The other Art

This’s a continuation from the Foreign Legion Art that is part of encouraging the Youth in the United Kingdom and of-course Africa, to think beyond the role models that are imposed on them [by the mainstream media-Xfactor,Footballers, drug dealers, etc.] and think big as everything is possible.

I know you might think that its not possible to design stuff….etc. I think you’re very wrong. Have you tried and failed? If you failed, then why did you not try again?

That’s why its very important for all of us to look at the world from a different angle, you’ll be surprised what is before you.

you can create anything by paying more attention to your surroundings-try and chat less and observe shapes,their corners and angles…you’ll be amazed what you can create.

Now let us imagine that its your crew out there on a different planet doing the Biz for mankind(you’re bigger than Obama, Bob Marley, Tupac, Madonna,Beyoncey, Rihanna,etc put together.)

Maybe you discover that things happen…

Now, wouldn’t that be cool to cruise in space cruiser designed by your crew…

seeing a different type of people, with some hardcore cultures.

Looking at Westminster from 3d mindset-as a game designer, I’ve always wanted something more realistic but in the new age.

Those that have played the earlier London racing game,basically the game races around Soho narrow streets…down to Buckingham palace and then tower bridge- good concept but too short.
This model could be developed into something grandiose..covering the entire London and beyond.

The problem wif da youth today,is giving up easily and moaning that’s its hard…or very tired and then spending 6hours chatting shit on Facebook.

You can easily earn some good dough by designing stuff for computer games,music videos, etc. and still chat on Facebook.

The Vauxhall Cricket ground seen from a different perspective..

I want you to start seeing things in a different way-observer them and create a mental picture-this will be developed further as I continue with my humble workshops.

I don’t want to overload you with stuff at the moment-as there’s still more Workshops to go.

Next-time I’ll spend more time on the London 2012 Olympics
Joram jojo