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The Virunga mountains vegetation could change if not protected

We are Recruiting Manga Army
We are Recruiting Manga Army

Very many apologies to all fans of this Blog for not updating it regularly-not posted anything for a very long-time, I promise this year, to post great content.

The famous Virunga Mountains Gorillas will feature a lot, and they will be brought to life. The History of Bwisha Kingdom and Banyabwisha will be told, the Batwa plight will also be addressed on a regular basis.

The Kinshasa city and Congolese comic project is still being developed. However, this project is to extend to Uganda,Rwanda,Angola,Burundi, and Tanzania. The reason for this, is very simple.
When constructing a city, you have to plan the sort of infrastructure that will support it-as I mentioned before, I’m using the actual locations(measurements) and I’ve looked at the impact on the environment,and demography. The main purpose for this project is to set a precedent using creativity as a methodology for creating peace and development in the great lakes area


Having fan and interacting with characters is crucial to this project