African Discovers Water on Mars

This might sound impossible but its very true that it was an African who discovered, that Mars held plenty of water.
The discovery was made on 21 April, 2011 and I published my findings(Plenty of water on Mars). However, at the time, I wasn’t that excited about the discovery as I had other things on my mind.
I’ve decided to go public, because recent NASA seems to have got the credit from the media(see NASA announces Water found on Mars,4 August 2011)

I would say that the discovery was accidental as the intention was to monitor an asteroid that was to crash into planet Saturn.

It was during that time that I was carrying out my observation that I made the discovery.

For sometime, I had been following the movement of an asteroid that was on its way to plunge into Saturn, then I decided to take a closer look at Mars and see if there was an imminent threat of asteroids.

The change of mind was due to losing Saturn, as planets travel in their orbits very first.

Out there in space is like a lonely highway, its a weird feeling when you bump into planet earth-you then realise how blessed humans beings are and we just take our planet for granted.

At the time, I thought that I had discovered a new planet, because of the blue staff on the planet, I couldn’t tell that it was the red dusty Mars I was used to.

As I got closer,I realised that indeed it wasn’t a new planet, but Mars.

I then realised that what I was seeing was water on mars, not small lakes, but oceans. Just like any reseacher, I decided to make more research on the planet.
What I did was very simple, I applied more light to uncover the blue stuff, and that’s when I realised that my findings were indeed correct,I had discovered plenty of water on Mars.

Believe me not, I wasn’t that excited that I had made such a discovery. I just published my findings with a few lines.

I’m very convinced that mars has bigger oceans and not just mere ponds. However, the endless dust that swamps the atmosphere, has made it impossible to spot-this could explain why Beagle 2 space craft disappeared, it landed in the ocean and sunk.

Having made such a discovery, I’m not as excited as some folks would expect me to be. Though Mars has water, it could be toxic/salty, Mars being further from the sun as compared with planet earth, its very cold. I’m waiting for Mars rover Spirit probe rediscovery that is to be launched in mid November this year to prove me right.Otherwise, the cigars are still on Hold.
Joram Jojo

These are some of the other shots I took.

This is how other planets in our galaxy look like, when you’re on Mars.

Its a great feeling when you bump into man made stuff like the Nasa space station.

The moon in the past got a battering and that’s why its all a dead ashy planet.

I still wonder what could be below Jupiter, I’m very convinced that its very windy and the wind could shred you into minced meat.
But like any planet, there should be seasons when the weather is calmer.

Uranus is one of those planet that are made of a cold gas.

Neptune at the top is almost similar to Uranus in chemistry make-up, however, I’m not sure with Pluto, but what I know, its a dwarf(basically, its not a full planet as it has no own gravity to achieve equilibrium) and will orbit in the same area as Neptune for another 217 years.

Mercury is the closest to the sun, due to radiation caused by by the sun, that’s why it looks like hell.

What I observed about the ring around Saturn, its made of dust-debris, but what makes the dust into a ring, could be due to the magnetic pull from Saturn’s core.
My last observation of the asteroid, its not collided in Saturn yet, but the observation was shocking-the asteroid is larger than our earth.

Now, some knowledge on how we get day light and night on our planet earth.

Our earth moves so fast in its orbit-basically we’re all in space travelling and the earth is our cruiser-if we didn’t have gravity, we would fall off, thus float away and die.

The person that designed space was very intelligent.

East Africa at night

I hope now you understand your day and nights better than before.

I’ll keep my next space project tight-lipped, however, you won’t be disappointed.

Joram Jojo

Please, my work can only be used by students/researchers. The rest, you need prior permission.