Paul Kagame and the Bad boys of Africa

Uhh, you’re all very welcome today. Sorry, I forget now..Okay, I repeat.Welcome again everyone.
As you see or can see, We have been very busy running seminars and workshops on democracy. I mean our democracy and not that democracy from those people, sijuwi wapi na wapi!

No one, I repeat, is going to come here and tell us that we should follow their democracy. Anyway, who are they to preach to us?
Eh, who are these people that think they can just come here, uninvited, and lecture to us, sijuwi, democracy this and democracy that. Who are they anyway?

You see, those people have been writing reports about me, that I don’t want to give democracy to Rwanda and they later turn around and say oh.. stop jailing that woman, I don’t know where she even came from??
Next time, I just heard on radio, this woman talking like a tape-recorder that she has come to be president.

I had just poured water in a glass, to take my medication and the glass fell from my hand out of disbelief, I almost got a heart attack!
She thought she would just get on a plane, sijuwi from where and come here to be president, as if we advertise for the post of president in newspapers.
Then I started receiving phone calls from my best friends like Bill Clinton,Tony Blair,Robert Mugabe,etc. if I had seen that crazy woman who wants to be president? I just told them, don’t worry, I’ve got a plan.
We are very peaceful people, the police just left her alone to talk and move around like every Rwandan.

Now, my question to them, have they seen or found anyone complaining that they don’t have democracy?
Go and ask people in Rwanda if they don’t have democracy,and make sure you take their photos, names and addresses.
The problem with you people is that you have a hidden ill-feelings about Rwanda.
I know you’re all guilty of something bad that you have done, and Iam going to find out

Now about the media, it has been buried in Amahoro Stadium. We should all blame those interahamwe for killing the media. How can someone.., I mean those people come to Rwanda and kill all the media? I’m asking again why should someone bother, eh, cross all those countries, sijuwi wapi na wapi and then kill all the media!!!

You see, I watch everything very closely, We knew that they were planning something, but killing the media…that was a shock!!
I have put up a team to investigate and find out who was working with them, hahahaha…ha, they will regret why they killed the media!.
Now, who are these people working with those interahamwe???
Iam asking again, who are these people?
I’m going to America to visit my friends but when I come back I will teach them a lesson! Anyway, who are these people?