Paul Kagame Humiliated at Oxford university

Its well known that the notorious Rwanda and Congo cold blood killer, was invited to Oxford University by an opportunistic capitalistic club for schmoozing. The killer wasn’t at the university at the invitation of the school of business,nor the UK government. However,a well known criminal shouldn’t even be allowed to step in a country that claims to respect the rule of law and universal human rights. By allowing the criminal on UK soil, just shows you how bent the British are-when it comes to the Congo genocide and human rights in Rwanda. They don’t give a damn to the lives of Congolese or Rwandan populace- as long as their dirty business remains intact, they rather pamper a killer.

However, the killer got the message loud and clear, that his genocidal brand has become infamous and time is catching up with him.

The lesson from this, is that- its time to stop looking at the west for answers regarding justice, you can’t expect the sponsors of Congo genocide to reward you with justice after killing your people; raping thousands of young girls, etc. Evilness is in their DNA and they’re not about to change  now-when they know Africans are suffering, they get a big-high-their hearts have no caring veins that are inter-linked with the brain.

The love for Killer Paul Kagame by the Brits, should not come as a surprise, hypocrisy is their best talent. Just look around the world, they train and arm the most evil killers, and despise beggars of justice.

Regardless of the west support for criminal Paul Kagame, we shall never give up the fight for our dignity.