Foreign Legion Art

London Olypmpics
PR Poster for London Olympics

I don’t want people to be calling me or thinking that I’m now a traitor. The purpose of this Art is always to inspire African students of Art. I was requested by A friend in UK to come up with Art that could inspire Black youth in that country-as their role models seem to be limited to only musicians and footballers.

Character Design

If you’re trying to design a character, please…please, think beyond a character that looks like a biscuit/cookie, bad sausage, etc. that you always watch on TV commercials.

When designing or creating any piece of Art, always make sure that when people look at it, they’ll tell that something is going on.

Weather good and some big plans going on..

something is going on
Future Traffic police

Maybe in the future, UK councils will get rid of corrupt packing officer and use robots as they’ll be fair and cheap.

Alien planet

Just a few modification on your character can give it a new look

Art is all about playing around-just like in design, people play with different ideas/models before they come to the final product. Failing the first 4 times should never be considered bad but a good thing, as every time you learn from your previous failing/mistakes.

Our planet/Earth is not the only one in the universe-there billions and billions of planets out there.

To go to those planets you don’t need choppers-maybe you you could use them to travel around.

The youth of today is very capable of designing the future space vehicle…

There’s a lot of resources in Public Libraries to help you design such a space vehicle-always think big-think bigger than Tupac, Biggie, etc.

A well designed space craft will travel anywhere in deep-space, and it could be you that designed it.

Never think that its not possible but very possible, as there’s nothing impossible if you put you mind on it.

nasty planet

in deep space you’ll have to encounter many things, such as creatures that eat fire as their KFC/MacDonalds/Nandos

Space is yet to reveal surprises and it wont happen unless the youth start running tings!!

Can you imagine tortoises with a shell made of bling-bling..

What is very likely to be out there, are dog-man look like and not droids that they always show you in movies.

What will surprise you is to find a planet run by dogs, call it planet of the dogs.

I’m sure on that planet there’s a lot of grumbling that takes place, lots of double crossing and scores to settle.

Why I say so, because dogs belong to cat family and cats are cunning by nature-mixed with humans, then betrayal is the the order of the day.

However, we could tame the dogs by introducing Kibasa dance from Congo to confuse them.

Then, when confused we colonise the monsters.

Next-time we look at the London 2012 Olympics!