed to have lived in the estates that was built for low-income earners in 1954.

How comes Bayindi have rights to settlement and not indigenous Ugandans??
This is a place that has produced sports champions, doctors,professors,academicians,Activists,etc.

How can poor people’s habitation become an embarrassment,when its not their fault that: Tyrant Yoweri Museveni and his relatives swindle their resources like they’re possessed; the tyrant innovated corruption, decided to take care of the poor in Somalia and not Uganda, emptied the treasury so that his genocidal army could match into neighbouring countries and kill innocent people; he just withdraws millions of national reserves from Uganda bank like it was an ATM(cash point) so that, he could buy jet fighters, Salim saleh(Museveni’s brother)speculates food products, Amana Mbabaazi speculates acres of land, jobs are sold-Now, how do you expect a poor person to buy a job??, medical funding(GAVI) diverted to buying beer and roast pork for state criminals, etc.

The Poor thought that they could wake up in the morning and have the same rights like the rest of Ugandans. However, they were wrong because, the Ugandan constitution was written on sand and it has been washed away so that the poor would not be protected-thus,the criminals can just come in the wee hours of the morning and mercilessly raze down their homes with graders.

What the State criminals have done to the poor families of Naguru and Nakawa,just reflects the high level of intolerance for the most vulnerable people of our society. Believe me, they’ll be haunted for the rest of their lives.

Fellow Ugandans,the criminal collective has been quick to dismiss the plight of the inhabitants as justified so that Kampala sin city, could be pimped to the highest criminals.
However, In its report, the inspector government general(IGG) said that government had flouted the procurement process and wanted it re-tendered. The IGG also demanded that government finds alternative accommodation for the inhabitants. But as always, the hardcore crooks trashed the recommendations.

What is so pathetic with the thieving collective that are too full from thieving,but still binging, is their incompetent management skills to even oversee the simple maintenance of infrastructures such as; roads,street lighting, hospitals, schools, sanitation,etc. in Kampala. Now, how are they going to be able to maintain a white elephant owned by another foreign collective of thieves??

The criminals signed an agreement with Comer Homes Group Company of the United Kingdom to re-develop Nakawa and Naguru housing estates for a whopping 300Million(US$)

As usual, we decided to make our own investigation and it turned out that the Uganda criminals have been played by other criminals.

For starters, the company to do the development according to UK public records at the company’s House, is not painted with a rosy picture: Its a small company that had capital of 1,000(£) at the end of 2010 financial year. As we write this, the company’s annual return for this year, are over due.

What is also doggy about this company, is its address- it has no proper fixed trading address and has been changing addresses seven [several] times in a period of three years.

Today, its trading under Comer Homes Group Company
However, this seems to be a fake company as it has no public records available which is unusual. Check here:

Then we thought that it could be because its under group of companies, and we were able to discover that it recently owned Fieldridge Properties Ltd.

Then, it turned out that, an application was submitted by Fieldridge Properties Ltd, to develop the former Officers Mess in surrey. This was refused by Tandridge District Council on the 15th October 2009.
However, we found this company does not exist:

We also tried for credit check which is legally accepted but it turned out that the company is not registered in UK:

For further information on the Comer Homes Group including; general information, residential and commercial sales, current and future developments and employment opportunities, please contact us at:

Comer Homes Group
Princess Park Manor
Friern Barnet Road
Friern Barnet
New Southgate
N11 3FL

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8361 2424
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8361 3856

What we discovered is that the unregistered company is based in a Flat because they could not afford to buy/build or rent a proper office.

According to their fake glossy website(anyone can set up a website for the purpose of scamming the public)-the company has no registration number. Simple because its a fake company and has never carried out a major construction project!!!

Fellow Ugandans, I’m sure you’re not surprised about this new scam. However, its our people that have been collectively left as destitute in their own land by bloody thieving scum-bugs.
Today we see the Bayindi with their racist culture, taking away the little businesses that had been left to the indigenous Ugandan.

Let them shame us by making public, their tax return for the last 5years. Really, is that too much to ask from investors???