Major Event in 2013: More People will Convert to Islam


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful!
As the world continues to be a hopeless place for many people, regardless of their status, they’ll turn to Islam for answers. Islam will become a door opener to many non-Muslims and this will lead to a genuine inter-faith dialogue between the three Abrahamic religions-Islam,Judaism and Christianity.

The social fabric of countries such as Britain has been decaying at the rate of 2.5% annually in the last 4 years and this is likely to continue growing in the next five years. I could write ten books on the subject, but that will be another-time.
Its very easy to gain celebrity status in Britain by not doing good, but doing bad.


Is this how low society has sunk, why would the British let their people become worse than Animals?


When Muslims try  to point-out the dangers and humiliation that alcohol can bring to society, they are instead called extremists that hate the British way.












This happens everyday and this type of behavior is considered heroic by the Mainstream media, and this encourages society to see the world that-way. What is disappointing, is that families are also powerless to bring order in their homes as the state has taken away parenting powers from two parents and gave them to one…in most cases, parents behave like their children.
This is what happens when society suffers from a spiritual deficit, and Britain is suffering at the moment.

The collapse of Western mainstream media will continue at the rate 0.2% monthly and this will be due to the new spiritual revolution that will sweep western Europe.
Big Names in the Arts,Sport,Science,etc. will embrace Islam in big numbers, and it will become a trend that will make Qur’an recitation the New Cool! Thus, the liberated Celebs, will turn their backs against mainstream media for giving a negative press to Islam.
However, they’ll still be a minority of Muslims that will continue to mix Islam with their cultural traits to create a distorted blend of Islam, ie. honor killings,suicide bombing,abusing women,smoking,drinking,corruption,fornicating,stealing, greed, etc.

There will be a major discovery-thanks to the Noble Qur’an, that will cause mass conversion to Islam.

However, Islam and the Noble Qur’an are two different things.

Islam means worshiping one God(Allah) that was worshiped by Abraham(May Peace be upon him)-the same God worshiped by Prophet Jesus(May Peace be upon him) and Prophet Moses(May Peace be upon him).

The Noble Qur’an being a true word of God, will continue to be the source for many answers to global problems. The coded information in this great book has not only been proven to be a miracle to mankind, but has also impressed many distinguished scientists-more scientists than any profession convert to Islam.Thus, the Noble Qur’an is a book of guidance for all humanity and is a collection of proofs, evidences, verses,lessons,signs,revelations, etc.

Miracles Of The Noble Qur’an Documentary

Unlike in the Holy Bible, the Noble Qur’an has an entire chapter dedicated to Mary, the mother of Prophet Jesus(May Peace be upon him), and the Noble Qur’an also warns those who divide their religion and break it-up into sects. The Noble Qur’an also mentions in Surah Al-Quasas (43) that the Scripture of Prophet Jesus(May Peace be upon him) and the Taurat of Prophet Moses(May Peace be upon him) are an enlightenment for mankind that they must always remember.
That’s why its not just enough to be a Muslim while ignorant about the message written in the Noble qur’an.
This is a common thing among Muslims-though the message hasn’t changed since its revelation, many Muslim tend to forget that its a book for guidance that should be used in present-times. That’s why we tend to have a section of Muslims still stack in the past.
What is so amasing with the Noble Qur’an, is that whenever you read it, there’s always something new you discover(please, if you can’t read Arabic-get one written in a language you understand).

My last word to Muslims and Muslimhas:
Its haram to sneak into someone’s phone and read their messages-its haram not work and support your family-its haram to be idle, ie. spending hours on facebook, talking about football/footballers, etc.-Its haram to see an injustice and keep quite-its haram to mistreat Christians and Jews(also don’t mistreat Pagans)-its haram to be boastful/brag-its haram to buy yourself a new suit every month while your wife and children have no good clothes-its haram for a wife to demand the latest designer clothes while her wardrobe is full of clothes-its haram for not making your wife look beautiful.
Its haram to watch porn or even sexually play with yourself-its haram to gamble-its haram to defraud public services-its haram to beat children-its haram for a female to go to a male hairdresser-its haram to refuse women to work-Its haram to eat before children are fed-its haram to discriminate any human-being because of their gender,race, nationality,etc. because its Allah (SWA) that knows best-its haram to mistreat orphans and the poor-its haram to throw out a domestic animal, ie. shutting out your cat, dog etc. in the rain. Yes, its haram to mistreat animals.

Its haram to take a bribe/extortion-its haram to take Cocaine,Weed,Crack,petrol,wild mushrooms, etc. in your body. Its haram to go to witch doctors/tarrot readers/psychic-its haram to force people to become Muslims, persuasion and education is most favored. its also haram to force someone to marry or get married against their will-Its haram not to fight tyrants. Its haram not to seek knowledge-its haram to hang pictures of presidents, footballers,musicians, etc. on your walls.

However, its allowed to use propaganda that might be considered haram, to promote a cause or even get followers. Make sure you ask for forgiveness from Allah(Subhanahu wa Ta`ala) as he’s the most merciful and most forgiving.

Its not haram for a female not to wear hijab, trousers, make-up and perfume.Its not haram for a female to work with men. Its not haram to buy halal meat from a christian and Jew-its not haram to use science for advancing humanity-Its not haram to play sport-Its not haram for a female to attend a mixed school-its not haram to attend a celebration party organised by Christians/Jews, as long as you don’t do haram things like getting intoxicated or even fornicating-its not haram for a female to shake hands with male friends and colleagues-Its not haram for a female to sing, as long as the lyrics are halal.

Okay, this is a challenge: Can you name all the Surahs in the Noble Qur’an in their order?
I did ask the same question to a group of students in Saudi Arabia and non could name 10. To my amasement, the same question was put to a group of Libyans in Misrata- Subhan’Allah, they named 114!!

May Allah(Subhanahu wa Ta`ala) make it easy for you and also give you loads of Blessings in this life and the Hereafter!

Jazak Allah khairan

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. (السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته)!!

Joram Jojo

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