The Lovely Uganda Dictator

What many Ugandans especially those suffering and being persecuted by Yoweri Museveni don’t know is that, the thug is a big celebrity among western governments and Elites. To them what matters most, is that Africans are kept permanently in a state of oppression.
The Media in Western countries especially Anglo-Saxon, is the moral authority that drives the consciousness of its public-Keeping and promoting negative images from the dark continent is a modus operandi that has been put in place to create that self-superiority complex fantasy for their gullible public.
Okay, I will give you an example; When Uganda’s Stephen Kiprotich won the Olympic men’s marathon, the British press was so gutted and pissed off. Guess what they did in less that a week?? They went and got some African slave called Sorious Samura to propagate for BBC Panorama Program-Knowing its watched by Millions of a gullible audience.
What else better could they use to trash Ugandans/Uganda, of-course Joseph Kony-see(Kony: Hunt for the World’s Most Wanted) They had to kill the glory that Ugandans were enjoying for a positive publicity by trashing them-remember that, just a few months back, the net had been corrupted by hyping the Kony 2012 propaganda. Now, what would a hastily and badly researched Panorama documentary have done to educate the public??

When it comes to democracy and the rule of law, what applies in their countries can’t be on the same par as in Africa, because it will erode that superiority complex. When Museveni shoots and Kills innocent Ugandans on Kampala streets, its no big deal for them as the media needs that type of situation to remind their public how messed and fucked-up Africans are.
However, imperialists have mastered to kill two birds with one stone. When a Criminal like museveni is given a tender & Lease to oppress Ugandans, at the same time he’s sub-contracted to kill other Africans beyond borders. We see this in Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Central African Republic, etc.
The one thing you have to understand with imperialistic psyche, is that they operate diligently when seated down. That’s why they win most sport that has to do with seated-down; Cycling,Rowing,driving, etc.
Giving orders to a sub-contracted thug to subjugate innocent Africans while they’re seated in their Plazas is something that builds their own-self esteem as naturally they have a deficiency in self-confidence.

Is there hope to overcome this nightmare? the answer is Yes and No. Unless you live on another planet, the state of affairs were the world is concerned, don’t portray a rosy picture-society is fucked-up big time. Humanity is no longer driven by ideology but a hollow concept that has no ideals that are pro humanity but confusion and selfishness. The world is facing a leadership deficit. This is very evident from micro to macro levels-families and governments are fucked-up. What is happening today needs some serious solutions and arrogance plus state of denial seems to be the only remedies being offered by the international community.This is a very dangerous precedent that is leading society into a black-hole.

The Mainstream media has not played a positive role at explaining the dangers of Social Networking. The public has been led to believe that social relationships should be driven by virtual relationships.

We’ve not been educated that social-networks can lead to people losing track of time and reasoning.Thus,leading someone to not having any hobbies or meaning relationships, because they’re busy-addicted to facebook.

What is happening is a situation were reality has been substituted with fantasy-Facebook addiction is the contemporary spiritualism. Very..dangerous!

The Laissez-faire accessbility of information has not seen mass tranformation of society to positive development but to addicts of bytes

Here I mean that, reality has been replaced by a delusional world-society is more engaged with the screen than its surroundings and this is very evident within the middle class-gone are the days when families spent time together at a dinner table discussing and pondering issues.
Though technology has its benefits,spending countless hours in-front of a screen has an effect on the well-mental being of a person. The screen fantasies makes productive people so hooked that they can’t bear to go to work because it means leaving the web. This also affects their instinct for caring for other human-beings that are facing oppression because their caring brains have contracted.
Like an alcoholic or drug addict, they’re easily manipulated, and made to believe that what happens in other lands has nothing to do with them. Thus developing the, I don’t give a damn attitude.

Next-time I’ll discuss what needs to be done to save society

Joram Jojo