Free Uganda Retreat

The aim of this year’s retreat was to acquire an ideological edge by bring together Artists, Designers and architects to build a new visual language.

The participants were very dissatisfied with the extreme inequalities in present day Uganda.

During the same week of our retreat, the government criminals also held their retreat in their usual patronising tradition.However, this would not deter us from building the vanguard blocks of our struggle.

“We shall tell newly elected NRM MPs what the party stands for and also get updates on how the economy has been fairing,” brags the Chief criminal ideologist.

The Ugandan youth is very politically aware, I don’t mean the other vocal youth that belongs to the political class, but the one from the silent majority.

Overall, the retreat was a success and the youth was empowered with the knowledge that can be used within their space of struggle.

All participants went back with their heads held high to cronfront the state muppets.

The Uganda ruling class is the biggest joke-No wonder the entire intelligentsia is in a deep slumber.

We thank all those that turned up for the workshop