Paul Kagame is the New Patron of Nigerian Mafia

When you thought that the Notorious Rwandan War Criminal, Paul Kagame only operated his trade in the Great Lakes of Africa, then you’re very wrong.
The Criminal has franchised his trade to Nigeria-the franchises’ main objective is to monopolise fraud, drug trafficking and racketeering in Africa-maybe its the 21st century model of Agaciro fund.
The Rwandan dictator saw a gap in the market that he could easily exploit- Paul Kagame naturally has an instinct of seeing a gap in an organisation that he can easily exploit-he’s an opportunist by nature.

The Mafia in Nigeria has always operated along ethnic lines-thus, making it very hard to infiltrate, and unlike most mafias around the world that are mainly run by illiterate buffoons, the Nigerian mafia is made of intellectuals, civil servants, military officers and businessmen.
This is a great opportunity for Kagame aka Pilato, to play his divide and rule card. Why do you think Boko Haram has become so lethal of late and there’s so much blood being shed in Nigeria and how comes that, the Nigerian email scam has of late started using Kinyarwanda and Congolese pseudo names??

The found love between Rwanda and Nigerian individuals is very suspicious, what would Nigeria as a state want from Rwanda that it lucks, Skilled Labor, Education, Resources,Weapons,Jobs, etc.?? No, because Nigeria has it in plentiful. That’s why I decided to investigate and find-out.

What most people don’t know, is that Kagame in the past used to be an expert at issuing fake cheques in Kampala, Uganda-he was a Kibanda (foreign currency fraudsters) member. At the time, he would steal travelers cheques from Locker rooms at Kampala club(I’m not sure of the name today).

As a kid between 1979/80, I used to go swimming at Kampala club-at the time it was part of standard hotel-opposite Kampala Sheraton hotel. I felt comfortable swimming at Kampala club than any other place for two reasons: just like any Munyarwanda that grew-up in Uganda would tell you, it never felt comfortable around Ugandans(local tribes), as it was very normal to be verbally abused over nothing, Kampala club felt secure and was mainly used by foreign expatriates. however, people mistook me for Kagame’s little bro(disgusting)-he used to be a ball-boy, and that’s how he came to learn how to play and love lawn tennis. This made him popular among white expatriates-sometimes he would act as a play-mate.

Having been mistook for his little bro, opportunities opened-up for me like, free swimming and free food. However, Paul Kagame had a great source for foreign money/cheques to pump in Kibanda(foreign currency fraudsters). As a kid, adults tend to think that you’re an idiot, but they’re certain things you observe and never forget.
I knew Kagame as someone very sharp….a clever thief, that would pull something from the locker at the speed of lightening and put it back before the rightful owners suspected anything.
I think I better stick to the main topic.

This is when Criminal Kagame becomes an asset to Nigerian fraudulent activity-Its well known that Nigeria is the world capital of white collar crime. Most of the scams tend to target UK. However,of late the heat has become unbearable on the Nigerian Mafia as their activities have been put (security threat)on the same level as terrorism

The mafia under the leadership of visionary criminal Kagame, the Network will be able to pull-off larger scams. Just only last year, the Scams managed to milk £3.b billion from UK citizens. Its very easy to operate in the UK as most of the fraudsters tend to have attended high-profile institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge.
The criminal ring has mastered the art of using the internet-email as their choice of targeting their victims-Paul Kagame is like manna dropped from heaven. as Rwanda has superior servers to carry out online fraud.

According to my sources, Criminal Paul Kagame offered to transform these departments so they could serve well the Mafia family in the 21st century and take it to a new level.

  • Identification Fraud
  • Bank and Credit Card Fraud
  • Immigration and Citizenship Fraud
  • Welfare and Food Stamp Fraud
  • Student Loan Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud

It was also agreed that de facto President will continue to be Aliko Dangote, the Kano billionaire businessman who was voted by Forbes Magazine as Africa’s Richest Man. I’m very convinced that Kagame will take him out and  make it look like it was the work of Bako Haram-Kagame hates competition.

The funny thing about Aliko Dangote, he once told  Goodluck Jonathan that he works for him and not Nigeria. Now you can understand why a man that  seem to look descent  attends inaguration parties of criminals such as Kagame and Museveni

The Rwanda Criminal also bragged during a retreat of the Nigerian criminal family in Rwanda that he has the best -state of the art printing machines in Africa, and if anyone can bring one that is better than his, he will resign as the Rwandan president.

Its now very easy for Criminal paul Kagame to buy many awards from Nigeria and also manipulate the population using the mafia connection.

To finish off, please be warned of Emails like; yahoo warning you of your account being changed, terminated, upgraded, etc. and asking for you to fill in a form with your details such as date of Birth, real Name, Insurance Number, etc.
Also for your security arrangements, watch-out Nigerians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As always, Fraudsters make mistakes, they tried to con me. This one claimed to be a Window(I think she meant, widow) of Faustin Kayumba..hahaha, and she wanted me to help her to transfer some huge amounts of money. I set her up and organised meetings around three countries and she ended up being busted by Serious Crime’s Investigating Team.

So, be on the Look-out for some Kinyarwanda and Congolese Names playing the email scams

Joram Jojo