The West should Stop Protecting Paul Kagame in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Today the suffering of Congolese people(700,000) in the Kivu has reached to a point were it would be immoral to keep quite and do nothing.
The entire world knows who the criminals are (KAGAME & MUSEVENI) and are not doing anything but playing hide-and seek with them.
What we have here, is a situations were the so called international community(USA & UK) keeps winking and blinking at the serial-criminal and saying that, you know what, I’m gonna stop making you breakfast, but you can still have brunch and supper because I don’t want you to get angry with me.

As we witness the plight of our people-helplessly limping to their graves, the criminals are busy being transported around in private jets to go and taste the latest oriental caviar and American sandwiches-while the European head is folded under the armpit.

I wish the world could come clean and name their price. How much do they want us to pay them and we call it kips/quits – is it $100billion, $2000Billion, $300Billion,…shame us and Name it???
But leave our Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons, Sisters, Brothers, Gorillas, etc. alone please!!!
Just like you enjoy seating in your sofa with your iPad, iPhone, etc. Congolese do also enjoy seating with their families and laughing together..really, is that too much to ask??

The untold suffering of Congolese people could be put to an end if the world wanted. However, its day-dreaming for us to expect that to ever happen-Western powers are the main stakeholders in the Congo saga. They get a high knowing that one of their star client is murdering African people, and meanwhile their media houses will be using diseases as a psychological tool of abuse-see how many times BBC,CNN,Aljazeera have been reporting on Ebola virus as compared to the displacement, rapes, forced recruitment,etc of the Congolese population by M23 Bandits, in the last three weeks??8/2 The purpose for that , is to break your heart till it bleeds dry.
No wonder Criminal Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni are laughing non-stop.